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    Polluted Police? Slain Sheik Muwaya’s Family Accuses Gen. Kayihura, Top Cops of Aiding their Father’s Property Grabbing – The Investigator
    Robert Ndawula
    IGANGA, Mayuge, Uganda: After several media reports about the wrangles amongst the butchered Sheik Ductoor Muwaya’s family over property visa Vis counter reports to the contrary, the aggrieved party have resolved to own the public complaints against their ‘administrator’ and brother, Bongo Omar Ductoor by selecting one of them to release a public statement. Below is the dossier. Read on…

    “Being an LC V Chairperson of Mayuge District, one would think that it is enough. However, it’s not the case for my brother Omar Bongo Ductoor. After Papa, Sheik Ductoor Muwaya’s death on the 25th of December 2014th, things changed.

    As we were filled with too much grief wondering how our lives would go on without our beloved father, Bongo was busy calculating how he would steal the family fortune. I, Nakato Zeinab, happened to have witnessed my father being ruthlessly assassinated on that fateful night. I was torn apart and nearly endangered my life as I saw my father succumbing to the bullets that rained down on him.

    “These people must pay,” is what I mumbled to myself. To my dismay, later, my siblings, mother and I were also implicated in Papa’s death. Bongo, who at the moment is the family’s self-imposed administrator, wanted me to lie for reasons I did not understand. He and one of my sisters, Fatwinah, kept on insisting that I lie to both the IGP and the President concerning the occurrence I had witnessed.

    As children, our main interest would be to look for the assassins and ensure that they faced the law. But that wasn’t Bongo’s aim. This turn brought friction between his side and my mother’s side.

    He chased my mother, Mariam Ductoor, who nurtured him and his four siblings after their mother’s death in 1994 (may her soul Rest in Peace). He chased us all from home and refused to pay fees claiming that we had taken part in Papa’s death. But then again, we realized it was a technique to sideline my mom and us from getting anything.

    To Bongo, everyone he hated had participated in the callous murder; my uncle Ishaq Muwawa, was mercilessly implicated and detained for six months before he was released without a charge to his name. My mother was too, falsely implicated, I was dragged on board, the Supreme was dragged in too and everyone in favor of justice was branded a suspected killer!

    The Task

    Now we want Bongo to elaborate who really killed our dear Dad because as far as we know, the real culprits confessed to the boisterous act. I, being the main witness, pinpointed the man with the physique I saw and he indeed confessed. He claimed that he had also seen me and had wanted to shoot me too.

    Later in 2015, we heard that my brother, Bongo, the LC V chairman of Mayuge, had received the letters of administration. We tried approaching him but since he was given the SFC guards, he just told them to trash us because to him, we were not his siblings and my mother was not the deceased’s wife. This in turn forced us to open up a case in Jinja court which is still ongoing.

    We also opened up a case at Central Police Station Kampala under the file number…. after realizing that he had forged our signatures at the administrator’s office, claiming we were abroad studying and that my mother was abroad on treatment yet it was the IGP, Gen. Kale Kayihura who had helped with her  kidney sickness treatment. As though that wasn’t enough, Bongo went ahead and changed most of the Late’s cars into his names right after Papa’s death.

    I, as one of the aggrieved daughters of the late Ductoor Muwaya, am concerned. Bongo and his Bush lawyers, Masagazi, a one UPDF officer Ramathan Mugaya and Bashir Kibira, the area LC I Chairperson have joined forces to leave us with nothing. Even the people that are willing to help us are having their lives threatened every time.

    Our main witness, Sharif Mugerwa, was recently forced into a meeting by Bongo, the leader of Shia Group and his right-hand man Masagazi, and threatened to make him disappear if he ever testified or helped us. My grandfather also fears for his life as Bongo also threatened him after he attended court on 20th February 2017 in Jinja, trying to help us – his oppressed grandchildren.

    My mother has also tried to seek the IGP who had promised to help her till the end but is now nowhere to be seen. Every time she tries to reach out to him, the PA, Jonathan Baroza and his Secretary, Christine, inform her that her son, Omar Bongo, has already been there ‘for us.’

    This honestly made me question whether what Bongo claims is indeed true because according to him, the IGP, Kale Kayihura, is his ‘buddy’ and supports him in everything he does. She again rushed to Kibuli CIID Headquarters where she met the Director, Grace Akullo who told her that it was only the IGP or the President who could help out.

    But she lost all hope when she (Akullo) confessed to her that Bongo was her personal friend and the best she could do was give him a call. She then persisted and requested to see the IGP but all was in vain. As of today, my mother is still waiting for the Director of CIID to call her as she had promised.

    My brother Bongo has in turn decided to use his so called SFC Body guards to do all the dirty work for him. Masagazi, the UPDF officer called me with threats because we had opened up the case at Jinja Court. Mark, his chief body guard turned out to be a muko (Brother in law) through one of Bongo’s sisters, Fatwinah. In return, Mark does the un-called for favors for his muko, Bongo.

    Being an SFC, Mark goes on abusing his powers, threatening us whenever he wishes. We call on police to come clean off him or prove our curiosity.”


    I don’t think we have enough security cause if the IGP Felix Andrew Kaweesi can be short in broad day light this morning then the ordinary man can never be safe in this era so sad..!



    Life is short and we need to live in harmony with others, when one thing bad happens in one place as authority u have the odesity to look into it and save the day…Its sad that one’s life is taken away..on the other hand i don’t feel sorry for those who don’t take others lives seriously…A few days ago..The police and kawesi himself came up and denied HRW report calling for investigations..the relatives of the deceased in KASESE are still looking for answers, he categorically stated there is no need for investigations, the state is in Control and security is guruguru…..the state is in control and security is GuruGuru..he defended the National Resistance Movement – NRM Police..on almost all atrocities..rubbishing reports on several human rights incidences.. He was so ruthless when he was commander Kampala Metropolitan…He commanded some of the most demeaning witch hunts of pizza Besiyge in Kla…..He was a young man..full of Energy…Always smiling, even when Matembe lambasts him on tv, saying SHUT UP kawesi, he remained showed his gentle human being…All said..i feel sad a human life has been taken away…RIP Afande Felix Kawesi. HE STRUGGLED TO DEFEND A ROGUE GOVT for it was his job, but he did it with passion… causing others to believe he was a cadre..he grew thru promotions so fast..making him Kayihura’s Blue Eyed Boy.. and that was my only fault with him…SERVING THE DICTATOR WITH PASSION AND NOT THE WANAINCHI


    Yoweri Museveni has no clue

    And these Thugs in NRM haven’t even started laying a Brick..They have no clue of how to start..Can u imagine a Kilometre of railway in Tanzania is 2.5m USD and in Uganda its 7.5M USD? Are we laying these rails on Gold?? Banange eyatuletera These NRM Thugs needs to come back atuwonye.


    Andrew Felix Kaweesi loved and hated within Police

    Andrew Felix Kaweesi

    He was one of the two youngest directors of police having joined in police 2001 together with Grace Akullo, another ‘young blood’ and maybe the most ‘hated’ commander in the Uganda Police Force.

    At the age of 43, Kaweesi was only left to attain the rank of Inspector General of Police (IGP) having served in all the most important positions in the police structure and a favourite of his boss Gen Kale Kayihura as well as  President Museveni.

    Kaweesi, a hardworking and eloquent police commander was influential in the police as well as the business and political arena. But, that influence did not come cheaply; it came at the expense of personal relations with seniors and juniors in the police force.

    Barely a day after his demise, some senior commanders in police speak with mixed feelings about his death. They are partly sad, but also equally speak with a sigh of relief. Kaweesi, his body guard and driver were brutally shot and killed yesterday a few metres from his home in Kulambiro in Kisaasi a Kampala suburb.

    “Kaweesi’s assassination was terrifying, it brought a shiver all over my body but it’s the way he died that is sad, one of the directors told URN on condition of anonymity.

    He added. “You cannot imagine how many feet he had to step on to attain what he had. Kaweesi cared about nothing else apart from money and power. He was willing to go to any length to attain what he wanted.”

    But the fight with Kaweesi was mainly a battle for control of the business empires around Kampala. Some senior officers within the force developed misunderstandings with Kaweesi when in 2011, he was appointed the Director in charge Kampala Metropolitan policing area which covers; Kampala, Mukono, Wakiso, Gayaza and Entebbe.

    URN has learnt that during the time, a number of business empires approached him seeking his protection. Subsequently, a monthly protection fee was imposed for the service and payments were made directly to him and sometimes through his personal assistants.

    “Even when he left his position in Kampala Metropolitan and Operations, he still collected this money from the businesses,” another director who has been in one of the offices Kaweesi moved from said.

    “You can imagine going to a place like the Lufula, and they tell you they have talked to Kaweesi, yet crimes are being committed there,” he added.

    Kaweesi was also among the richest police officers in the country, a fact he reportedly constantly threw in the face of the other commanders – even his seniors.  URN has learnt that Kaweesi had scheduled to take his children to Walt Disney World Resort, an entertainment complex in Florida for holiday mid this year.

    Andrew Felix Kaweesi loved and hated within PoliceAndrew Felix Kaweesi’s home in Lwengo

    The above, however were not the only reasons Kaweesi was passionately ‘hated’ by a number of officers in police. A source within police told URN that Kaweesi believed in the principle of divide and rule, and that was the way he commanded his juniors, creating loyalists who were willing to betray their colleagues to receive favours.

    As such, the source says that deployments in ‘lucrative’ districts and regions depended on how loyal one was to Kaweesi. Those who were not favoured ‘hated’ Kaweesi even more.

    While Kaweesi favoured some of his juniors, he came to be recognized as Kayihura’s blue-eyed boy having served as his personal assistant before he was sent to Kabalye Police Training School as the commandant.

    Since then, he has always been favoured in deployment, praised by Kayihura openly, a fact that did not go down well with some members from his intake and his seniors.

    A very active and hardworking officer with the command ability that most of his seniors lacked, Kaweesi’s capabilities were recognized in 2011 during the opposition-led walk-to-work demonstrations that had threatened to paralyse business and government operations in Kampala city. President Museveni granted Kaweesi a permanent and pensionable position as a Director of Police while his comrades were on contracts that were not pensionable.

    While all other directors and even the IGP Kale Kayihura had to seek renewal of their contracts after every three years, Kaweesi and Grace Akullo, the director of Criminal Investigations were put on permanent employment. Predictably, this did not go well with some officials within the Police Force.

    In 2015, Kaweesi was transferred from being the Director Operations to a newly created Directorate of Human Resource Development, a move that was seen as a loss of confidence in Kaweesi by Kayihura.

    Another source who preferred anonymity so they can speak freely told URN that, Kaweesi’s woes arose from money that was given to him to distribute to National Resistant Movement (NRM) chairpersons in various districts but did not reach the recipients.

    “Each one of us was supposed to receive Shs 25 million but all that money remained with him. That is how the information that he was working the former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi (who contested for presidency against President Museveni) reached Kayihura and the president. His powers were reduced immediately,” says the source.

    But his talents were more important than any suspicion on his loyalty and he was a few months later put in charge of the police public relations department when the image of the force and its boss was so tainted.



    What we all know and have seen is that injuries sustained appear to be from the back and Kawesi’s body clearly was short from the back and has a large open wound from the front at his left side of chest. The driver has similar wounds. So is the body guard.

    Ok we can take the bullets sprayed on the car came from the front, but how did bullets get to their back points and aim on similar position?Also look at it ..ckearly all of them fell facing the same direction… would y believe this is true image of what exactly happened as they are presenting it to us…. that they were short by Bodaboda men….. how can they fall facing the same way both arms facing the same way….the car did not swarve or move out of road its just parked…who was shot first? were they shot promptly at the same time…in that no body could even fall aside….of car…the destruction on the car is very small compered to a level thay would bring three policers to death…..

    No need for invistigation by this police and army etc…. they cannot investigate themselves…..they will never produce thw truth.

    Ugandans just go bury Kawesi and it would be great if Kayihura and M7 dont appear to this funeral… They are the ones killing Ugandans body else. No body else.

    By Anney Kobusingy


    mbu kasese people deserved 2 be shoot,let him go and judge wiz dem in hell. kaweesi u deserved it thank be 2 god. here in kasese we a busy slaughtering goats and hens celebrating da death of kaweesi andrew felix.

    Muhindo Masanduku Simiabo haaaaaaaaaaa come & join us guys abull is gone!!!

    Andrevic Kasanvu Your Mother Z Next

    Natukwatsa Annet Hw stupid are u muhindo?kasese wld be the most rich district in ug coz it has the most natural sources but coz of ur stupidty and fakeness kasese will never develop#kaweesi Rip

    Steven Acaali Mwesige I dont blame u, the police men who were killed were not human beings? #KAWESI has been a very competent and hardworkng man, unique among police.

    Sseruwujjo Mark Kumanyoko

    Steven Acaali Mwesige #MARK, dont expose ur stupidity, learn hw 2 annalys issues than being arrogant. Thanx

    Sseruwujjo Mark Who is an analyst mbizzi gwe?

    Steven Acaali Mwesige mayopism of da highest level.

    Sseruwujjo Mark Laba miti eno tumbavu

    Natukwatsa Annet No mater hw aperson sins aganest u death is not the solution wama mark vuma gasiya ezooo

    Turinawe Ooze Stuart Temwasoma displine

    Turinawe Ooze Stuart one day we will celebrate ur’s “death”

    Andrevic Kasanvu I Think U Even Celebrate Your Mother’s Death

    Dajao Faith Mbu when acow dies dogs are happy bt when adog dies cow……

    Lusiba Charles u jst wait 4 ur king

    Jimmy Rumere Kato Jimmy Its nt gd 2 celbrate sm1s death 4 u dont knw wen en hw ‘ll u go. 0 lets av a forgiving hrt. kaweesi rest in eternal peace.

    Tusubira Rogers Jeff i can really understand yo hunger bt while we all agree that the late afande kaweesi went overboard concerning kasese massacres, bt we have 2 knw that he was doing his job of defending an institution 4 whc he passionately served, besides 2 wrongs cnt make one thing right, the massacres in kasese were wrong and so is the assasination of kawesi, dnt now tell me that elwelu, kayihula, ofwono opondo etc including the big man himself who supported the killings shd all die!! nooo jeff nooo kawesi was a fine officer plz withdraw that statement and since ur an african, we r obliged 2 tok gd thngs abt the dead coz they cnt defend themselves, #RIPKAWEESI

    Byarugaba Umar silly

    Peter Wambui kaweesi shared simiralities to our triger happy police in kenya.

    Ali Junior Ali may our citizen RIP 4 GOD AND MY COUNTRY

    Okwir Ronaldo how can you celebrate such a painful death that even m7 is not happy off

    Nuwagaba Abel And in any case did he pull the trigger? Or did he command for the killings??

    Ayepas God-fred Illiteracy is your problem

    Tumwebaze Tonny Fanaeri U will be arrested

    Edward Ottong Kyeko wama. Even me this weekend I slaughtered a cock in celebration


    General James Kazini was brutally murdered

    General James Kazini was brutally murdered and I didn’t see the same hypocritical class in Uganda expressing sympathy.

    Yet his moral compass was more upright than the fallen AIGP who publicly defended the slaughter of innocent and unarmed civilians of Kasese.

    General Kazini was a gallant soldier who vigorously defended the sovereignty of Uganda against both internal and external aggressions.
    Compare him with the butcher of Kasese sergeant Elwelu who the late Felix Kawesi defended. As much as Kazini had his weakness and thus doesn’t qualify him for sainthood but he was a disciplined commander who could separate the distinction between armed combatants and civilians.
    He had the knack of disobeying unlawful orders and to me he died a hero .
    For example, when asked why he had disobeyed President Museveni orders forbidding him from helping Congolese businesses, Gen. Kazini replied politely: I did not contradict the President, I was only being flexible your lordship.

    When handing over to the late Aronda, Kazini regretted that he had failed to quell the LRA rebellion under his tenure. He had promised to resign if the LRA had not been defeated by December 31, 2002.

    Also in 2002, as if dogged by bad omen, the then ethics minister, Miria Matembe, asked Kazini to declare 200 bags of cement and a cow that the Kasese business community had donated to him.

    The cement was for construction of a hotel in the district, but also an appreciation for helping rid the district of rebels. The then IGG, Jotham Tumwesigye demanded that Kazini complies as per the Leadership Code.

    After three years, in 2005, Kazini delivered two truckloads of the cement to the office of IGG, Justice Faith Mwondha. Mwondha in turn dispatched the cement to the Ministry of Defence in Bombo.

    Bottomline is I want a class of Ugandans who think they hold the high moral ground in exhibiting double standards.


    At Entebbe Airport, on my way to University of Amsterdam for an academic conference entitled ‘Dissident Desires – Africa/ Asia: Critical Comparative Analyses on Gender and Sexuality’, the sweet looking tiny immigration officer double-checks her computer screen after screening my right hand. She quickly rises from her seat, leaves her booth and marches to another booth with a bigger lady. They return together to the first booth, besides which I am standing. Again they stare at the hidden computer screen. The fat lady whispers something under her breath and leaves.

    The sweet looking tiny lady looks up at me, rubs behind her big glasses, and says, “First wait, there is a small problem!”

    “Oh, really?” I ask.

    “Yes. I need to consult my supervise,” she says while still rubbing her spectacles.

    “Can I at least sit down?” I ask, as I think of my bad foot hurt last weekend while refereeing my sons’ football.

    “Yes. You can go and sit there,” she says.

    “Okay. But you still have my boarding passes,” I say as I limp towards some chairs right next to the immigration gates.

    So… I am sitting here and waiting, waiting, waiting. My foot hurts. I don’t know what is wrong. I don’t know what the hidden computer screen said about me. My passport has been held. My boarding passes have been held. This is intrigue! This is intimidation by the state. The suspense is killing me. My plane will start boarding at 02:20AM. Big-bodied immigration soldiers in blue have come. They are speaking in phones. But still I am waiting and typing furiously… Stupid state with stupid computers carrying stupid information on their stupid screens…

    Escorted by two big-bodied police officers, the supervisor on duty of immigration has explained to me that the person who ordered for my earlier summons at CID has barred me from travelling unless I return to CID and get cleared. Cleared?? Cleared my arse!!

    Shame on Yoweri Museveni Kaguta. He complained about my Facebook posts about his corrupt and dictatorial regime, summoned me to CID, and has now blocked my free travel to perform my academic duties. Yoweri Museveni is raping my human right to freely move in this world. Museveni is a rapist. The Dutch embassy gave me a visa to enter their country. The University of Amsterdam paid for my travel and accommodation. Museveni, CID mercenaries, police zombies and immigration mafiaso are gang raping my human rights as a citizen of Uganda. Somebody stop the rapists from painfully violating me.

    I have refused to leave the airport until my flight departs for Amsterdam via Nairobi. I have the constitutional freedom and right to travel. Ugandans have been taken ranson by dictator Museveni and his imbecile mercenaries. How can they take away a mother’s remaining food basket, yet they took her only cow away from her? Will Museveni feed my daughter and my twin sons? Museveni fucked up my job at Makerere University with his untenable executive order. He is now fucking up my international travel for academic conferences. May the gods curse Museveni. May all the twins in Buganda burn him and his mercenaries. May Jehovah kill him slowly and painfully. Fuck you Yoweri Museveni for making me a prisoner in my own home.

    Fuck you Museveni.


    Felix Kawesi was a very bad Man


    Ssekanwagi Denis Will also be killed by it.RIP.

    Mulondo Ben D Every man rips wat they saw

    Girum M Farouk Ahahahahahahaaaaaaa where is he today? God pays here on earth poeple should try to smoothen there mouths while protecting the leopard who has no friend on earth.

    Agaba Kareem Am speechless…. Just reading what pipo comented on his statements….
    No one is in power… The bullet sorted evrythng

    Alfredo Edepua The world is indeed under God himself

    Grace Glosh I see chrys happy.. Funny wen he dies, even some of his relatives won’t know..

    Kato Shaban Mukama yenyini byona.

    Akasweet Joan U people , stop stop posting nonces .

    Kato Shaban Is it really nonsense. We should start facing the reality rather than consoling our selves with the daily assurances from fellow men.

    Akasweet Joan Do u think u will be presdnt

    Akasweet Joan U leave banyankore until u die

    Kato Shaban Its a lesson to learn from. Speak the truth even if no one accepts it.

    Atuyambe George Chris To me you are just an attention seeker

    Omia Samuel Ivan For sure Rip but nothing to do

    Jibidayo Omara It is a wealth of records! Wow

    Trevo Simon If this same sentiment was applied to him , how would he who died outside combat have reached Lwengo???

    Ambassordor Tasamba Martin Mquk Tit for tat then is a fair game

    Mukwaya Benson Thx nsuubaga chrys for this data

    Twinomukama K Mathew Hmm thre we go!

    Twinomukama K Mathew What goz around cms around

    Kwesiga Bamwanga Med KARMA!


    Rain heavily affected the road to the late kaweesi’s burial…How come rich and powerful people never advocate for road repairs in regions where they are going to be buried? do they think they will live forever or what?


    I feel sad and I won’t be happy after death of country man but I feel Ugandans have wasted more time on this Kaweesi death
    I was in town and many people are crowded over shops in some watching the burial live on TV .
    How essential is it for their success or failure.
    May be he was good for them but this idleness should be stopped

    I think watching the mass burial of KaseseVictims would also be interesting.
    Watching the burials of all Ugandans who suffered under him would need some time God knows
    My point is let’s focus on better things as Jesus said
    let the dead burry the dead.
    For all he said like how KaseseVictims deserved no better death since they died in Uniform, Allegations against him God only knows



    Yoweri Museveni and the Uganda Occupation

    1. Museveni Yoweri, president, CIC- Westerner
    2. Bert Katureebe, C.J- Westerner
    3. Ruhakana Rugunda, Prime Minister- Westerner
    4. David Muhoozi, CDF- Westerner
    5. Mbadi Wilson, deputy CDF, Westerner
    6. Mugana Kajura, Deputy PM- Westerner
    7. Adolf Mwesigye, Min. of defence- Westerner
    8. Jenet Kataha , min. of Education- Westerner
    9. Henry Tumukunde, min.Of security- Westerner
    10. Frank Tumwebaze, min. Info, Westerner
    11. John Byabagambe, min. Works- Westerner
    12. Kahinda Otafire, min. of Justice and const. Affairs- Westerner
    13. John Byabashaijja, min. of Finance, Westerner
    14. Byaruhanga… Attorney Gen. – Westerner
    15. Mwesigye Rukutana, deputy Attorney Gen. Westerner
    16..,…….Min. of internal affairs- Westerner
    17. Bahati min. Economic planning- Westerner
    18. Kalechezi Kaihura, IGP, Westerner
    19. All deputy IGP except one, Westerners
    20. 87 RDCs out of 112 are Westerners
    21.Allen Kagoma, ED, UNRA, Westerner
    22. Mutebile Emmanuel, Governor BOU, westerner
    23. Matia Kasaija, min. of finance, westerner
    24. Sam Kutesa, Min. forien affairs, westerner
    25. Tom butime, Min. Local govt, westrner
    26. Byabagambi John, Min. karamoja, westerner
    27. Tumwesigye Elioda,Minister for Science, Tech., westerner
    28. Busingye Karooro, Min,General Duties, westerner
    29. Kamuntu Ephaim,Min. of Tourism, westerner
    30.Turyomwe Bety kamya, min. KCCA, westerner
    31. Kasirivu Baltazar Atwooki,Min. of State for Econ. Monitoring, westerner
    32. Karubanga David, Minister of State for Public Service, westerner
    33. Kibanzanga Christopher, Min. of State for Agric., westerner
    34. Kabatsi Joy, Minister of State for Animal Industry, westerner
    35. Rwamirama Bright, min. veterans, westerner
    36.Baryomunsi Chris, mon. of state health, westerner
    37. Kabafunzaki Herbert,Minister of State for Labour, Employment and Industrial Relations, westerner.
    38.Sam Asiimwe Rwakoojo, sec. Westerner
    39. Namugera Pontius,Director TSS, westerner
    40. Jovita Byamugisha Director Admin and Finance, westerner
    41. Nuwamanya James, Head
    42. Tumwebaze Mukigga,Head Planning and Research, westerner
    43. Jotham Taremwa Kaagizirwe,Head Public Relations, westerner
    44. Kamugisha Richard Baabo, Head Field Operations, westerner
    45. Simon Byabakama, cman, E.C, westerner
    46. Stephen Tashobya, commissioners, westerner
    47. Byabashaijja John, Comm. Uganda prison, Westerner
    48. Baine, Publicity, Uganda prisons, Westerner
    49. Ezera Suruma, Chancalor, Muk, Westerner
    50. Kawesi Andrew, spokesperson, UPF, Westerner
    51. Kabagambe kalisa, Oil authority, Westerner
    52. Katunguka, VC Kyambogo KYU, westerner
    53. Keith Muhakanizi, the secretary to the Treasury, westerner
    54. Diana Atwine Kanzira. Ps – Ministry of Health, westerner
    55.John Mitala, head of public service, westerner
    56. Deborah Katuramu,President’s office, westerner
    57.Catherine Musingwiire, PS Public Service Westerner
    58. Pius Bigirimana, Gender, Labour and Social Development, westerner
    59. Dr Geoffrey Mbabazi,Public Service commission, westerner
    60. Rose N. Kafeero,Inspector General of Government, westerner
    61.Nawe Molly Kamukama,Principal Private Secretary to the president, westerner
    62. Keith Muhakanizi, sec. Treasury, Westerner
    63. Dodovic Awita Commandant Aviation Police, westerner
    64. Moses Kafeero,RPC Busoga North region, westerner
    65. Ben Mubangizi ,Ssezibwa Region, westerner
    66. Peter Wafana Field Force Unit (FFU), masaka, westerner
    67. Alex Tumwebaze,RPC Kira Region, westerner
    68. Cohen Arinaitwe, Emergency Response integrated Highway, westerner
    69. Dan Byaruhanga RPC North Western region,westerner
    70. John Bambise Bulambuli,D/RPC Kampala North region, westerner
    71.James Katonyerera, RPC Katonga region, westerner
    72. Abdullah Kitimbo, Ssembabule FFU, westerner
    73. Jonathan Musinguzi DPC Jinja ,DPC Arua, westerner
    74.Kahebwa Amudat ,DPC Masaka, westerner
    75.Apollo Kitiba Kibuku DPC Jinja, westerner
    76. Dison Aisigoma, DPC Kaabong,westerner
    77. Victor Nahebwe Nakasongola, westerner
    78. Emmanuel Mafundo Police Headquarters, westerner
    79.Onesmus Mwesigwa FFU westerner
    80. Zamani Kanyisige DPC Maracha, westerner
    81.Comfory Munduro, Emergency Response, westerner
    82. Abel Luganza FFU, westerner
    83. Peace Nantaba, Kira Road/Kamwokya, westerner
    84.Mkronzi Byaruhanga Mukono westerner
    85. Yorekam Bamwine, judge westerner
    86. Susan ……….BOU secretary, westerner
    87. Erasmus Twarukuhwa Director of Human rights
    88. Asuman Mugenyi, Chief Political Commissar
    89.Godfrey Bangirina Director Logistics and Engineering
    90. Dr. Byaruhanga , Director of health services
    91. Joseph Mugisha , Director Fire prevention
    92. Stephen Kasiima – Director Traffic and road safety
    93. Asan Kasingye – Director INTERPOL
    94. Elly Womanya – Deputy Director INTERPOL
    95. Twinomujuni – Director of Parliamentary Police
    96. Laban Muhebwa Chairman Exodus SACCO
    97.Mutabingwa Moses – In-charge Corruption Alert Squad
    98. Jimmy Katonyerera – Head Professional Standard Unit
    99. Amosi Ngabirano Director ICT
    100. Charles Kataratambi Commandant Special Investigations
    101. . Charles Asaba and Joel Aguma – D/CIID Intelligence
    102. Charles Birungi Director Welfare
    103. Abasi Byakagaba – Director Oil and Gas Protection
    104. Grace Turyagumanawe – Commissioner Peace Support Opns
    105. Mbarusha Tumwine – Director of Studies Masindi Trg Sch
    106. Herman Owomugisha and now Herbert Muhangi -Head Flying Squad
    107. John Ndugutse Head Anti-terrorism
    108. Julius Mbaranye – Head Land Protection Unit
    109. Nixon Agasibwe Violent Crime Intelligence Unit
    110. Kituma Rusoke – Head Law Enforcement KCCA
    111. Antony N – VIPPU Deputy/Commandant
    112. Apollo Kyangungu – RPC Wakiso
    113. Hilary Kulaije – RPC Rwizi
    114. Apollo Kateba – RPC Jinja
    116. James Ruhweza RPC Sipi
    117. Bob Kagarura, then George Abaho and now J. Barozi – DPC Kasese
    118. Rutagira John – DPC Bushenyi
    119. Julius Ahimbisibwe – DPC Mbigi
    120. Mugisha Charles – DPC Jinja Road
    121. Tukundane Abraham – DPC Mukono
    122. Ceaser Tusingwire – DPC Adjuman
    123. Mucunguzi Jackson – DPC Wandegeya
    124. Godfrey Kahebwa – DPC Kabarole
    125. Ezra Tugume – DPC Lira
    126. Husein Nuwagaba – DPC Ntungamo
    127. Didas Byaruhanga – DPC Gomba
    128. Jaffer Mugyenzi – DPC Mbarara
    129. Vincent Mwesigye – DPC Iganga
    130. Benard Akankwasa – DPC Hoima
    131. Mworozi Byaruhanga – DPC Kiruhura
    132. Jonathan Musinguzi – DPC Jinja
    133. Charles Mugisha – DPC Jinja Road
    134. Agrey Twesigye – DPC Bukomanzimbi
    135. Karen Namara – DPC Kawolo
    136. Julius Ceaser – DPC Wandegeya
    137. Kyaligonza Edward – DPC Nakasongola
    138. Tumwesigye Francis – DPC Rakai
    139. Godfrey Ninsima – DPC Luwero
    140. Kamugisha Denis – DPC Nakaseke
    141. Wesley Nganizi – RPC Kampala North
    142. Tusiime Allan – CIID Mubende
    143. Norman Musinga – Traffic Kampala
    144 Nasular Kamugisha – CIID Kabalagala
    145. Emmy Mugisha – Traffic Entebbe Road
    146. Joseph Nsabimana – O.C Station Nateete
    147. Dorcus Bainomugisha -Kawempe
    148. Benon Ayebare – CIID Katwe
    149. Nimanya Godson – CIID Pader
    150. Mugumya Henry – CIID Mukono
    151. Karinkizi Gumisiriza – Regional CIID Rwizi
    152. Mwesigwa nesmus – CIID Mbale
    153. Erias Bairuka – CIID Luwero
    154. Mbabazi Zakaria – CIID Houma
    155. Akankwasa Alfred – CIID Malaba
    156. Mubangizi Innoce – CIIDKyankwanzi
    157. Uwera Ester – CIID Wandegeya
    158. Betubiza Fabio – Traffic Masaka
    159. Ahimbisibwe Fred – Field Opns Kasangati
    160. Mugisha – O.C Katanga
    161. Baguma Julliet – CIID Njeru
    162. Magezi Raphael – O.C Station Mbarara
    163. Natukunda Rose – CIID Mpigi
    164. Jack Mucunguzi – O.C Makerere
    166 Kuzaara Robert -O.C Kiira Division

    To be continued…..Are we fools




    Queen Marie Antoinette (France, 1793) was last queen of dictatorial french aristoracy. she was hanged by cutting off her head by revolutionary french just as people power is gona do same to last queen of tutsi aristocracy in uganda one kataha. see the closeness between the two characters.
    Marie Antoinette: Was last Queen of arrogant political monarch of France, shortly before people revolution. Her husband was king Louis XVI

    Kataha Janet Museveni: She is queen of arrogant political kingdom of tutsi in Uganda, king is her husband kaguta kayibanda yoseri museveni
    Marie Antoinette: Was a foreigner, born of Austria
    Kataha Janet Museveni: A foreigner not Ugandan. She is tutsi origin

    Marie Antoinette: Lived lavish, extravagant & arrogant lifestyles
    Kataha Janet Museveni: Lives lavish, extravagant, arrogant lifestyle with out-of touch attitude to people
    Marie Antoinette: Cared more of her hair & her hairdo was decorated with feathers, trinkets

    Kataha Janet Museveni: Cares more of her hair than starving to death population
    Marie Antoinette: While peasants starved, she constructed a lavish village with manmade lakes, gardens, cottages, watermills and a farmhouse for personal enjoyment

    Kataha Janet Museveni: She grabs land from peasant together with family members, in Kampala capital city and countryside. Constructed lavish malls, supermarkets, arcades as starving street kids & mothers flock cites
    Marie Antoinette: First husband was impotent, before she bore 4 kids

    Kataha Janet Museveni: Much is talked about her in similar way
    Marie Antoinette: Loved sex so much, molested his son Louis-Charles, Found guilty of committing incest & sentenced

    Kataha Janet Museveni: Her sexual life seems very worse. Some nasty scenes have been known for long
    Marie Antoinette: When peasants were starving, she said “Let them Eat Cakes”.

    Kataha Janet Museveni: When people are starving to death, she ordered them to take flasks with food & milk, stopped parents to feed own schooling kids, blocked girls from using sanitary pads,
    Marie Antoinette: Was arrested, sentenced to death, beheaded by Sanson the executioner.

    Kataha Janet Museveni: Will also face same sentence
    Marie Antoinette: On her execution, joyous crowds of people cheered ‘Vive La Nation’

    Kataha Janet Museveni: On her sentencing or arrest, people will cheer ‘Power back to people, take back our land, property, money”
    Marie Antoinette: Accused of high treason after people’s revolution

    Kataha Janet Museveni: Accused of serial crimes against ugandans including murders, massacres, revenge,
    Marie Antoinette: On her execution, she begged for forgiveness but crowd bowed her down.

    Kataha Janet Museveni: Begging forgiveness from revolutionaries like Dr. Stell Nyanzi.
    Marie Antoinette: She was buried in unmarked grave and later exhumed

    Kataha Janet Museveni: Will be the same to her & her family members, even worse
    Marie Antoinette: Her execution was key milestone in regaining people’s power in France

    Kataha Janet Museveni: Their end & exit, will be major milestone of People’s Revolution in Uganda & end to family rule


    Felix Kaweesi was a gross and ruthless abuser of human rights and a partisan police stooge

    Felix Kaweesi at 43 year of age and 17 years of public service under the Yoweri Museveni regime police force, the teacher by training had attained the rank of Assistant Inspector General of Police. He had held various strategic and sensitive command and administrative positions courtesy of political loyalty and Cadre-ship.

    At a personal level, he had acquired the following properties for himself and his family:

    1. A magnificent 8-bedroom mansion (pictured) that sits on a 320-acre piece of land in his village. It has a 15ft x 20ft sitting room and each of the 8 bedrooms is self contained. It has an extra 3 bathrooms and a Guest Wing with bathrooms and toilets. It has a one-and-a-half-acre compound with more than half of it paved. It has piped and running water that was got from sinking a borehole at the backyard.

    2. He had over 100 cows on a farm in his home village.

    3. A bungalow in Kulambiro (pictured), Kampala. The police used to pay him a housing allowance.

    4. Five acres of land in Mbalala, Mukono near Seeta High School.

    5. One acre land in Kireka, Bulengwa, land in Namungoona, Nansana, Bweyogerere and other places in and around the greater Kampala.

    6. He had a fancy cloth shop in the city for his wife who also drives a Prado TX.

    7. His bank account is not known but most likely that in the circumstances it is lean. Illegally acquired cash is usually disguised.

    8. He built roads, churches, mosques, and brought electricity to his home area.

    While he made big strides in personal riches, he was busy designing administrative policies that saw his fellow police officers and their families evicted from those shacks and thrown in the cold. While he often hosted occasional get together parties at his posh mansions, the children of his fellow police officers evicted from the shacks scavenged the debris of the destroyed mud shelters for what to feed on.

    The ugly scenes of police officers and their families shedding tears is a clear testimony that God was not happy with Kaweesi. The above forceful and brutal eviction was because of the February 2016 poll results that witnessed police barracks in Kampala majorly voting the opposition.

    Museveni has pledged that the government is to compensate his family. The police will continue to commit its resources to his family. The Kwagalana (club of city tycoons) Group has given his family 25MShilling to the family and pledged to make finishing on the family’s Kampala house. If Kawesi had continued working for another five years, he would build a rail way line and airfield at his village home. It is reported, he harboured political ambitions of becoming a Member of Parliament. Following his murder, the government, religious leaders and the public have applauded his magnificent wealth. No one has come out to question its source.

    Kaweesi was a gross and ruthless abuser of human rights and a partisan police stooge but no one is coming out to point out this. For millions of children who have grown up seeing him on their TV screens as devil as confused when everyone is applauding him. For the public servants who are poor just because they have not been abusing their offices, the glorifying of Kaweesi’s ill-gotten wealth gives them the resolve to do ‘collateral damage’. At the next national function, Gen. Kaweesi will be post-humously honored with a National Hero medal. For those who did not know Museveni’s MIDDLE INCOME drive, Kaweesi is a classic example.

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