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    Girls’ legs are like rumours.. They spread any how
    Robert Mugabe 2015
    Ladies are powerful, they can introduce two boyfriends at the same time. They will say My Love meet My Sweet heart. And the two
    idiots will say “Bossu how far?” 😂
    😂 😂
    Robert Mugabe 2016
    Some of you girls can’t even jog
    for 5minutes but expect a
    guy to last in bed with u for
    2hours??? Ur level of
    selfishness demands
    a one week crusade..
    Robert Mugabe 2016
    It’s hard to bewitch African gals these days. Every time you take a piece from her hair to the witch doctor, either a Brazilian innocent woman gets mad or a factory in China catches fire.
    Robert Mugabe 2016
    Dating a slim/ slender guy is cool. The problem is when u lying on his chest then his ribs draw adidas lines on your face😂😂😂
    R.G Mugabe 2016
    No sex before marriage???
    If that was God’s plan you would receive your Penis or Vagina on your wedding day.
    Robert Mugabe
    Whenever things seem to start going well in your life, the Devil comes along and gives you a *girlfriend*
    Robert Mugabe 2016
    “Sucking breast is a survival skill guys learnt at birth. But as to how and where girls learnt the act of sucking dicks still baffels me…”
    Robert Mugabe😂😅😂😂
    If you are ugly,you are ugly.Stop talking about inner beauty cos we dont walk around with X-rays😀😀
    Respect pregnant women because it’s not easy walking around with evidence that you’ve had sex
    Robert Mugabe
    Dear sisters,
    Don’t be deceived by a man who text you “I miss you” only when it’s raining………you are not an umbrella –
    Robert Mugabe (2016)


    Museveni matako nyo! Ebyo byeyayogedde e Masindi yabadde ayogera lutako

    By Stella NyanziYesterday
    I mean, seriously, when buttocks shake and jiggle, while the legs are walking, do you hear other body parts complaining? When buttocks produce shit, while the brain is thinking, is anyone shocked? When buttocks fart, are we surprised?

    That is what buttocks do. They shake, jiggle, shit and fart. Museveni is just another pair of buttocks. Rather than being shocked by what the matako said in Masindi, Ugandans should be shocked that we allowed these buttocks to continue leading our country. Matako butako.



    By Apangu Kennedy Fanuel

    Andrew Mwenda, to suggest that Yoweri Museveni’s system is more tolerant than Besigye is the climax of your irrelevance. First things first. Do you think TVO is the enemy majority Ugandans face today? TVO is an enemy to the state because it exposes their excesses and plunder of national resources by the few. This actually makes TVO a darling to the majority Ugandans whose voice you work hard to suppress.

    Yoweri Museveni’s system more tolerant than KB supporters? You top my list of Jokers today. Simply look at all the institutions in the country! All the institutions are working to serve the president. How would you justify invasion of courts of law by the security agencies to ‘re arrest suspects? Is there any provision in the law to act in this manner? What of the parliament that only exist by name? Aren’t they performing rituals only without any meaningful business? A kingdom was blown up by the military just last month and all you saw in that was tolerance by the Yoweri Museveni regime? Andrew Mwenda, I can state that you have joined the long list of the enemy Ugandans have had.

    Now, a certain king has been appointed to serve in the government in a position that does not exist in diplomatic circles and yet we know cultural institutions are supposed to be independent. If this king was an ally of Besigye, won’t we have another Kasese massacre in Uganda? Andrew Mwenda! Mwenda!Uganda is watching you. Many people in Uganda can’t afford all the meals. In my entire village no one can pay school fees in Namagunga, Buddo and many other top schools. 6bn was plundered and yet livestock and humans are suffering in the cattle corridor die to water scarcity. Do you know how many borehole this money would have drilled? Recently a certain friendly country donated rice to Uganda. Shamelessly your officials were there receiving it. Isn’t Uganda an agric economy? Is it only by description? Can’t we grow rice here in Uganda? What’s your government priority?

    If your really sure that these people represent the so called Tom Okwalinga . I think you publishing this information is not a wise thing to do but running straight to police or any security agency would b a better idea . These are people who may be charged with a number of counts ranging from treason to the least cyber crime, but again I remember how money hungry you are which makes m question your source otherwise u would have just run straight to the boss himself and walk away with a golden handshake

    Guys, let’s not relent. Andrew Mwenda has not buried a woman who died in Labor, a child who dies of preventable diseases, has not come across many children who have dropped out of school due to school fees, parents whose children are fighting senseless wars outside there. By the way, they are sent without parliamentary approval. He has not seen mass graves that result from mismanagement of politics.


    Why I no longer follow Andrew M.Mwenda

    These are his latest Facebook post headlines and the keyword is Besigye.

    Its long and tideos but please take your time and read it.
    Jan 28th 2017-Unmasking Besigye extremist TVO.
    Jan 27th 2017-Why the war against Besigye Continues…
    Jan 26th 2017-When Besigye war was Museveni’s closest buddy
    Jan 25th 2017-Why besigye cannot be trusted
    Jan 24th at 8:51am-How besigye helps Museveni win elections
    Jan 23rd at 8:01am-why besigye is a dangerous opportunist
    Jan 22nd 2017 at 8:09am-The war against Besigye extremism
    Jan 21st 2017 at 7:20am-why besigye is a compulsive tyranny
    Jan 20th 2017 at 7:59am Besigye aa leader of lamentation
    Jan19th 2017 at 7:34am what does besigye stand for
    Jan 18th 2017 at 7:30am The difference between besigye and Me(Mwenda)
    Jan 17th 2017 at 6:52am Besigye army of empty twins
    Jan 16th 2017 at 8:09am Besigye could be Uganda’s Hitler
    Jan 15th 2017 at 8:06am Extremism begets extremism-Besigye has been stalking…
    Jan 14th 2017 at 2:29pm Why Besigye is a Misguided Missile
    Jan 13th 2017 at 8:17am How besigye undermines Muntu
    Jan 12th 2017at 8:02am-Besigye Chicken of extremism.
    Jan 10th 2017 at 9:05am-Mushega tells off besigye.
    Jan 9th 2017 at 8:18am-Why we are fighting Besigye.
    Jan 8th 2017 at 10:08am-Besigye’s despotism in FDC.
    Jan 7th 2017 at 1:13pm-The Deception between Besigye and his radicals.
    Jan 6th 2017 at 8:39am-How besigye is killing FDC.
    Jan 5th 2017 at 1:31pm-Inconvenient facts about Museveni’s Uganda.
    Jan 4th 2017 at 8:44am-How to sound intelligent before Besigye Radicals.
    Jan 3rd at 7:05am-Why besigye must go.
    Jan 1st 2017 at 8:29am-lessons for FDC from DRC.
    These are the Facebook post updates that Mwenda ‘has on his mind’ whenever he gets on Facebook.
    This is your ‘old man of the clans’ idea of ‘responsible journalism.
    Mwenda has simply lost it.


    By Jonathan Quinton Amatu

    One thing I have learnt in psychiatric lessons is that, a mad man is the first to call others mad, a maniac is the one who will call others maniacs, a stupid one will be the first to call others stupid and the trend continues. Basically I don’t see the difference in Besigye’s radical extremism and Mwenda’s radical extremism , I don’t see a difference in TVO’s radical character assassination and Mwenda’s radical. character assassination. Respectfully I don’t think Andrew Mwenda is the right person to champion some of these things , through out his posts he is practicing what he is preaching a against . I have for once learned a strong thing from Besigye, silence is always the best reply to those who wants to drag you to in their mud or dust.

    Cheap popularity is all I see in mwenda’s posts and character assassination with intent to protect his pay cheque.Yesterday Andrew Mwenda said…
    Shaka lives in Uganda
    Semuwemba lives in UK
    Rugasira lives in Canada.

    Today he’s saying
    Shaka lives in USA
    Semuwemba lives in London
    Rugasira lives inUganda

    Please help me understand better coz ebintu byo bitandise okundwaza kamunguluze



    By Atukwase Sean Bryan

    Andrew Mwenda: why do you need Museveni and his system to fight them as per your request? Are they rebels, terrorists? If NRM is accommodative then what’s your interest in them? Why do you think we should know their personal information? If I don’t know yours who posts messages of disunity everyday, why should I know them? You said they were responsible for leaked police tapes, should I think Besigye works in police and leaked such tapes to them? What’s wrong with the trio, or one meeting Besigye in a hotel? Has any one ever questioned you if ever met any leader in this government? Come on Mwenda you have always been diverting Ugandans from national issues to personal issues which doesn’t concern majority of the citizens.



    By Bakara Shaedy Edmon

    ‘It’s high time bwana Andrew Mwenda stops all this hullabaloo. He is just becoming a disgrace to people who used to look up to him as one of Uganda’s finest as regards journalism. His Ego is hurt by Besigye’s call to not respond to all his attacks and now he is turning to people like TVO to start a war of words. Just blubbering about people’s locations is enough to show that he is even not sure of what he is talking about.

    The Twitter policy does not allow one to create multiple accounts using one email address. Secondly, how does a picture of Abbey Semuwemba with Besigye in London make him “guilty” of being labelled TVO? Do your pictures in/at Mille Collines Hotel Kigali make you the owner?You are now just posting random things to remain relevant. You used to be better than this. Your behaviour and skewed journalism are the reasons why journalists like Onyango Obbo and Daniel Kalinaki will always be more respected and ahead of you.

    Hang on a minute, What if Andrew m Mwenda is TVO? i have reasons 1.he is very well connect with state house ,visits them same frequently and whenever something happens there,it is published in a short time. 2.Those he claims are TVOs live in london,America or do they get info from state house in hours???



    ‘You,Andrew Mwenda, promised hacked messages. Where are they? So, whoever Meets Besigye is TVO.Sorry to say this! I am an objective NRM. I’m worried that Mwenda has numbered or is numbering his days. And I hope this is not a mental case of a man frustrated from all four corners of the earth. Independent magazine is actually crumbling! His gay funder/donor chucked him thereby cutting all aid to mwenda, his lovebird. Crane, niw DFCU is on his neck over a 3 billion shillings loan! Major connection to his business partners have been cut. Mwenda is now left without a thing. I’m just thinking out loud that, this is a trick Mwenda is using to con my NRM government of billions of shillings to enable him settle his obligations.’——-Elijah O. Lomongin


    ABAWALA n’abavubuka abaakwatiddwa poliisi mu kifo ekisanyukirwamu e Salaama nga bali bukunya bazina ekimansulo, basimbiddwa mu maaso g’omulamuzi n’abasiba emyezi mukaaga.Baasomeddwa omusango ogw’okwolesa obweerere bwabwe mu lujjudde n’abawa ekibonerezo kyakusibibwa emyezi mukaaga oba buli omu okusasula 200,000/= eza buliwo. Bonna zaabalemeredde ne basindikibwa mu kkomera.Kati kyembuza lwaki oyolesa obwereere bwo nga tosobola,nnakufuna 200,000?


    Judith Babirye Files for Divorce

    The Buikwe district woman MP also gospel singer, Judith Babirye has petitioned family court seeking to dissolve her marriage with husband Samuel Niwo.

    In her divorce petition filed recently, Babirye says her marriage with Niwo also the father of her only daughter has been stormy and characterized with sadness owing to what she describes as Niwo’s cruel, erratic, male-violent behavior and lack of respect to the sanctity of their marriage celebrated at Rubaga Miracle center.

    Babirye accuses Niwo of being a serial adulterer and neglecting his fatherly responsibilities to the many children he fathers out of his numerous relationships.

    She now wants court to relieve her of this burden and free her from this violent marriage.

    She cited an incident when Niwo physically assaulted her hence forcing her to flee their marital home in November 2009.

    Babirye also want court to grant her sole custody of their ten year old daughter since her father already abused the sanctity of their marriage by discussing bedroom issues with her so many girlfriends who would call her (Babirye) and insult her over the same.

    The family court has not yet summoned Niwo to respond to the accusations.



    By Stella Nyanzi

    In the final analysis, I am self-reliant. I abundantly feed, shelter, clothe, transport and defend myself and a legion of my dependants. I don’t need any stranger’s oscillating approval, swaying praise, or vain cheering to thrive.

    Your wagging tongues nyonyonyoing heavy with criticism about me do nothing to me. Keep them to yourselves and your petty groups of foul-mouthed gossips. Keep your gutter-like opinions about me in the sewers of your minds that emit them. I am neither your mother nor your daughter to patronise and threaten.

    So what if I called Museveni amatako? So what? The man is busy shitting all over Uganda and you want me to tenderly kiss the buttocks that he has proved himself to be! Dimwits! He shits in our democratic elections. He shits in our governance. He shits in our judiciary. He shits in our economy. He shits in our cultural values. He shits and farts all over our military. He shits in our foreign relations. He is now even publicly shitting in the meaning of the position, roles, duties and posture of the presidency.

    If you want to praise Museveni for shitting all over Uganda, go ahead! I will not stop you. If you prefer to tell Museveni that whenever he gases into Uganda’s affairs, you enjoy his fart as one enjoys perfume, go ahead! If you want to look on in silence whenever the buttocks publicly excrete on Ugandans, go ahead! It is your prerogative.

    For me, I refuse to cuddle this venomous snake that killed my father and then killed my mother. I refuse to praise this rapist of our dear Constitution and desecrater of our Ugandan flag. I refuse to be silent. Instead, I fire the bullets of my colourful pen at his misrule. Indeed, Museveni matako nyo! Now what?


    Knowing Andrew M. Mwenda, and yes I know him, he wont apologise to Abbey Semuwemba or anybody. He is too egoistic, he will instead come up with another posting trying to show that he was right. but like I said, the boys in the intelligence no longer trust him, some hate him. So, its possible they gave him wrong info intentionally to embarrass him to the public. He should have inquired first before posting.


    Mwe Banayuganda banange,

    We need to bloody wake up and see these MPigs for what they really are. Blood sucking vampires just. First, they refuse to pay tax, then they request for for choppers for the two speakers Kadaga and the joker worth 19 Billion each.

    And then the same people come out to point fingers at URA and other officers for sharing a bonus after winning a case worth trilions. Do these MPigs even have morals. Now they are wasting our money mbu probing.

    2mbavest. Kyokka gagenda kukomawo mbu gatusabe obululu ate tugawe.

    We need to wake up people. The 6BnHandshake is a cover up for a much bigger problem that these MPigs are hiding. They need to pay their tax. Attacking the taxbody will not help them.


    I have always been selective and specific about the way I look and how I dress. I absolutely prefer to look like an individual. I like to wear clothes that fit who I am as an individual and not a clone to what everybody else is wearing…. that’s why most times if I don’t create my own garments I shop at vintage and thrift shops. Many times I deconstruction and re-create new garments from an old. And sometimes I find cute little boutiques that allow me to pair an outfit things a little different than any trend. I am a trend setter!!

    I try to stay away from patterns in prints and silhouettes that do not compliment my body/ personality and what everybody else is wearing because it doesn’t always look good on me. I also like to wear clothes that make me look like a grown ass woman !! And not like I’m going to the club every day.

    I’m modest about showing a lot of cleavage but will accentuate my round full curves. I feel like sexy is an attitude and I like to wear things that give me that attitude.

    While I support small businesses and recommending for others I have to be very particular and what I choose for myself. But I’m so specific about my style and that’s the major reason why I have to design for myself because I know exactly what I want to look like, how I want it to make me feel, the texture of the fabric, the quality the durability and the make… i’ve been in the fashion industry since 1997 and operating Kush since 1998 and I’ve always enjoyed dressing and styling customers and clients to make them unique in their own way.

    After working for designers like Donna Karan , Sean John, Victoria’s Secret , Catherine Malendrino and other major brands I think it’s important for women and men to have their own individuality. There is so much out there on the market that looks the same. So my idea and designing is creating items that link with your souls essence…

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