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    On May 02nd 2008, The Independent broke an exclusive story on Brig. Mayombo’s death. Read it, analyze it and judge for yourself who was behind Mayombo’s death

    President Museveni received the report of the commission of inquiry into the death of the brigadier. The Independents Investigations team got exclusive access of the report.

    On Thursday April 26, 2007, the Permanent secretary in the ministry of defence, brig .Noble Mayombo, was in his office at TISU on Wampawo Avenue in kololo.At one point between 3 and 4p.m he asked for tea. A soldier brought it to him. It was the first time in months that he was taking tea prepared at the office .And he was also the only senior army officer at TISU who drunk tea that evening.Taking office tea was an unusual lapse in his vigilance possibly even a tragic one since Mayambo always carried a tea flask to officer for fear of being poisoned. If someone was planning foul play at TISU ,the signs were already there. Two months earlier,Mayombo’s trusted military aid has been sent to jinja on a military course.Mayombo’s prior consent had not been sought. The aide used to check Mayombo’s food and prepare his tea at the office.When the aide left, Mayombo resorted to bringing his own tea to office in a closely guarded flask.Fears and rumours of army officers poisoning their rivals are widespread in the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF).Everyone is always on high alert. In this game of high stakes it is dangerous to trust even friends .
    Mayombo had taken breakfast at home.He had also gone back home for home.He had also gone back home.He had also gone back home for lunch that day.On his way home home that evening, Mayombo visited his uncle, Kenneth Muhangura .Mayombo lived in bukoto, just before kabira country club .His uncle’s house almost opposite kabira.He ate two pieces of pork and drunk less than one third of a beer. Then he felt nauseated .So he excused himself to leave. But before he could enter the car. Immediately, he entered the car, he vomited again and again. When he reached home, his condition got worse. Within ten minutes, he was rushed to the nearest hospital-Kololo Hospital.
    Mayombo later died in The Aga Khan Hospital Nairobi on May 1, 2007 after an air evacuation that delayed for three days.

    At his burial, President Yoweri Museveni said Mayombo had been on a hit squad organized by a regional enemy-which some people interpreted to mean Rwanda and Rwanda’s Director of Intelligence Services,Dr.Emmanuel Ndahiro who was at the burial was deeply angered an expressed his feelings to Ugandan security. Security sources say that elements in the Sudan and DRC Congo security circles wanted Mayombo dead.
    Immediately after Mayombo’s burial.Museveni set up a commission of inquiry headed by Mayombo’s close friends of many years, Bri.James Magira, currently armoured brigade commander in Masaka.Mugira’s commission concluded their investigations and handed the report to Museveni last November. Since then neither the public nor Mayombo’s family have received the report or even been told its contents .Why is the president holding unto untold report months after it was presented to him
    The independent has looked at a summary of the report provided by close sources close to the state house . The report concludes that the death of Mayombo was due to natural causes specifically saying that he died of “multiorgan failure as a result of severe, acute, fulminating , hemorrhagic necrotizing pancreatitis was secondary to (caused by ) prescription medication for a” pre-existing ailment “ and that therefore was so severe that intensive medical treatment to save his life was unsuccessful.

    The report says that there was an unanimity of expert medical opinion that “nothing more could have been done to save his life “ and goes on , “comprehensive toxicological test carried out in the world’s best laboratories ruled out poisoning as a contributing factor to his death . The report also says that the investigation looked at whether alcohol played any role in sparking off Mayombos pancreatitis condition but said they found no evidence of that .
    The cause of then death was apparent negligence on the part of Mayombo‘s physician. A Cuban doctor called Lorenzo Lopez with the UPDF. In fact Lorenzo was suspended during the period of the investigation in order to “enable the investigations to go on smoothly.” Mayombo was not the only patient of Lorenzo since he has other UPDF patients he treats. The investigation found out that Lorenzo was putting Mayombo under very strong anti-retroviral medication, especially the use of the drug DDI but concluded that he did it out of ignorance and /or incompetence rather than out if malicious intent.
    Over 40 people were interviewed during the investigation. These included the doctors that treated Mayombo before he was ill and when he was ill. Indeed, Mayombo had travelled to Spain in February 2007 where he had done a thorough medical checkup. Family members say that he got a clean bill of health those in investigation say that the team visited the hospitals in Spain and interviewed the doctor’s there. They say the doctors had noticed something going wrong. He had been some medication and asked to return to the hospital to check on progress after three months he died fifteen days before his scheduled return to Spain.
    The team also interviewed the pathologist who did an autopsy on Mayombo’s body parts – liver kidneys and heart .the report says that from all the tests done there was no evidence of poison. Meanwhile immediately Mayombo fell ill, security operatives retrieved the flask at TISU from where he had taken tea and took it to Wandegeya for examining. Mayombo had also vomited in his hand chief who was also tested for traces of poison .The results from both tests were present to the investigating team and both showed no traces of poisoning
    Regarding the food he ate at his uncles place report says that the pork had been roasted at a barbecue and everyone picked the meat randomly. None of the other people who ate the pork fell ill security operatives did not rescue the beer left in the bottle before he rushed from his uncles house –the housekeeper drunk it the investigations concluded that since housekeeper did not suffer from any illness, the beer must have been safe.
    However observers’ say that this was the biggest limitation of the investigation .It relied on information and samples given to them by Ugandan security. this meant that if Uganda’s security operatives was involved in Mayombo’s death they would have predetermined the results of the investigation through the test samples provided and the stories and explanations provided to the investigation team .For example the body parts of Mayombo used during the investigation were not subjected to a DNA test to prove that they were not for somebody else. The story about the testing of the flask from which Mayombo had taken tea and the handkerchief in which he had vomited had all been done by the Uganda security.
    Up to this day there was no evidence that the results given to the team were from the actual tests on the said flask and handkerchief. The investigating team for example did not do any DNA tests on the handkerchief to establish whether it was actually the one Mayombo had vomited in. Finally there was the question of whether the toxicological test s was comprehensive. For example, one of the toxicologist expressed suspicious to close Mayombo family member regarding the body parts that were tested- even suggesting that the best way to ascertain the authenticity of the test samples was actually to exhume the body.

    Mayombo’s sudden illness and ultimate death sent shockwaves across the nation .in death he also defied. Queues of National Resistace Movement(NRM) bigwigs and top military brass in the country lined up to bid farewell. They gave orations and/or wrote obituaries full of glowing accounts of his life.Many of these speakers and writers were genuine.but also many were crying crocodile tears for Mayombo’s death because if they didn’t engineer it,atleast they were not sad about it.Indeed during the most critical moments of his life,Mayombo remained in a Ugandan hospital where there was not suffient care to save his life, the investigation report says that his pancreatitis was so severe that Mayombo ha d zero chances of recovery although doctors in Kampala had told the family that he had two out of ten chances.However,questions remain:he fall ill on Thursday April 26 2007.he was evacuated by the presidential jet to Aga khan hospital in Nairobi three days later almost at midnight on Monday morning and died on Tuesday May 1.What caused this usual delay? The answer to this question actually beg more questions.

    Why did it take the government four critical days before they could evacuate Mayombo for better treat abroad? Upon him falling ill, the Israelis through Col.Amos Golan is a retired colonel from the Israel military, a major arms supplier to Uganda and close Golan. Golan is a retired colonel from the Israel military major arms supplier to Uganda and a close confidante to the President Museveni.He was introduced to Museveni.He was introduced to Museveni by Maj.Gen.Jim Muhwezi in the mid-1990s but later became a close friend of Museveni’s brother, Gen.Salim Saleh became distant.
    Over the years, Golan has cultivated close ties with people at Defence.Whenever a new person is appointed to a powerful position at Defence, Golan is always quick to build relationship with them-from the Chief of Defence Forces to the minister, PS, the Chief of Logistics and Engineering, everyone, Golan’s closeness with many people at defense has increased Israel arms sale to Uganda. But it has also cause friction with other nations desiring to supply arms to Uganda-especially the United States.For example, in August 2003,the US Deputy Chief of Mission(DMC) protested formally to Museveni that Israelis are influencing Uganda Defence officials to supply arms to Uganda without tendering. IN a cable to Washington DC, The DCM accused the key Ugandan defence officials to corruption.
    The Israelis were close to Mayombo and had given him a special gun-with his names inscribed on it.The only other person to get such a gift from the Israelis, sources say is President Museveni.Just before his death, Mayombo had told friends that he had been invited to visit Tel Aviv. The Israelites had planned a great welcome for him. Although he was excited, he was also afraid of how Museveni would take it.”Mzee obwaramanya kinu, nanyita,” (If President Museveni hears of this. He will kill me)Mayombo had told his close family.

    There are many occasions when Mayombo would use this expression when speaking about Museveni.It is difficult to tell exactly what he meant. Although its literally meaning in Rutoro is “will kill me”, Batooro use this expression often casually to mean “will be angry with me”Mayombo had taken to the habit of using this expression on many occasions.
    In any case, Mayombo fall ill on Thursday night and the Israelites offered to evacuate him to Tel Aviv on Friday.Isreali doctors were immediately on site to monitor his health status, take his test samples and pass them on to Israeli’s not clear whether these doctors were flown into the country or there were present by the time Mayombo fell ill. There was talk that the plane to evacuate Mayombo was on the runway and about to leave Tel Aviv. Others claimed it was aiborne.Suddenly the talk of a plane from Israel just evaporated. A voice hovered over Mayombo’s fate that seemed to have the plane from coming.
    There was a team of doctors headed by the UPDF Director of Medical Services,Dr,James Makumbi and included others Ben Mbonye, Dr.Emmanuel Ssekasanvu, one Opio, a Russian called Edwardo, a Cuban called Kassim,who were overseeing Mayombo. According to the Investigations Report, Mayombo’s condition was too delicate to fly him out of the country. According to the doctors, the journey to transfer Mayombo from Kololo to International Hospital, Kampala (IHK) had been bad enough for the young brigadier. They reasoned that moving him in such juice –which make the pancreatic spill over other parts of the body. The pancreatic juice is so strong that it can even crash a bone.
    But the effort to evacuate Mayombo persisted even after talk of an Israel evacuation had evaporated.Steven Ugandan High Commission in South Africa offered to help .Kashaija had cultivated excellent relations with the South African army who offered a plane fitted with medical kits to the quality of a flying hospital. The family was told the plane was waiting final instruction from Kampala to fly to Entebbe and rescue Mayombo. That was on Saturday morning. The plane did not come. Who was so powerful as to stop it?

    Thus on Saturday evening, Mayombo’s family and friends, frustrated by the inexplicable failure for the plane from South Africa began to discuss a private charter.
    They were unhappy that all this time, President Museveni was conspicuously absent, yet Mayombo had always seen him as a father and a mentor and was so loyal to the President to the point of brutalizing his own brother, Okwir Rabwini,in 2001 in the services of Museveni’s politics.Museveni was in Kamuli district campaigning against opposition candidate Salaam Musumba.He would fly back to Kampala every night and to Kamuli every morning. Only Museveni’s son, Maj.Muhozi Keinerugaba,was present all the time communicating on his cell phone. Why did Museveni fail to appear on a death bed of someone everyone thought was very close to him? Mayombo’s close friends and family agonized. Saturday night past and Sunday morning came: that was the third day of Mayombo’s illness.
    On Sunday, the issue of the presidential jet was mooted and immediately accussed.It took an entire day to prepare the plane to fly. It was not until close to midnight late Sunday night that Mayombo was put on the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi. Although it is fitted with oxygen, the jet has no medical kit.

    Earlier, doctors had claimed Mayombo’s condition was to delicate for him to be flown. They had also claimed that even a plane fitted with hospital equipment could not do the job’s the questions stand out. If Mayombo was too delicate to travel on Friday or Saturday when the Israelis and the South Africans offered the best places for such travel on Friday or Saturday when the Israelis and the South Africans offered the best planes for such an emergency equipment-on Sunday night? People at the runaway at Entebbe Airport on the night when Mayombo was evacuated (who included one of the writers of this story) witnessed the scene on how the young brigadier’s delicate body was literally manhandled-forcefully pushing him into the jet.

    The second question came with the choice of the hospital. To date no one in Mayombo’s immediate family knows how Aga Khan Hospitals was chosen.However, his cousin, Roger Baguma, his sister Gertrude and wife Juliet went with him. Upon arrival in Nairobi, they found people from Uganda most likely from security agents, mainly all over hospital, all the time talking on their cellphones.Mayombo was rushed into the emergency care and put on a dialysis machine. After few hours, the doctors reported to the family that his situation had greatly improved. The family went to bed relieved. But next morning, the doctors told Mayombo’s family during the night the machine had collapsed. What happened exactly; was it in an accident or a plot? The investigation report the dialysis machine was removed from him for cleaning. Many questions remaining about Mayombo’s death; Who were the people in Nairobi? Who sent them? What frustrated the plane from Israel and another from South Africa to evacuate him? Why did it take so long to offer the Presidential jet to save Mayombo’s life?

    By Frank Gashumba



    ANALYSIS OF KAWESI MURDER: WHO IS BEHIND? MUHOOZI? MUSEVENI? KAYIHURA? UPDF SPOKESMAN? SALIM SALEH? SUCCESSION MAFIA? Kawesa’s killing sends a clear message to the regime sycophants that those armed body guards are mere scarecrows. Insensitivity and arrogance has a price tag.

    Today morning the Police Director of Human Resource who also doubled as its PRO, Felix Kawesi was shot dead 100 metres from his residence by two men travelling on two motorcycles. His murder adds on the list of other unresolved murders of prominent people in Kampala using the same modus operandi (mode of operation) – armed people riding on motorcycles.

    He joined the police in 2001 and was rushed through the ranks to Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP). Starting as a Personal Assistant to the Police Chief, he went on to command the police in Kampala and rose to become the Director of Operations. He brutally surprised all forms of political dissent and made no secret of his alignment to the ruling clique.

    He committed, defended and promoted the most heinous forms of human rights abuses against the opposition activists. The USA blacklisted him among the officers who were placed on a travel ban to its territory.
    In 2015 Kawesi was removed from operations to Human Resource Development – a move the public interpreted as a demotion. In October 2015 during a pass out of police officers at the military academy at Jinja, Police Chief Kalekyezi counselled Kawesi thus; “Don’t be disgruntled by those who say I demoted you simply because you are no longer in the news. Being in the news everyday doesn’t mean one is working very hard.” He went ahead to give the example of the former Nansana DPC, Mohamad Kirumira whom he accused of being fond of rushing to the media whenever he got administrative challenges.

    However, in October 2016 Kalekyezi succumbed to pressure to bring back Kawesi to the limelight when he appointed him the Police PRO at a time when the force so much needed to clean its tarnished image. The appointment was meant to overshadow the role of AIGP Dr. Fred Yiga who had even given the same role of rebranding the police image as its Chief Political Commissar. Fred Yiga is a long serving professional police officer who had just returned from a UN mission in South Sudan where he had been diverted to give way for army Generals to take command of the police force.

    In January 2017 Gen Kalekyezi applied to Museveni to have his contract renewed for another three year fifth term as police Chief. His Deputy, Okoth Ochola also applied for a renewal of his contract. Rumours circulated that Museveni was planning to replace him with Brig. Ronnie Balya, Brig. Leo Kyanda or Felix Kawesi. Though Museveni has not yet responded, Brig Kyanda was beaten out of the contest by the fake arms scandal involving Polish arms dealers. Brig. Balya was sacked from ISO and posted to South Sudan as Ambassador leaving Felix Kawesi in the race.
    In his scheme to have his son Gen. Muhoozi take over from him, Museveni has been discarding old Turks and positioning fresh blood in strategic positions of his core political base, the security services. Andrew Kaweesi is one such stooge who would suit well into Kalekyezi’s shoes for the Muhoozi project. Indeed, Gen. Muhoozi’s condolence Twitter message speaks volumes thus; “AIGP Kawesi was a brave and dedicated officer.

    The country has lost one of its best and brightest! May his soul rest in eternal peace.” One wonders how and why such a very senior police officer is apprised in terms of bravery of all the attributes! On the other hand, since Kawesi has been at the forefront of militarization of the police force, Gen. Muhoozi could be right if he assesses him from the perspective of the joint SFC/Police battles in Kampala and Kasese.

    Gen. Kalekyezi has admitted to have called Kawesi a few minutes before he was shot dead. He says he instructed him to issue out a response to one of the “screaming” headlines in today’s newspapers. He has described his killing as a great loss to the police and other security agencies. “They always warned they should hit at the strongest point.

    Indeed, killing him was touching us hears.” Kawesi is killed at a time when parliament is scheduled to hand the 3rd amendment to the Anti-Terrorism Act 2002. The first one was in June 2015, the second one was in January 2016 and this third one is seeking to criminalize the financing of terrorism and terrorists’ activities. Already the committee on Defence and Internal Affairs is disagreeing on the definition of a terrorist.

    The two soldiers, Col. Kulaigye and Maj. Abriga who are members of this committee disagreed on whether rebels fighting a government are terrorists. Museveni has thrived on the global terrorism ticket to suppress all forms of internal dissent while at the same time holding the west at ransom. He would wish to have all criminal offences in Uganda being viewed
    from a terrorism perspective.

    Whatever the motive, Kawesa’s killing sends a clear message to the regime sycophants that those armed body guards are mere scarecrows. Insensitivity and arrogance has a price tag.


    What comes to your mind when you see Museveni doing this?
    1- wasting time
    2- he wants to improve his public image
    3- just a useless dictator



    What is KISIRANI?

    *KISIRANI* is when you give a beautiful girl a lift and she faints in your car. You take her to the
    hospital and when you get there, the doctor says she’s pregnant and congratulates you that you are
    going to be father very soon. You then shout that you are not the father and the girl says you are the
    Things are now getting *KISIRANIFUL*. You require a DNA test to prove you are not the father…
    Things are now getting *KISIRANISTIC* when the doctor comes with the result saying you cannot be a father because you are infertile… You are relieved, but on your way home you remember you are married with three kids at home!…
    Now you are extremely *KISIRANIOUS*.
    Now, you begin to ask yourself who is the father of those kids… You get home to find out that the
    gateman is their real father. You are now
    You decided to travel home to complain to your mother about the latest development.. And your
    mum with tears running down her cheeks tells you, my son, I’m so sorry your dad ain’t really your dad…
    Then you know that things are now *KISIRANICATED* And if u dont forward then u a *KISIRANICLIOSIS*


    So Human Rights Watch publishes a damning report on the KASESE MASSACRE. Demands an independent investigation.

    Last week a govt spokesman came out with a stern warning on NTV that the State is firmly capable of conducting investigations and does not need external investigators besides rubbishing the report.

    Now Media reports, FBI Agents are in town with Uganda investigators on the scene for a recent assassination to crack the back of the assassins.

    How do we know the same “ASSASSINS” were not involved in the massacre in Kasese without an independent investigation?

    When do we need FBI and when do we not need FBI or Scotland Yard Police?



    My father was a police officer of a low rank. When he died in 2009 when I was only twelve, I couldn’t believe it’s the dad I knew.

    After the burial, I expected people who knew dad would comfort me, but this was opposite.

    I didn’t know that dad had disappointed many people during his time as a police officer. He sometimes neglected his duties, as we all know our usual policemen.
    People started telling me what dad did to them, which showed me that they were happy about his death.


    Am confused by the way Uganda is mourning KAWESI!
    Have we forgotten how many people he could have killed innocently, when he was an officer?

    Have we forgotten the orders he gave that saw innocent people die?

    Have we forgotten the case Files that disappeared from his office, to deny people justice?

    Have we forgotten that there are some officers who would be having better ranks but Kawesi refused to endorse them, as a senior officer?

    Have we forgotten the city tycoons he could have collaborated with to step on the common man?

    Have we forgotten that all these people were humans like him?
    Have we forgotten that his actions on earth left orphans and widows?
    Have we forgotten that some officers have lost interest in their work because of his actions?
    Have we forgotten that some people lost their land to land grabbers because of his actions?

    As we pray for his soul to rest in eternal peace, we must remember the people I pointed above.
    We pray for them and their families, too.
    I don’t want the Kawesi ‘s to face what my family and I faced.

    May God ignore what Kawesi did wrong on earth and grant his soul eternal peace. I say this because I had not met Kawesi in person… People say he was good.
    But by knowing who police officers are, I am forced to say that God takes his soul where it is fit to be…


    amaddu genyama



    Yoweri Museveni assured the family of Late Felix Kawesi that government will compensate them for Kaweesi’s brutal death arguing that he died on duty.

    Legally Kaweesi family is not entitled to any government compensation why?
    1. Unless Kaweesi was killed by State agents, the Attorney General cannot compensate his family. If Museveni can prove that Kaweesi was murdered by the State, then government will compensate Kaweesi’s family.
    Even if Kaweesi was murdered by State agents as Museveni may possibly allege, then he(Museveni) will also need to prove that the State Agents did so during the course of their duty.

    2. There’s already a death gratuity fund to cater for families of public servants. Kaweesi family is no exceptional, they are equally entitled to this fund, they just need to follow the process like any other Ugandans and access it.

    3. Kaweesi left behind shocking properties that do not match his age and job. As a matter of fact Kaweesi’s family could be having more than they deserve from government.

    The economy is already at the edge of collapsing, and Museveni is busy wasting even the little that is remaining in the country’s dry basket!


    Kano kanyumidde……..
    A plane was about to crash and there were only four parachutes on
    Meanwhile there were five people in the cabin.
    The first person, Lionel Messi, said,
    “I’m the world’s best footballer, I cant die now!” So he
    took one of the parachutes and left.
    The second person, Bill Gates, said,
    “I’m the wealthiest man on Earth, I can’t die now, I’m needed in the business world!”
    So he took the second parachute and plunged..
    The third was the Uganda President and he said,
    “I’m the smartest President in the world, so I cant die now, my people still need me, I’m a sole candidate!”
    He took one and left.
    Then it was left the Pope and a little school girl.
    The Pope said to the little girl,
    “Take the last one, I’ll sacrifice my life for you. I’ve lived a long life”
    The little girl smiled and replied, “No need for that, there are two parachutes left.”
    The pope asked her, “How come?”
    The little girl replied,
    “The Uganda President took my school bag.”


    Just say something thing about alcohol

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    During the burial of a young man, another young man was crying out his heart. He wept uncontrollably that many people kept wondering what is wrong with him.

    The mc dropped the microphone and went and took this weeping young man to a corner, calmed him down and he started to explain.
    He was with the guy that died the day he met his death. He drove off first and on getting to a particular spot, he noticed that some armed robbers were getting ready to block the road and resume operation. He managed to escape. He started calling his friend to tell him what he saw, that he should remain where he was. This friend would not pick his call. To him: “why is he calling?
    He should know that I am driving right behind him”. He refused to pick the call as this guy kept calling and calling. Finally, he drove into the now ready armed robbers and they pumped countless bullets on him.
    He died on the spot and armed robbers stole his car. This man was crying because he knew his friend killed himself. Many of us are just like this.

    Are you the one buying the credit for him or her? Pick your call when your phone rings and know why you are been called. If the phone rings twenty times in one minute, pick in all occasions. He was saving credit for his friend because I am driving straight to where he is, he met his death.

    Many people will not pick the calls of their family bcs they are close to the house, proberbly they are calling to tell u not to go into that house bcs their is a danger waiting right in there.

    You are in an occasion and you are calling someone you are looking at because you want to pass a crucial information, he ignores the call and is walking up to you instead, even when you are making sign that he should pick the call.
    It is possible that this caller didn’t want you to come near him because he wanted to code something. Pick your call and say hello. Some people will not pick calls from numbers they don’t know and I wonder:

    HOW MANY PEOPLE DO YOU KNOW ON PLANET EARTH? DO YOU EVER THINK THAT THOSE PEOPLE YOU KNOW ARE ALL YOU NEED IN LIFE? Note something, there is no one individual that knows up to 1% of the world population. Is it not insanity for you to restrict your life to just 1% of global population? What of the remaining 99%? Many people have missed life saving opportunities because they refused to pick a particular call.


    *What’s Your Nature?*

    A wise old man was sitting at the river bank.

    He saw a cat that had fallen into the river struggling to save itself from drowning.

    The man decided to save the cat. He stretched out his hand towards the cat but the cat scratched him. He pulled his hand back in pain.

    However, a few minutes later he stretched out his hand again to save the cat, but it scratched him again, and again he pulled his hand back in pain.

    A few minutes later he was again trying for the third time!!

    A man, who was nearby watching what was happening, yelled out, “O wise man, you have not learned your lesson the first time, nor the second time, and now you are trying to save the cat a third time?”

    The wise man paid no heed to that man’s scolding, and kept on trying until he managed to save the cat.

    He then walked over to the man, and patted his shoulder saying:, “My son… it is in the cat’s nature to scratch, and it is in my nature to love and have sympathy. Why do you want me to let the cat’s nature overcome mine?_
    “My son, treat people according to your nature, not according to theirs, no matter what they are like and no matter how numerous their actions that harm you and cause you pain sometimes. And do not pay heed to all the voices that loudly call out to you to leave behind your good qualities merely because the other party is not deserving of your noble actions. So never regret the moments you gave happiness to someone, even if that person did not deserve it.

    Jesus treats us according to His nature, just think where we would be if He were to treat us as per our nature… That is why He saves us in spite of ourselves ✝

    I got this message from another platform, and felt it was worth sharing. Do likewise if you feel the same.


    Okunonyereza ku ttemu kugenda mumaaso……

    Betty Nancy Bakunonya my mitti ?

    Wilfred Mukonyezi Posho and beans are not enough blood. He has to do that and wait for another day to come

    Betty Nancy mu mitti

    Sarah YIga Hahahahaha katiye talrekayembe

    Moses Matovu And these mangoes are not his! Someone call the police to arrest this thief.

    Bahiikire Yusta Hihi

    Wambi Patrick Can’t we allow one to eat a mango before he searches for criminals?GAVA MUKULYA!

    Sarah YIga Hahaha ok

    Amina Namatovu nga bali mumiyembe

    Mugabe Robert Carlos Senior Hahahahaaaaa eyo Uganda

    Ronny Mutebi Mwebale

    Turyasiima Martin Hmmmm

    Mfite K. Rogers Cyril Hahahahah

    Sofi Sselunjogi bambi nabo tebali bulunji

    Onyango James hunger in the verge

    Gabiro Mulinda This made my day

    Prince Andrew Global financial crisis

    Namata Rinet Hahahaha anti police

    Jose Josephine Haaaahaaa naye mark

    OC Pirio Francis God bless Africans


    “I want to reiterate here before America’s greatest heroes that I will not condone any dictatorial tendencies exhibited by dictators around the world especially the two old men from Zimbabwe and Uganda”

    Mugabe and Museveni must be put on notice that their days are numbered and that I am going to arrest them and lock them in prison. If the past American administrations have failed to stop these two despots, I will personally do it”

    Mugabe and Museveni have given the world enough troubles and its about time someone puts to an end all these madness for peace to prevail” said an unapologetic Trump.

    If Obama fears them, I will never fear them. If clinton and Bush feared them, If the Pope kneels before them, I will never be reduced to that level. I will never be cowed. I promise to clean all the political mess around the world and promote international justice,”

    Donald Trump


    China remains the largest rice producer in the world. The Middle Empire harvests more than 200 million tons of rice a year and a large number is exported all over the world.
    However, cooks and consumers must be cautious: not only does this food contain pesticides used in Chinese agriculture, but according to *The Korea Times, rice can also be manufactured artificially. The potato starch is mixed with plastic (synthetic resin, for example) and then takes the form of a grain of rice. The grains are then steamed with a typical rice flavor.* Doctors sound the alarm against the consumption of this artificial product: three solid portions apparently contain as much plastic as a small plastic bag. An alarming fact!

    With these simple tricks, you can determine whether your rice is natural or stuffed with plastic:

    The water test

    Pour a tablespoon of raw rice into a glass filled with cold water and mix vigorously. If the rice falls to the bottom of the glass, everything is fine, if on the contrary it floats on the surface, be vigilant, because it surely contains plastic!

    The fire test

    Using a lighter and a match, burn a handful of rice. If it catches fire and smells of burnt plastic, you know what to do! Do not eat it!

    The mortar and pestle test

    When molding a few grains of rice with a mortar and pestle, the powder should be quite white. For artificial rice, you will notice a yellow discoloration instead.

    The mold test

    If you want to be sure that you do not risk anything with your cooked rice, put a small amount into a tupperware and leave it in a warm place. In a few days, mold will have to appear, otherwise it is that your rice is artificial.

    This is how to get it right: is the rice you buy natural or artificial? Show these different tips to all your friends so they do not take the risk of eating plastic for dinner!

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