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    Yoweri Museveni Lost Son



    1..All failed relationships hurts, but losing someone who doesn’t appreciates you is actually a gain,not a loss. father use to tell me not to raise my voice while arguing rather i should improve my argument.
    3..don’t feel bad when people only remember you when they need you, just be happy as the candle that is only needed when there’s darkness.
    4..not everyone will understand your journey, that’s okay, you are here to live your life, not to make everyone to understand.
    5..never listen to haters,haters will see you walk on water and say it’s because you can’t swim.
    6..the biggest mistake one can do is loosing yourself in the process of valuing someone too much and forgetting that you are special too.
    7..happiness is not getting what you want but appreciating what you have.
    8.. You will win maybe not immediately but definitely.


    Isaac Musumba the husband to Salaam Musumba

    This Musumba man must be having a problem with his brain. How ca he leave his own wife who is in the same race then go campaigning for another married woman who is his wife’s challenger????????????????

    Isaac Musumba  the husband to Salaam Musumba the FDC Candidate in Kamuli Municipality bi-elections Sunday came public against his family bondage for NRM so as to maintain his political position.

    The State Minister for Urban Development Donned in yellow shirt declared he sides with his wife’s opponent in the 6 contestants race and argued voters in Busota parish, Southern Division to vote NRM beside his “relationship to one of the candidate in the race”.

    The Minister attended three party rallies. Elections will be held on 12th August.

    Court threw out NRM candidate Wetongola for luck of enough academic qualifications. She sat S6 soon as she was elected and when court cancelled her victory she lodged an appeal in high court just to buy time as UNEB realesed results.


    charge sheet show that Dr.Stella Nyanzi is to be charged of calling Dictator Museveni a pair if buttocks

    Now the State want to book Stella Nyanzi into Butabika and not to Luziira under section 2 of the mental treatment Act.

    Police Office ASP Mborimbwa is the one who swore the affidavit upon which the state read Museveni is moving to secure a Court Order.


    Tycoon Drake Lubega daughter killed.

    The Panga and Karayimbwa Squads in Action. ..
    Tycoon Drake Lubega daughter killed. .
    Ofcourse it’s so sad. …
    We are concluding lent and doing a steep climb in the Exodus. ..
    The first borns die and the entire society wails. …
    The Pharaoh of the NRA occupation al – Nakba remains obstinate. ..but naaye alikaba. ..
    The insecurity is rising. …
    The NRA occupation al – Nakba criminal state is dominant as the formal State collapses. …
    Yesterday, it was someone of low class whose tears wouldn’t come to your attention. ..
    It’s now Drake Lubega and his tears will create a whisper. ..
    Soon someone’s tears will create a chorus. …
    Those paid to sit on the stories of insecurity will find it hard as they become victims themselves. ..
    In this season of the Operation National Rage against the NRA occupation al – Nakba. ..
    Mpaawo atalikaba. …



    An Elderly woman stopped me as I was walking to take the bus home yesterday.

    That was in town around Wandegeya round about. She asked me to call a person who was supposed to pick her up and take her home. She said she wasn’t familiar with Wandegeya. She looked confused and helpless so I took the number that she had (it was on a small piece of crappy paper). I dialled the number, it went through but nobody answered. I dialled it again, same thing happened. She was thankful for my efforts and went her way. I got a taxi and soon was on my way home.
    Suddenly, while the taxi was leaving Wandegeya, a guy who sat next to me started a commotion claiming that his phone had been stolen. He had a friend who suggested to call his number and see if it was in the taxi. They dialled my number and my phone rang in my pocket. Before I could say that was my phone, I didn’t steal it the guy who had dialled my number had already saved my number in his phone under his friend’s name. They described the phone model and colour and everyone in the taxi was convinced that I stole the phone. I was ransacked and they took everything from me, my wallet, my phone, my bag, my laptop, Everything.
    That is how the game has changed in the conmen industry.

    Pls pass it on and save your friends and family from such.

    IT can be anywhere conmen are everywhere


    I was being rejected because I'm more experienced in arts and acting

    There was no money in arts and also the jobs I could qualify for, I was being rejected because I’m more experienced in arts and acting. The pressure on my ailing career appearing as a warning before all people was also haunting me. I prayed, and because nothing was happening, I lost even the little hope I had left. But beyond the shadow of a doubt, I decided to drag myself back to the drawing board. I went back to National Theatre to recharge my career batteries, to meet more artists and to create ways of how to make impact in the profession I had chosen. The more I met other people the more I felt hope returning. Whenever I met younger actors who looked up to me as an inspiration, I felt stronger and resumed work. I sat down, thought of the challenges I’d faced as an actor and I knew I wasn’t alone. I felt there was need to find solutions. For far too many, the dream has dissipated and so has our will to make progress on it. This is what led me to creating Benda Bookings. This was to tackle the challenges actors like me face in this slowly growing acting and film business in Uganda and East Africa. Challenges like knowledge of how to get acting better to compete well, management, branding actors, representing actors, booking actors for producers, platforms for actors to practise even when not on commercial projects etc. This is why I started. We can’t always control our environment, but we can control how we respond to it, and that’s what helped me. Every time I think and remember my challenges in the past and present as an actor, it inspires me to mentor or advise a new young actor in the business. I believe that if someone is to improve the standards of acting and the actors’ lives in the region, it either has to be me or the movement I have started or I am part of that.


    Salaam Musumba must be a very complicated woman

    Salaam Musumba must be a very complicated woman. No wonder the Basoga didn’t vote for her. I’m opposition but I never wanted her to win.
    1. The husband is a Muslim. She isn’t
    2. The husband is NRM. She isn’t
    3. The husband is a people person. She isn’t
    4. The husband is polite. She is arrogant


    Bobie Winie choose to invest in the cheap Buganda land

    When you critically follow Bobie Wines defence against Buganda land thugs on social media, you will believe that singer Bobie is also another big time thug. Why?

    1. In the current NRM regime where monarchies have become Museveni’s mere walking sticks and where open theft and smelling corruption have infected even the clergy and cultural institutions, no serious or genuine investor can waste his resources and time to invest in a such dubious and bogus environment!

    2. Bobbie Winnie narrates how seriously he had been cheated and treated unfairly right from the word go but he chose to keep quiet and persist until when he was finally evicted with a stick like a frog, with no any notice or court order. Sincerely what kind of investor would tolerate such a compromising treatment? Honestly it’s only dubious investors who would try to work their way around even when its clear that the dealers on the other side are thieves and are not acting fairly!

    3. Bobbie Wine goes ahead to tells us about 20milion paid to Buganda ‘thieves’ but he carefully dodges to tell us how much he compensated to the tenants! Did he fully compensate them? Did he really ever compensate them? Does he have evidence to that effect? All these questions point at the person of singer Bobie.

    4. Of all land in Uganda, why did the so called number one artist, Bobie Winie choose to invest in the cheap Buganda land where one can get full 4acres in Mulago at just 150milion or 8acres for 49years lease in Busaala at only 20 millions. Cheap things are always expensive in the end. Bobie must be a dubious dealer!

    I have no kind words for Bobie Wine, my best advice is for him to cool down and forget about these useless dubious investments.
    Let this incident strengthen his determination to intensify the struggle against this corrupt regime of NRM and his mafia cultural institutions.


    Shame at Uganda Airport

    Can someone send me a contact of the responsible person at ministry of internal affairs…..

    This morning we arrived from Nairobi a plane full and only one counter out of 22 counters was working

    The lady in the picture had paid for a visa online which is a good thing for Uganda but spent over 45 minutes with an empty booth. This lady was so angry and I apologised on behalf of Uganda.

    There were over 6 officers hanging around and I therefore engaged them and shocked by the response and simply walked out.

    Under PIRT, we advocated for many stations and expected that this rubbish wouldn’t happen! I was one of the last persons on the line but left her behind.

    But I know it’s not always like this though this must be sorted out. There are some very good immigration officers at that airport but these ones must be told how their actions affect the country.

    Countries like Singapore we so admire, it will take you 15 minutes from the time from the time you leave your plane to your waiting car.

    There are countries which afford this kind of service because they have lots of traffic and people will endure but we can’t be poor and have a bad attitude.

    There are so many young people looking for jobs, why keep the bad ones? How can we claim we want investors and tourists so we earn?


    President Yoweri Museveni truth about his corrupt government

    Museveni can not muzzle any Ugandan who tells the truth about his corrupt government. What Bobi Wine said is the truth. I think President Museveni should resign because he still does not understand what Presidents do for their countries. Why can’t he learn something from Magufuli. Over 30 years and education system led by his wife is not only a mess but a massive failure. The Foreign Ministry led by his in law Kutesa is a system of contempt at an international level. The Ministry could have failed completely if it was not for the hard working Ugandans in some Embassies around the world. The Foreign Ministry is led by a crook.

    Now President Museveni wants BOU inquiries done in secrecy. This is very suspect of the man who said that he tried to stop the collapse of Banks but the officials did not listen to his advice. If he has nothing against him as this matter is concerned, why is he worried for the proceedings to be public??

    President Museveni can not stop Ugandans to question his behaviour because he holds the keys of Ugandans in his hands. If he misuses the keys, then Ugandans have the right to ask him for accountability. If he has nothing to hide, then even the crook who collapsed Banks must be in prison not guarded by the army and special forces using Ugandans money.

    Ugandans can not be taken for a ride any more Mr President. Swallow your pride and accept that you have handled our country wrongly on many issues for so many years.

    The question of threatening young politicians and taking away their freedoms when your own children and grand children move freely around the country is unacceptable. Uganda is their country too. Why stop other peoples children from progressing while yours are free?

    The other day, you told Ugandans to be patient with you. Mr President, that can be said to your children and relatives too. How many could go to Mbale referral Hospital for treatment? You would fly your children to Germany for treatment. Can other Ugandans do the same? Can you send your children to Nabumali High School or Majansi, Kiira college in their present state? If you can’t do that, why do you think other Ugandans are that inferior? Or Is it because of the simple fact that they are not presidents children?

    And after 30 years, what patience do you really want from Ugandans?? Is there anything new you will do that you have failed to do in the past 30 years??

    Holding on power when you have nothing new to add to the country is in itself not fair for Ugandans. And this is not talking too much or being big mouthed. It is expressing PEOPLE POWER that is found in Ugandans Constitution article one. Instead of tear gassing and beating Ugandans up, give them the same freedom you enjoy. Oh do you think they are not Ugandan enough to be free in their own country??


    For The Future Of a Better and harmonious Uganda

    David Wangusi Masinde


    From Ssebalwanyi to Ssebafere!

    From Ssebalwanyi to Ssebafere! The tortured transfiguration of Son of Kaguta: 33 years of Darwinian environmental adaption permanently damages Yoweri Museveni. If the Yoweri of 1986 met the Yoweri of 2018; he would just shoot him😂😂😂😂

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