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    It is sad the situation in many parts of Uganda due to draught. Many people have no food in their gardens, nor foodstuffs stored. Food security is a matter of history. Many water places have dried up, others have very little water. Trees including Coffee are drying up. You can imagine the quality of Coffer beans that will be harvested.

    Everyday one sees truckfuls of Charcoal, meaning that trees are being cut at an increasing rate. Yet there is no sound policy in place to see to substitute to charcoal and firewood.

    Under normal circumstances, there would be no famine in Uganda, but trust bad politics and I’ll advised policies, Uganda has got to where it is. A country with two rainy seasons with rivers and lakes here and there, it is a shame where we are.

    Money is being wasted on useless projects as far as the welfare of the locals is concerned. We should by now have many farmers getting proper advice by extension officers over the strategies for better crop husbandry. The irrigation systems should be no news to our farmers. As of now, when its takes sometime without rain, majority of the farmers look on helplessly.

    It is incumbent upon the NRM Government to play mature politics that will see the Agricultural sector properly nourished if Uganda is to improve on food security and as well boost the surplus for marketing internally and for export.



    I heard talk of shs 33m to each of the Crane players if they won the match. Now that the Cranes have the victory, hope the cheques to the boys will be delivered without delay.


    Big up to Islam faith.Am not a Muslim but i respect their charisma and faithfulness to Allah.
    The many times prayed per day should be for all to learn in perfecting their faith too.

    It was the foot of Allah watahala that scored CRANE goal.
    While other players were eagerly waiting to kick start the game.
    Historical scorer Farouk Miya tool a short time to recall Allah in the matter at hand.

    Indeed Allah never betrayed Ugandans.




    Remembering the electoral petition of Musema Bruce Vs Abiriga that was mismanaged by Arua High Court.Also remembering that Electoral commission and Abiriga Lawyers have technically with drawn from the matter,today at Court of Appeal there shall be Conferencing.

    Im to be physically there and observe the Abiriga and Electoral Commission Lawyers try to defend a man who was awarded diploma certificate in the same year he was borne.

    stay tuned for more updates


    THANK YOU OH LORD ThANK YOU ALLAH🙏…Very hard game it is been today but finally we have made it boys..thanks to all the fans that made it to namboole today you were the best I have seen in my life thank you coach Micho and your team…



    Uganda Government is better termed broke. Businesses that supplied to Government are in a fix recovering their money. A few weeks ago, the non – teaching staff in public universities were demanding for the monies as promised by none the less than the President. Some people want Intern Doctors to give their services for free. The list is endless.

    How on earth does Parliament or even the Ministry of Finance end up releasing shs 2bn to MPs when the economy is in a sorry state? Did they go to counter Dr. Besigye’s allegations about the NRM Government or what?

    It is not clear why it looks like the devil is in the driving seat in Uganda. Things that are going on are very disturbing. God we need Your intervention.


    Another high profile Ugandan dies aboard a plane!

    How many Ugandans will now stand up and mock Gen. #Sejusa? In 2013, 2014 and 2015 so many Ugandans made fun of this gentleman just like they mocked Hon. Mbabazi in 2014, 2015 and 2016. I do not know both these gentlemen but I read. I always paid attention to whatever they said whenever they talked.

    May his soul not rest in peace until his death is avenged. The same goes for Gen. Aronda.
    Doctors in South Africa are today expected to carry out a postmortem to establish the cause of death of Ambassador Najuna Njuneki, who collapsed and died aboard a plane yesterday.
    “He got up from his seat, but before he could disembark, he collapsed and before they could take him to a health facility within the airport, he died,” Foreign Affairs minister Sam Kutesa told this newspaper by telephone from London.

    Ambassador Njuneki was reportedly returning from a meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, with Ugandans living in Nordic countries. Vice President Edward Ssekandi attended the Diaspora gathering which, Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary James Mugume said, focused on investment.

    As an Ambassador for Special Duties at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters in Kampala, Njuneki was in-charge the Diaspora community and coordinated the Ugandan aspect of the regional Northern Corridor Infrastructure projects.
    “It is very unfortunate that he has died; it’s a sad thing. We don’t know the cause of death,” minister Kutesa said.
    Preliminary reports suggest Ambassador Njuneki boarded the plane while seemingly in good health only to pass away upon landing in Johannesburg.

    Uganda’s High Commission in Pretoria has taken charge of the body, according to Foreign Affairs ministry, and will handle it until it is flown back home on Wednesday.
    “He was a hardworking person and it is a pity that we have lost him,” Ambassador Mugume said, adding: “A post-mortem will be done on Monday (today).”

    Njuneki hailed from the western Mitooma District and his brother, Gerald Njuneki, in a facebook post said the ambassador was their first born and heir to the family of the late Geremu Njuneki.
    “We need your prayers!” he noted.

    Ambassador Njuneki becomes the second high-level Uganda government official to died abruptly on a plane, following the death almost a year ago of then Internal Affairs minister Aronda Nyakairima aboard an Emirates Airline plane while returning from South Korea.



    During his last 30 years of military dictatorship, Uganda’s Gen. Museveni has successfully destroyed all sectors of in his efforts to suppress dissent and subdue Ugandans into submission to his military dictatorship. He has socially, politically and economically destroyed the Ugandan society. However, the only pillar though shaky that still stands out amidst the rubbles of what was once described as the Pearl of Africa is the education sector.
    Uganda’s flourishing education standard was inherited from the colonial era at independence. Even the previous so called ‘bad regimes’ that preceded the current 30 years old Museveni dictatorship did not tamper with the education sector. Actually the sector flourished more during the reign of the semi illiterate President Iddi Amin.

    Since coming to power, Museveni has introduced several measures aimed at destroying education but because of its strong foundation that was laid down by the British, the post independence UPC government, and the Iddi Amin era, though limping the sector has thrived. He destroyed government technical colleges (UTC), colleges of commerce (UCC), national teachers colleges (NTC) and teacher training colleges (TTC) that had been set up in different regions of the country. The education curriculum and syllabus has repeatedly been changed without consulting teachers.

    Museveni has repeatedly despised the studying of arts subjects and in the same regard a total of 32 courses related to political science and other humanities were recently scrapped from public universities. They will instead be replaced by the regime’s ideology that will be taught at its indoctrination centres – Kyankwanzi, Patriotism Clubs and the National Service (mandatory military training and service). Next he will ban religious studies before declaring Uganda a secular state under the guise of promoting national unity.

    After unsuccessfully attempting to introduce Kiswahili in schools with the aim of destroying local languages and English, now the regime is reintroducing vernacular as a medium of teaching in lower primary schools. Since time in memorial vernacular had been the medium of teaching at lower primary schools; then what happened so that it is now being reintroduced. The aim is to gradually destroy the English language in our education system while preparing the way for the reintroduction of Kiswahili.
    Once vernacular as a medium of teaching will have proved problematic in urban schools where pupils are from different tribal backgrounds thus diverse languages then it will be accused of undermining national unity, banned, and replaced by Kiswahili. Museveni hides behind national unity to destroy local languages in preference for Kiswahili. If a single language brings about national unity countries like Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, Libya, Syria etc. wouldn’t be in turmoil.

    By targeting the English language, Museveni is attempting to promote ignorance and isolate Uganda in this era of globalisation. Its a fact that the destruction of the English language in Uganda will gravely negatively impact on the quality of education and languish the country 200 years back. To better appreciate this argument, one needs to interrogate why parents from neighboring countries are craving to send their children to Uganda for primary and secondary education.

    By killing the English language, Museveni aims at limiting access by Ugandans to information in the global village for information is power. For Museveni, an ignorant population is easy to manipulate and oppress as they clap hands for the oppressor thus information is power. The thriving semblance of political dissent and activism is because of the sound education base that wad laid by the previous governments and he must be regretting as to why he delayed in launching an assault on education.

    His current advocacy for vocational education is not in good faith but designed to achieve the above mentioned evil designs. He is aiming at replacing knowledge based education with an illiterate and semi illiterate dominated society who know nothing other than metal fabrication, brick laying, performing artists, craftsmen, musicians, sportsmen, herdsmen, cultivators and others in that category. The current situation is that even such categories have some basic knowledge of political, social and economic dynamics that empower them with the means to question and challenge some of the regime’s actions and manipulations.
    The other day a commercial motorcycle transporter challenged an attempt to manipulate their group by the Kampala region police commander thus: “Why should we fear to die while protesting for our rights when those who were killed in the Luwero bush war 30 years ago did not fear death?” This kind of reasoning is what he intends to destroy so that such people don’t understand why the shilling is loosing value, the effects of over borrowing, the job description of a Member of Parliament, their human rights, democracy, constitutionalism, rule of law, causes of unemployment etc.
    However, quality education is already becoming a preserve of a few Ugandans more especially his regime cronies whose children and grand children will inherit the domination of key administrative and managerial positions of the economic, social and political arena. Poor education breeds ignorance that breeds a poverty and disease stricken society that in turn makes it easy for manipulation for political expediency. There Ugandans need to stand up and defend the education sector because its all that remains of Uganda.



    Four East African countries are working on an open sky policy to make it easy for travelers and operators to move through the region.
    In the deal, airlines from four member countries would operate as domestic carriers.

    Kenya Civil Aviation Authority director general Gilbert Kibe said Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan are holding talks on a multi-lateral air service agreement. “Before the end of this year, we shall know the way forward on the matter,” he said.

    It is agreeable that hotels are almost empty as only a few airlines have been licensed to operate scheduled flights to particular airports in the East African region. Perhaps an open sky approach will spur travel within the region, especially in the form of citizens of East Africa visiting other parts of the East African region.

    East African states are moving away from marketing individual countries, to pooling resources, and marketing East Africa, as a single tourism destination with the tagline “seamless boarders”, and using incentives like the single tourist visa which permits a traveler to visit Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda under a single visa.



    Uganda’s military dictator Gen. Museveni has been in power for the last 29 years and is seeking another five year term. This time round he is no longer pretending to be a democrat but has come out openly more determined than ever before to use fully blown military dictatorial means to remain in power. Here below are the reasons why he so much craves to remain in power:
    1. Since his childhood, he craved so much to gain the presidency of Uganda; he has a feeling of being morally obliged to remain president for life. He is naturally power hungry.
    2. During his presidency he has committed gross human rights violations and war crimes both in Uganda and the neighboring countries such that he fears that if he leaves power, he will be held accountable.
    3. He has committed serious economic and political discrimination against Ugandans in favor of certain ethnic communities and political cliques such that he needs to stay in power so that he guarantee security of their ill-gotten privileged political positions and economic status. This is the category of Ugandans that Museveni always refers to as ‘building a middle class society’.
    4. He hopes to become the first President of the East African regional political integration if he can manage to manipulate the new leadership of Tanzania the same way he has done with Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, and South Sudan
    5. He hopes to preside over the oil wealth which he has publicly declared as his in order to benefit his preferred ethnic communities and regime cadres while a bigger portion will be dedicated to building a strong army with sophisticated military arsenals while majority Ugandans will be dying of hunger, ignorance and preventable diseases.
    6. He is not yet done with military aggression against neighboring countries in order to influence political changes that ensure client regimes. The oil wealth will play a bigger role in regional instability. Uganda will be the hub of regional dissidents and Ugandans will bear the brunt of reprisal attacks. He won’t rest not until he succeeds in curving out independent states out of eastern DRC and possibly north western Tanzania.
    7. Being a Marxist/communist, he feels he is not yet fully done with venting his anger against the capitalist world. His current honeymoon with Russia, China and North Korea points to this direction. He is aspiring to become the communist block’s regional proxy and the west is yet to suffer his worst humiliation.
    8. He is buying time for his son who is currently the head of the army to take over from him.
    9. He feels that he has not yet fully subdued Ugandans intellectually, psychologically, socially, politically, and economically. Once Ugandans will have lost political consciousness and unanimously adore him as God sent, then he may leave power to someone of his choice. By then the regime security forces will have taken center stage in determining who hold which public office through vetting by the secret services. They will be the ones to set and enforce terms and conditions for holding public offices, regulate all forms of freedom for Ugandans, and decide on who can live or die. At the time regular electoral processes will have become merely ceremonial. The so called national constitution will have been turned into a regime constitution and he will have earned for Ugandans the reputation of being ‘peace loving, united, and nationalistic’ people. That way, Gen. Museveni will go in the books of history as The Father of the Nation.


    Am Scared, Uganda My Motherland. These Motivation 36M for each Player who’s Participating in the Game is not Right, what will Happen to those Players who will not make it to the squard, how will they feel? That their Collegues they av been training with will be 36M shillings Richer? What has been the result of the past financial Motivation? Soccer is not like Digging, that the More Money u give the more work is done. This money sh’d be Directed towards Developing Young Talents in those Villages so we can Prepare next Generation since our Generation has failed, Let’s not Develop Generational Nugu. TULUMBE Uganda Cranes TULUMBE


    The community of Moru-Irion, Ngora Sub County in Ngora District is in need of making better a local water source which supports about 50 households with an average of 7 members each. They invited us to help them with technical assessment of the spring well for possible development and protection and our WASH volunteer specialist, Engineer Okello Deo (in whitish shirt) joined them in carrying out a feasibility of the spring well. Such water sources are usually fed by shallow ground water and because of climate change the water quantity may be a serious challenge during certain times of the year.


    Buganda King Gone Mad

    My humble request is to the Kabaka and the Buganda kingdom to come up with a statement about this Nonsense that is killing our Kiganda culture.

    Is this nonsense in the kiganda culture???


    Alcohol and pork is against Christian beliefs

    Alcohol and pork is against Christian beliefs too but some people just tend to ignore the things they don’t agree with……..For their credit: the reason why Christians eat pork and other things forbidden in Leviticus and Deuteronomy is because in the New Testament a disciple named Peter had a dream where he was told by God to eat the forbidden things, he said no because they were forbidden and the response was to stop making things that he had made clean, unclean.Catholics believe drinking is ok but most non catholic christian churches teach that alcohol is wrong. Also Jesus Christ declared all foods clean (Mark 7:14-19).Most Christians don’t read the Bible –they just follow what someone else tells them to do and says that it is in the Bible.


    Yoweri Museveni is Natural Thief

    All Of That Are Nothing, Do U Know How Much Money M7 Wast Every Day To Keep Him On Power? Do U Know How Many People Dies Every Day Across The Country Coz Of Poor Health Services , Do U Know How Much Money They Tax U Every Day To Mention But Few Therefore Takes A Way U gods Given M7 Lets Ugandans Feel The Pain Alone But God Is On Our Side One Day God Will Turn It To Smile .


    Kenrocks Freeman
    Kenrocks Freeman Since I joined this group your the first person who has ever spoken sense
    Like · 3 · September 6 at 1:22pm
    Mulema Jackson
    Mulema Jackson man ffe abamu situgenda kudamu naye kendeeza kubuveela!
    Like · 3 · September 6 at 1:29pm
    Akampurira Moses
    Akampurira Moses Thebo thimanyi onywa thaba? kendeza kunjaga!!
    Like · 4 · September 6 at 1:33pm
    Dickens Okello
    Dickens Okello What Has He Said, God Given, When& From Where ? Yet Rolex Is Still The Biggest Investiment Our Gov’t Talk About Ok, Poverty For All.
    Like · 1 · September 6 at 1:35pm
    Matsiko Sandra
    Matsiko Sandra His not God given neither was he cited by the majority of Ugandans he just imposed him self on us, his not even a true Ugandan
    Like · 2 · September 6 at 1:35pm
    Suzanne Aanyu
    Suzanne Aanyu No no no…Leader of Rolex Republic.
    Like · 2 · September 6 at 1:47pm
    Rukundo Adams
    Rukundo Adams wama Looki i kubonga with u and ‘HIM’
    Like · 1 · September 6 at 2:21pm
    Karegyeya Amos Mujuni
    Karegyeya Amos Mujuni Murema Jackson sala presa
    Like · 1 · September 6 at 2:27pm
    Akankwasa Bob
    Akankwasa Bob I like ur post bro
    Like · 1 · September 6 at 2:35pm
    Kalanzi Asaph
    Kalanzi Asaph Thaxs oyegede.
    Like · 1 · September 6 at 2:48pm
    Nuwagaba Robert
    Nuwagaba Robert #gasiya
    Nuwagaba Robert’s photo.
    Like · September 6 at 5:13pm
    Kalanzi Asaph
    Kalanzi Asaph 4 u rest in toilet!!!
    Like · September 6 at 5:25pm
    Dickens Okello
    Dickens Okello No Need Of His Gov’t
    Like · September 6 at 5:19pm
    De Bsn Mikayiri
    De Bsn Mikayiri wakedde wa ? oba bakuzalawa ?
    Like · September 6 at 5:22pm
    De Bsn Mikayiri
    De Bsn Mikayiri wakedde wa ? oba bakuzalawa ? mazzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    Like · September 6 at 5:22pm
    George Okello
    George Okello Someone give this nutter directions to Butabika Mental Asylum I will pay for his stay there. He is a danger to himself and should not be released to wander around the streets.
    Like · September 6 at 5:25pm
    Herbert Looki
    Herbert Looki
    Like · September 6 at 5:35pm
    Madiba Fisher Junior
    Madiba Fisher Junior Leak his asshole idiot
    Like · September 6 at 6:08pm
    Destiny T Pac
    Destiny T Pac Stupidity in you
    Like · September 6 at 6:15pm
    Herbert Looki
    Herbert Looki Thank you but he remains our president
    Like · September 6 at 6:16pm
    Destiny T Pac
    Destiny T Pac Ure President not our #am sorry but those posts I hate…thm Kamwani
    Like · 1 · September 6 at 6:18pm
    Dickens Okello
    Dickens Okello People Always Do That Coz Life Is Getting Tight, May Be Feeling That On M7 Seing His Post, Can Give Him Some Cash
    Like · September 6 at 6:23pm
    Kenrocks Freeman
    Kenrocks Freeman Kale mwena mulu barade Hubert #mutufu that so called bad man saved this country from corrupt politicians and prisdents if your to blem your mps that you elect into power at the end of the day you see goats making noise that the man is a thief #all of you are f**ked up who are against my president
    Like · 1 · September 6 at 6:34pm
    Herbert Looki
    Herbert Looki Freeman assure them
    Like · September 6 at 6:38pm
    Kisuze Peter
    Kisuze Peter Abalwade bobwongo beyongede mugwanga
    Like · September 6 at 6:40pm
    Kenrocks Freeman
    Kenrocks Freeman Those are goats which need to wake up Mr museven came to liberet Uganda and that’s what he is doing but you find a brok ass making noise that sevo agende akadiye naye okumanya Mbata nanyo temwebuza how old is kiza
    Like · September 6 at 6:43pm
    Kisuze Peter
    Kisuze Peter Freeman olabika waja ne mukoka
    Like · 1 · September 6 at 6:46pm
    Kenrocks Freeman
    Kenrocks Freeman Lengela embata mbu nayo ezalawa mukamawayo(prisdent indecent)
    Like · September 6 at 6:49pm
    Kenrocks Freeman
    Kenrocks Freeman Museveni yaja ku gema mese
    Like · September 6 at 6:50pm
    Kilama Stephen
    Kilama Stephen True he is
    Like · September 6 at 6:52pm
    Kenrocks Freeman
    Kenrocks Freeman #Kilama oli mugezi nyo coz omayi amazima leka enkoko zife ne opposition
    Like · September 6 at 6:55pm
    Ausen Kyalimpa
    Ausen Kyalimpa #ssebo,
    operation gogola myala,…See More
    Like · September 6 at 7:09pm
    Kenrocks Freeman
    Kenrocks Freeman All of that is because of democracy no leader would want to see bloodshed in his country so that’s what the prisdent did as for those fools they all had their cases to answer and if your to wigh them they r not the same for example do expect man like sevo to imprison a mad man like kiza
    Like · 1 · September 6 at 7:51pm
    Anyama Francis
    Anyama Francis Yez u r right coz foolz,idiots nd literally blind p’ple lyl u hav support a gov’t dat haz promoted a gross corruptn 2 diz peak,promotd regional imbalances lyk diz, promoted tribalism along ethnic sect, use public assets 4 personal gain, oppress de poor…See More
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    Dickens Okello
    Dickens Okello All Of That Are Nothing, Do U Know How Much Money M7 Wast Every Day To Keep Him On Power? Do U Know How Many People Dies Every Day Across The Country Coz Of Poor Health Services , Do U Know How Much Money They Tax U Every Day To Mention But Few Therefore Takes A Way U gods Given M7 Lets Ugandans Feel The Pain Alone But God Is On Our Side One Day God Will Turn It To Smile .
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    Kisuze Peter
    Kisuze Peter Free man muwuzzi wabunyama banauganda tulina binji obyokukola tatumalila budde
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