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I think Uganda has the most irrelevant journalists on the continent; our journalists are easily diverted by mere simple stories faked by this good for nothing regime; take for instance just of recent the gov’t has allocated 200BN to crane bank to “bail it out” So Museveni realized there would be un uproar from the masses; what did he do? he went to Luweero with a 20 ltr jerrcan plus his bicycle “manyi ga kifuba” mbu he’s teaching the locals economical methods of irrigation; Makerere university was closed because of lecturers’ salary arrears amounting to shs. 28BN, radiotherapy machine in Mulago cancer Institute requires replacement and up to now it has never been done so and cancer patients have been left with an option of speeding up their death but remember it requires less than 10Bn if am not mistaken. Now the media has completely neglected the crucial stories and are dwelling on non pertinent stories sijui Museveni in Luweero irrigating.