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Abbreviations and Acronyms used in the second National Development Plan (NDPII), which is designed to propel Uganda towards middle income status by 2020, in line with the aspirations of Uganda’s Vision 2040. This Plan aims at strengthening Uganda’s competitiveness for sustainable wealth creation, employment and inclusive growth.
The Plan prioritizes investment in five (5) areas with the greatest multiplier effect on the
economy; which are-:
(i) Agriculture;
(ii) Tourism;
(iii) Minerals, oil and gas;
(iv) Infrastructure development; and
(v) Human capital development.
The effective implementation of this Plan is expected to lead to an average growth rate of 6.3 percent and per capita income of USD 1,039 by 2020.
As a major sector in the economy, the NDPII emphasizes commercialization of agriculture, to increase production and productivity along the value chains. It emphasizes agro processing and marketing as a launch path to industrialization. Investment in value addition to agricultural products can expand the GDP size, while improving the Country’s Balance of Payments Position (BOP).
In the minerals, oil and gas sector, the Government will focus efforts on adding value to the raw minerals through beneficiation and investing in major oil and gas infrastructure, such as the refinery and associated pipelines, for example, in the case of iron ore, when processed, a tone of refined steel is worth about USD 680, while that of unprocessed iron ore only earns USD40.
Tourism investments emphasize aggressive marketing, diversification of products and development of tourism supporting infrastructure and services, including airports and roads to tourism areas, as has been done for Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls Parks.
The tourism sector is already earning the country USD 1 billion per annum from the unique and adverse attractions.
In this Plan, infrastructure and human capital development are upheld as fundamental enablers for socio-economic transformation of the country, in line with Uganda Vision 2040.

AfDB Africa Development Bank
ANC Antenatal Care
ASM Artisanal Small-scale Miners
BOU Bank Of Uganda
BRICS Brazil,Russia ,India China And South Africa
BTVET Business Technical ,Vocational Educational And Training
CBR Central Bank Rate
CDO Cotton Development Organization
CNDPF Comprehensive National Development Planning Framework
COCTU Control of Trypanosomiasis in Uganda
COMESA Common Market For East And South Africa
CSOs Civil Society Organizations
CPI Corruption Perception Index
CSWCT Chimpanzee Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Trust
CTBTO Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO)
DDA Dairy Development Authority
DGSM Department Of Geological Surveys And Mines
DPP Directorate Of Public Prosecutions
DSCs District Service Commissions
EABI East African Bribery Index
EAC East African Community
EADB East African Development Bank
EAPP East Africa Power Pool
ECD Early Childhood Development
EFU Electricity ,Fuel And Utilities
EIA Environmental Impact Assessment
EmOC Emergency Obstetric Care
ENR Environment and Natural Resources
EPA Economic Partnership Agreement
ERA Electricity Regulatory Authority
ESO External Security Organization
EU European Union
FAL Functional Adult Literacy
FBOs Faith Based Organizations

FIPs Framework Implementation Plans
FRL Forest Reference Level
FY Financial Year
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GKMA Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area
GOU Government of Uganda
GAPR Government Annual Performance Report
HEP Hydro Electric Power
HMIS Health Management Information System
HTTI The Hotel and Tourism Training Institute
ICT Information and Communication Technology
ICTeS ICT-enabled Services
IFCPPI Institutional Framework for Coordination of Policy and Program
IFMS Integrated Financial Management System
ILO International Labour Organization
IPCC Integrated Panel On Climate Change
IPPS Integrated Personal ,Payroll And Pension System
ISO Internal Security Organization
JARD Joint Annual Review Of Decentralization
JCRC Joint Clinical Research Centre
JSC Judicial Services Commission
JLOS Justice Law And Order Sector
KCCA Kampala Capital City Authority
KP Kyoto Protocol
LDCs Low Developing Countries
LED Local Economic Development
LG Local Governments
LGDPs Local Government Development Plans
LICs Low Income Countries
LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas
M&E Monitoring and Evaluation
MAAIF Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industries and Fisheries
MDA Ministries, Departments and Agencies
MDGs Millennium Development Goals
MEAs Multilateral Environment Agreements
MFIs Micro Finance Institutions
MIA Ministry of Internal Affair
MLHUD Ministry of Land Housing And Urban Development

MoD Ministry of Defence
MoES Ministry of Education and Sport
MoFA Ministry of Foreign Affairs
MFPED Ministry of Finance Planning And Economic Development
MoGLSD Ministry of Gender Labour And Social Development
MoH Ministry of Health
MoICT Ministry of Information Communication And Technology
MoJCA Ministry of Justice And Constitutional Affairs
MoLG Ministry of Local Government
MSMIs Micro, Small and Medium Size Industries
MTEF Medium Term Expenditure Framework
MTWA Ministry of Tourism Wildlife And Antiquities
NAADS National Agricultural Advisory Services
NARO National Agricultural Research Organization
NBI National Backbone Infrastructure
NCCP National Climate Change Policy
NCD Non- Communicable Diseases
NDP National Development Plan
NDR National Development Report
NEMA National Environmental Management Authority
NGOs Non-Government Organizations
NOGP National Oil and Gas Policy
NPA National Planning Authority
NSSF National Social Security Fund
NTCs National Teachers Colleges
NTD Neglected Tropical Diseases
NUSAF Northern Uganda Social Action Fund
O&M Operation And Maintenance
OBT Output Budgeting Tool
ODA Official Development Assistance
OPM Office of the Prime Minister
PCC Policy Coordination Committee
PFM Public Financial Management
PMTCT Prevention Of Mother To Child Transmission
PPP Public Private Partnerships
PRDP Peace Recovery And Development Plan
PSM Public Sector Management
PSs Permanent Secretaries
PWDs Persons With Disabilities

R&D Research Development
RPDP Regional Physical Development Plans
SAGE Social Assistance Grants For Empowerment
SBA Skilled Birth Attendants
SDGs Sustainable Development Goals
SDPs Sector Development Plans
SGR Standard Gauge Railway
SPTIC Science Parks and Technology Incubation Centres
SSM Small-Scale Miners
STEI Science Technology Engineering and Innovation
STI Science Technology and Innovation
SWGs Sector Working Groups
TICC Technical Implementation Coordination Committee
TORs Terms of References
UBOS Uganda Bureau of Statistics
UDB Uganda Development Bank
UDBL Uganda Development Bank Limited
UDC Uganda Development Corporation
UEDCL Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Ltd
UEGCL Uganda Electricity Generation Company Ltd
UEPB Uganda Export Promotion Board
UETCL Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Ltd
UFA Uganda Forestry Authority
UHRC Uganda Human Rights Commission
UIRI Uganda Industrial Research Institute
ULC Uganda Land Commission
ULRC Uganda Law Reform Commission
ULS Uganda Law Society
UNBS Uganda National Bureau Standards
UNCCI Uganda National Chamber Of Commerce And Industry
UNCST Uganda National Council For Science And Technology
UNESCO United National Educational Scientific And Cultural Organization
UNFCCC United Nations Framework Convention On Climate Change
UNHS Uganda National Household Survey
UNICEF United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund
UNMA Uganda National Meteorological Authority
UNRA Uganda National Roads Authority
UPDF Uganda Peoples Defence Forces
UPE Universal Primary Education

UPF Uganda Police Force
UPS Uganda Prison Services
URF Uganda Road Fund
URSB Uganda Registration Services Bureau
USD United States Dollar
USE Universal Secondary Education
UTB Uganda Tourism Board
UVRI Uganda Virus Research Institute
UWA Uganda Wildlife Authority
UWEC Uganda Wildlife Education Centre
UWEP Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Programme
UWTI Uganda Wildlife Training Institute
WTO World Trade Organization
YLP Youth Livelihood Programme

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