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The New Supremo of Uganda Kakhi Boys and Girls, Copper Martin Okoth Ochola. Has a talent of Making Case files disappear in thin air. We should also remember while at Entebbe International Airport as the officer-in-charge of Airport Security, barely 10 months in Police. He made a fortune for himself and top NRM crooks- later it would lead to the demise of Uganda airlines.
Its also a fact that Copper Ochola is very corrupt when it comes to who gets Tenders, as he can always plead ignorant of commercial law.

Martin Okoth Ochola
Then as director of CID for Seven years, Crime and Corruption became the order of the day.
After being appointed by the Uganda dictator. as Deputy Inspector General of Police, we saw the levels of Corruption and rot in the police.
Now, as the Supremo Copper, what makes Ugandans think that this corrupt fat nose, is the best thing ever happened to Uganda??

Martin Okoth Ochola

The khaki boys of the Uganda Police, are doing bad things to the Khaki girls of the Uganda Police and have got out of control. The newly appointed IGP Martin Okoth Ochola, is a known sex pest within the Police force.

Martin Okoth OcholaHe uses sex to award promotions, and his part of a small perveted club of powerful old men, within Uganda forces.
We promise to bust the sex ring within the Uganda forces!!

Martin Okoth Ochola
Next-time we shall reconstruct the crime scene- where he has used his powers to sexually abuse women.

Free Uganda