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    • The Uganda Useless Elite Class
      The Uganda elite class, has continued to fool Ugandans that they care about them and continue to use them as a stepping stone to enrich themselves. The elite class has mastered the art of using tribalism,religion,education,military, and regions as a tool to divide Ugandans. When it comes to politics,  in spite of lack of a developmental program for Uganda, we continue to see the mainstream media imposing those useless elites on the Ugandan population.
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    • Uganda Liberation
      The Uganda Liberation can only succeed when organised and led by the people and not the political class. No mainstream politicians have ever organised a successful revolution. Don't be fooled by politicians and their political parties that they're fighting to liberate Uganda or "removing a dictator", because they're part of the system that oppresses Ugandans. How can they liberate Ugandans when they're part of the political arrangement that makes Dictator Yoweri Museveni a "democrat", because he organises elections, and politicians participate in them?
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    • Uganda Police State
      The Uganda regime is a police state with hall marks of state brutality. The use of oppressive methods to govern Uganda is something that has become the norm. However, the brutal regime is run by a clique of few people that have taken Ugandans and the region Hostages. The Uganda political elite continue to collaborate both directly and indirectly with the criminal regime.
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    • Uganda Today and what is happening in Uganda
      The Uganda today forum. is the source of what is happening and has happened in Uganda. The Uganda society is a mixture of many gravies, and if you've met one Ugandan and wondered if they're all the same, then you're very wrong because Ugandans are different, but the social fabric has modeled them to behave the same.
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