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    Janet Museveni is a land grabber for South Africa interests

    Charles Rwomushana has made stunning responses to first lady Janet Museveni’s questions why Stella Nyanzi and many Ugandans are so angered at her.

    He gave her the reasons on his facebook wall  through a post  that read:

    I have always found Janet Kataha an interesting lady for study.
    Certainly there are few wives you would ask to go to exile because you are going to fight and they head to the nearest border. She did.
    She stood by her husband. She has brought up children. …she didn’t abort them.
    Certainly she can be a role model for anyone’s girl child. Like anybody else, her dignity ought to be protected.  And certainly I should fight to secure her dignity.

    So why should an assault on her person and dignity excite a huge part of society?
    That probably is what Janet Kataha seeks to know. ..

    I will try to be brief. …
    The FRONASA and NRA consensus of which she was the liason contact between Museveni and Wycliffe Kazoora that was epitomised in the NRA High Command collapsed into her family consensus.
    Janet and husband ruthlessly ejected the Amama Mbabazi family from the bi NRA family consensus.

    Hon Janet remember the NRA had seized the UPC Uganda State and therefore the Janet family fused itself self and actually became the State. We now grapple with the vicious State capture by the Museveni Kataha family.

    Janet, society sees you in Karamoja as a land grabber for South Africa interests.
    The NRA occupation al – Nakba Janet Museveni state has dihumanised the Karamoja people to the extent that they are used as objects to test the efficiency of some military technology on humans. …Certain things are too difficult to narrate.
    Even in Ruhama, you Hon Janet did not move in to rescue the Ruhama people.
    Not at all.

    Your husband deployed you to dehumanise Augustine Ruzindana precisely because Mr Ruzindana dissented and joined PAFO (Parliamentary Advocacy Forum ). And obviously you know what your son’s Muhoozi. the SFC did to brutalise your political opponent.

    Who is Augustine Ruzindana. .?
    He was one of the founders of FRONASA and was in charge of the guns that attacked Mbarara barracks in the 1972 invasion.
    This is the Ruzindana that you have strangled economically that he has to vend bread to survive as you loot Uganda to the bone murrow

    Your extended family having captured the state indulge in all manner of crimes.
    Hon Janet, you really want to assert that you have not heard the cries of the survivors of the NRA slaughter in Luwero cry to God because your son Karugire evicted them from their land using SFC soldiers commanded by your son Muhoozi. .?
    Your criminal family state capture threaten of what remains of the space for freedom.

    I admit that Stella Nyanzi was so vulgar that I could not share her piece.
    I really appreciate your pain. …
    But I equally share and understand Stella Nyanzi’s pain and frustrations when your criminal family state capture stops and impedes her attendance of a conference.

    Why would you hold that poor woman at Entebbe airport. .?
    That is indeed characteristic of your criminal family state. subdue political dissent through economic strangulation.

    You are doing everything possible to obliterate Amama Mbabazi economically. ..and yet you have a more than four decades shared history. ..
    What do you do to those you don’t forgive. .?
    Your family NRA occupation al – Nakba threatens our existence. ..
    The doors and windows of opportunity for a conversation, chat and dialogue is firmly shut.

    Ask yourself why would the actors who killed Kawesi and guards use all those ammunition. .?
    Why all that anger. .?

    You think Putin has no wife and children. ..?
    Are you seeing them all over Russia. .?
    You aver you are a born again unit, what was your daughter doing with Museveni the Nakaima Bacwezi tree in Mubende. ..?

    Sincerely, you evict peasants from their land because you have families from Tanzania would want to settle on their land. .?
    And draft their children in the army under the Kanyaryeru Doctrine. …
    Most of the Bahima farmers exposed to deadly anti tick poisons now die of silly cancer and this appears deliberate because you want to fence off their land. ..You are barbaric and fascists.

    Analyse the sectarian military that you constructed fused in your family and how it massacred the Bakonjo people. ….
    Who wouldn’t want to work and provide for one’s children. ..?
    Under your Criminal family NRA occupation al – Nakba state there is no equitable access to opportunity. ..
    You probably don’t know how it feels failing to raise fees. ..who would wish to risk kids on Boda Bodas. ..? We would all crave for Range Rover sport….your family nepotism is a distort.

    Those poor people whose business were destroyed to pave way for HAMU and who ever operates under Hamu, won’t afford Boda Bodas. ..
    The Muslim property taken and you know by who. …..and their sheiks are butchered and you imprison the other sheiks without a fair hearing. …
    The objective situation is you are superior and we the occupied and dominated are inferior.

    We are growing in strength to parity and to superiority and you are declining from superiority to parity and finally to inferiority. ..
    In out brutal and death war for existence, all weapons agasibst You are justified. ..
    We are not bound by rules of morality and you the occupation force won’t lecture us on discency.

    We will set our own rules in a protracted struggle to obliterate you, and rescue our State to our sovereign self.
    The only time you should expect us to be humane and you will indeed see us humane is when we take you a prisoner of war.
    In this heroic war of self emancipation any brutal assault on you is justified


    Let’s remember Akena’s murder:
    About the shooting of Kenneth Watmon Akena at Lugogo Mall in Kampala.

    Police in Kampala are investigating a car-to-person shooting on Saturday evening in which a man was shot in the stomach through the window of another car and was driven to hospital by a Good Samaritan and suspected Assailant to get medical assistance and later died. The Daily Monitor reports that a city businessman, Mathew Kanyamunyu the CEO Quantum Express logistics and his wife Cynthia Munwangari were arrested to help with the investigations.

    “Before he died, Watmond said the two people (Kanyamunyu and Munwangari) who had rushed him to the hospital are the ones who shot him for scratching their car,”- police spokesperson Mr Andrew Felix Kaweesi

    We have contacted a source currently at the home of the deceased in Kyebando where mourners are gathering to get a deeper understanding of the police’s statement above and here are a few comments

    1. 6.30pm Saturday. The deceased Kenneth Akena Watmond arrived at Lugogo Shopping Mall late yesterday evening and finished the business that took him there. As he was driving out of the Mall’s parking, he brushed another car that had just parked next to his. He dented the passenger’s side of the other car to be exact.

    2. Kenneth then got out of his car and walked towards the other car- a Nissan Terrano Regulus most likely to apologize or talk as any gentleman and motorist would do in this situation. Upon reaching the driver’s tinted window; it lowered and the driver identified as Matthew placed a pistol on his stomach and fired off on bullet. It is possible that the shot was not heard by many as it very close to the body. One shot.

    3. The Good Samaritan and Suspected Assailant Mr Matthew Kanyamunyu then placed the bleeding Kenneth into his car with his girlfriend and drove around different clinics in Kampala searching for urgent medical assistance. Kenneth is unconscious at this point.

    4. Different clinics couldn’t take him as they usually have inadequate Emergency Care capacity to handle such cases or perhaps because they fear ‘dumping’ patients in their facilities- common for hit and run accident drops by Good Samaritans.

    5. Mathew then drove to Nakasero Hospital in Kampala where the fairly equipped facility said their ICU or something along that line was over capacity. Nakasero couldn’t take him in as well. It is at while there that they were advised to try Novik Hospital on Bombo Road.

    6. Upon Arrival at Novik Hopital 5hours after the shooting; Kenneth was admitted and they immediately contacted the relatives and friends who rushed to the hospital. As required by hospital admission procedure, they advised Matthew who had brought him to stay and wait and record a police statement.

    7. Matthew’s story up to this time was that the bullet was not meant for Kenneth but that some assailants were targeting his Girlfriend in the Co-driver’s seat. His Girlfriend is a daughter of a very prominent Member of Parliament or Government Minister in Burundi.

    8. It is around this time that Kenneth slightly regained consciousness at the Hospital and heard the story version given by Matthew to the hospital authorities and his family members. Matthew was in fact calmly waiting to give the police his same version.

    9. The deceased then spoke in the presence of Mathew and Girlfriend, his friends, relatives and hospital staff and narrated his own version. Kenneth stated that the Good Samaritan Matthew who drove him to the hospital was the one who actually shot him and narrated most of the points 1-7 above himself on his hospital bed.

    10. In light of the contradictory statements and confusion- our source who was at the facility said Matthew violently tried to storm out of the hospital but was placed under gun point by a tough Norvik Security Guard and subdued him. When the police arrived, they took Matthew in to help with the investigations is currently detained at Jinja Road police station.

    The doctors had said his condition was unstable and they were to operate on him when he stabilized well enough and they were preparing for this. In the meantime, family and friends were gathering at the Hospital and they raise the required 6 Million shillings the hospital needed for the procedure in no time. Unfortunately, late in the night, he lost the battle and medics tried to resuscitate him in vain.

    He succumbed to his bullet wound and died early this morning.
    The body is currently lying at A Plus Funeral Home till Tuesday and mourners are gathering at the deceased’s home in Kyebando a Kampala Surburb.

    Note: The other version similar is that the Good Samaritan Matthew drove Kenneth to the Hospital after a failed assassination of his girlfriend, a daughter of a powerful Burundian politician. It goes that he shot Kenneth for knocking the passenger side where his girlfriend was sitting and that he feared it was a distraction to harm them or shot him for some other reason- the reason he moves with a gun. The killer weapon has not been recovered by police so far.

    Matthew’s version at the hospital is that Kenneth was hit by a bullet that was intended for his Girlfriend by bad people after her. Kenneth’s car was driven and dumped around Kyadondo Rugby Grounds from Lugogo parking lot where it was recovered this morning. We hope the police investigations get to the bottom of all this as soon as possible.

    Burial Arrangements: Prayers will be held on Tuesday morning at Mbuya Our Lady Catholic Church at 9am. They will then leave for Kitgum town at Mid-day where burial will take place at their home in Gang Dyang, a town suburb the following day on Wednesday Nov 16th, at 3pm.

    Kenneth was a young, jolly and friendly guy in Gulu and Kitgum where he grew up, worked and went to school. He is from the known Watmon Family in Kitgum town and was set to have his traditional wedding ceremony next year in February.

    Our deepest sympathies go out the friends and family. We will pray for him and keep you all in our thoughts. May the Good Lord give him eternal rest.

    No one else was injured in the shooting incident. Anyone who may have witnessed the shooting or has any information is urged to urgently contact the police.



    A photo Of Ugandan Girl in Oman who was cut in the neck today In Oman by his master.

    Modern Slavery

    Meanwhile day after we hear of the grief and pain our sisters and brothers who go to the Middle East constantly face we ignore the pains they under go and allow ourselves to fall trap of human Slavery.
    Day after after on various Radio and TV stations we see adverts of Companies that claim good hearted to look for jobs to us .They will invest all it takes to show people how life is good. Make advertisements in Aeroplanes to make us gullible to that. They will make advertisements in between News bulletins.
    Literally this is all stupid and these brothers leave freely and on reaching Asia they are taken for display as slaves and they are quite busy markets .One looks for the best depending on energy, beauty and others and end up working as slaves in factories,house girls ,sex slaves for people animals like dogs.
    Some end up in organ trade and will lose Kidneys and other organs .
    Salary is too little and resting is not there .
    You can’t imagine the pain these will face in life.
    There passports are confiscated and Asians are to racial. They look at Africans as not humans.
    You can imagine through out slave trade they participated most but in their lands no descendants of Slaves exist .
    All those who went were castrated.
    Case Study
    In one graduate who had left for Oman. She reached their and life was hard .She got sick and tried to ask for leave instead the Master saw it a loss so he decided to sell off her organs for money .
    The family lost touch and on finding out one month later .
    The company rung on Monday that she was sick and on Tuesday she was declared dead.
    Meanwhile the family had known it that the girl had died .
    She was transported by the company to Mityana Hospital and was buried last week in Kyankwanzi.
    This is one of the few stories we have heard of
    Many are suffering and Authorities seem not to care .
    We need to sensitise people of the dangers in these movements.
    Even in Uganda we can succeed and I cannot say our leaders are to blame. For they know it all but care not and won’t care at all.
    Let’s not type Rest in peace or Sorry at the moment. Let’s try something as nationals .


    Today in History

    1st April

    Most of you go around fooling your friends but you don’t know how this day 1st April came to be called Fools Day. Any way, the story is here.
    African natives and the Dutch during every hat time of slave trade had a friendly senior Captain called John Fool from England. this man was soo tough and funny. he could fool people from Africa that England was a very good country plus saying that in his country England, they have only one woman who gives and who gave birth to all of them. all this was to seduce Africans into going to England to witness who that woman is. he seduced many people from many countries in Africa and the west. they all accepted to be taken into England. John Fool fooled very many people and when they reached England, he could traffic them to work tirelessly, day and night, working in sugar and tea.
    So one fateful day, after 30years of slavery, the slaves opened there eyes and came to know that they were fooled and taken to England as slaves. so during the presidential campaigns, they strikes and never wanted to vote and asked for freedom. This man John Fool who was also among the chosen four candidates heard there cries and became sad together with them. so, he decided to ask for their vote if they wanted freedom. they all accepted. so John Fool was the winner in the presidential election in England at that time.
    So, time for his coronation came and it was at 1st April 1000 AD. so Early in the morning,
    people gathered to witness John Fool who promised them freedom. he was in his dressing room and waiting to be called to sworn in as the first President of England. after some four hours, John Fool went. people waited and waited and waited but John Fool was never present. so, at around 17 hours, people started talking and shouting out loud that, “He is a Fool, we are Fools, He Fooled us, YOU ARE A FOOL IF YOU BELIEVE THIS……

    ****HaPpy FoOLs Day*****


    what Museveni's notorious torture machine is doing to Stella Nyanzi right now in a safe house

    The famous PhD stella nyanzi has. been arrested by cmi operatives and taken to unknown destination . The vehicle has been described as a mark II took off on a terrible speed which almost caused accidents to the pedestrians. Lets wait for the more development about this matter.
    1- BEATING her up
    2- injecting her with slow killing poison
    3- denying her food…just giving her water
    4- keeping her in a darkroom with a non-poisonous snake to make her totally mad

    I forgive Stella Nyanzi!

    And the next day she gets sacked!

    And she is still on the no fly list!

    And CID are still harassing her!

    And we know who the complainant was.

    So what exactly is forgiveness?

    Saved hypocrites are amusing!

    PS. poor makerere! They are going to have to pay out for wrongfull dismissal and absence of process!

    Higenyi Moses Hamira You took her very seriously!! Ofcourse it was a pure lie .

    Mkats Keil You should be interoggating, saved from what? Sins? Poverty? Understanding? Saved is a general term!

    Nairuba Gladys What happens to the unforgiven? Just wondering 😉

    Chantal Ruby Batamuliza Uwimbabazi Lol mbu forgive. For what exactly??? This madam loves to look pure in the eyes of Ugandans. Mulokole my foot!

    Stella Nyanzi Rubbing my hands with glee as I think of all the zeros extending from the first three numbers I will be cashing from the case.

    Marabou Stork Tukuwagira Stella Nyanzi yonna gyetuli mu Diaspora.

    Eric Hoster Kay Oba babitegedde wabula oli mugezi wama kobaza Hahahaha bwahahahaha

    Marabou Stork “They are hypocrites, they think the Church is a cage to keep God in, so he will stay locked up there and not go wandering about the earth during the week, poking his nose into their business, and looking in the depths and darkness and doubleness of th…See More

    Kagimu Yusuf Forgive= Fire, 2 disturbing Fs

    Clare Kibuuka Her small brain is to blame

    Nakato Namutebi What’s morally wrong verses what’s legally wrong, thats is the question?

    Citizen Arthur I can hear Janet the ventriloquist’s voice via MUK dummies.

    Kubwina Balondemu Janet is the biggest devil in that den of thugs.

    I hate to say it but Stella may end up in exile – for her own safety .

    Stella Nyanzi I was a refugee child. Been there, done that. Scare me with something else

    Kubwina Balondemu Why would i scare a woman i highly regard and believe to be the long awaited opposition campaigner/leader the nation has been waiting for.

    But , in my support for you – i am concerned for your safety too . As i applause your every action , its only hu…

    Marabou Stork April Fools.

    Drew Ddembe Lenny Thomas it reminds you at the bottom of the article that today is April fools day!

    Norman Lakayana That proved how vindictive the current wielders of colossal powers in Uganda are,but here is the real deal….for how long will they keep this kind of peculiar statecraft mechanism where the wishes of one mortal being is law and above the law?

    Lenny Thomas I thought it went against the grain for a moment. Hahaha. Silly me!


    Kalerwe Bwaise Katwe Owoonye akalaaba !.once u expose a threat , there is no death for you just torture. Love u Stella.

    Daniel Kakuru You know how lukewarm Christians do their things. They think only the gods have the powers to forgive.

    Aminah Musoke Ddamba Nze mpagira, Dr. Stella Nyanzi, Sue the university for wrongful dismissal

    Vikki Queidosir Now this is so cheap. So with all the money they have stolen from my people, they forgot it doesn’t buy class and wisdom! Ye tubawona ddi.

    Kisuku Jeremiah Stella bakoleko

    Ronald Mutebi Lukanga Nyanzi Nyanzi Nyanzi Stella Nyanzi weeeewe rhaaa cha

    Paget Frederick Kintu First Lady forgot to give her forgiveness memo to the agencies of coercion. Maybe she will remember to do so after the offender hss suffered enough to merit the forgiveness.

    Kamoga Richard Kili Uganda


    Another western takes over the spokesperson position……..Lt Col Deo Akiiki appointed deputy UPDF spokesperson in new army shake up.


    Another westerner replaces late Kaweesi as police spokesperson


    John Karekyezi

    It is 1932 and in present day Kisoro district a son, John Karekyezi is born of a Parish chief and is a grandson of an elder, Yakobo Rwanyonga. The young John Karekyezi attended Mutolere Primary School before proceeding to Kitabi Seminary and St. Marys’ College, Kisubi for secondary education. In 1952 he joined Makerere University to Study Veterinary Medicine where he became the Vice Chairman of the Student’s Guild Council. He actively got involved in students’ politics whereby at one time he attended an International Union of Students Leaders course in Vienna, Austria. While there he extended his stay abroad addressing the international community on the need for Uganda’s self governance. Coupled by his earlier links with the militant wing of the Uganda National Congress (UNC), the colonial authorities were annoyed and expelled him from Makerere and confiscating his passport to stifle his movement.
    He took up an active role with the UNC at its offices in Katwe, Kampala with the likes of Paulo Muwanga, Ignatius Musaazi, Samson Sekabanja and others. He joined hands with UNC’s militants under their umbrella organisation, Katwe People’s Council to oppose the visit of Queen Elizabeth in 1954. Since he had attended a Cadet Corps paramilitary training while at Kisubi, he led some militants and they stole thirty rifles and six hundred ammunitions from the armory at Kisubi. They intended to use these arms against the colonial government but all the arms were recovered before the Queen’s visit.

    John Karekyezi who at this stage had adopted Kale as his name in order to erase the Rwandese linage was deported to Belgian Rwanda-Burundi after he was branded a Marxist and excommunicated from the Catholic Church.

    From Belgian Rwanda, he attempted to enter Belgian Congo to link up with Patrice Lumumba but was captured and imprisoned in Goma. He somehow managed to sneak back into Uganda and under disguise he travelled to Sudan from where he connected to Cairo, Egypt in 1957. In Cairo, he represented UNC at the First Afro-Asia Conference. Since the 1952 revolution that brought Abdul Jamal Nasser to power, Egypt had become the centre of the anti-colonial and greatly supported pro-independence movements under the Cairo Africa Society comprised of 38 countries. Muslim youths who had been alienated by the missionary based colonial educational system in Uganda would secretly foot to Juba in Sudan, take a ferry across the Nile to Khartoum from where they would fly to Cairo. The likes of Ibrahim Mukiibi, Yunus Kinene, Umaru Ddumba and several others went to Cairo under such an arrangement. John Kale must have disguised as a Muslim in order for him to easily sail through the risky route to Cairo.
    In Cairo, John Kale opportunistically appointed himself the UNC Secretary for Foreign Affairs. He got close to Egypt’s Jamal Abdul Nasser who posted him to his office under the Africa Policy scheme – aimed at freeing Africa from the colonial yoke. He allowed him to use the state radio to broadcast anti-colonial propaganda. His colleagues back in Uganda at Katwe UNC office used to tune in and listen to his live broadcasts from Cairo. His closeness to Abdul Nasser linked him to direct contact with the likes of Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Kenneth Kaunda, Joshua Nkomo, Tom Mboya and other nationalistic African leaders who would frequently visit Cairo to seek material and moral support.

    In 1958 he initiated a militant organisation inside Uganda. During the same year, he dispatched propaganda literature to Uganda through Abu Mayanja but was arrested at Entebbe airport for importing into the country and being in possession of prohibited literature. Mayanja was tried, convicted and sentenced to a caution by the Magistrate’s Court.

    Kale’s publications though banned because being ‘harmful propaganda’ still found their way into the country. He attempted to present a petition to the UN over Uganda’s independence but was blocked. He instead stealthily joined the Cameroonian delegation that was presenting its petition to the UN for independence. Kale who felt he had gained enough muscle was planning to contest the 1961 elections as the UNC flag bearer.

    In April 1960, a US spy plane was brought down from the USSR airspace prompting a serious diplomatic standoff between the two superpowers. It is said John Kale either oh his own or Abdu Nasser’s initiative opportunistically volunteered to mediate between the two giants. He died in a plane crash in Kiev on his way to Moscow in September 1960. His remains were buried in Kisoro but the Catholic church refused to hold a funeral mass because he had been excommunicated from the Catholic Church for being a communist.
    His Cairo office had caused a split within UNC when I.K. Musaazi saw it as an agency of spread of communism and Egypt’s imperialism for the control of the Nile. The younger intellectuals led by the likes of Abu Mayanja, Jolly Joe Kiwanuka, Dr. Kununka and a few others vehemently defended the Cairo office. They argued that the Cairo office acted as a link between the anti-colonial movement in Uganda and the democratic forces in the anti-imperialist world. This disagreement prompted Musaazi to expel from the UNC the likes of J.W. Kiwanuka, Dr. Kununka, Otema Alimadi, Abu Mayanja, John Kale, and Paulo Sengendo. Consequently, during the January 1959 Annual Delegates Conference, I.K. Musaazi was expelled from the UNC and Milton Obote was elected the leader of the UNC.

    Consequently, the mainly Baganda in UNC led by Musaazi and Muliira formed an all-Baganda protest movement, the Uganda National Movement (UNM) which gained ground in Buganda on account of its trade boycott agenda. Earlier in 1958 the mainly non-Baganda break away faction of UNC led by Hon. Rwetsiba had formed the Uganda People’s Union (UPC). In March 1960, the Obote led UNC amalgamated with UPU to form the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC). John Kale’s had planned to contest in the 1961 as the ANC flagbearer. His abrupt demise in a plane crush spared the young country of the wrath of a self seeking and dangerously ambitious immigrant Rwandese Tutsi. Congo is grappling with the likes of Ntaganda and Laurent Nkunda. It was at least a postponement; for in 1955 he had bore a son, Gen. Kalekyezi who is now Museveni’s treacherous Police Chief.

    Gen. Kalekyezi is married to a Kenyan Tutsi of Rwandese origin and grand daughter of the last King of pre-independence Rwanda, Rudahigwa who died of a poison injection while on an official visit to Burundi in 1959. That is why Gen. Kayihura attended the recent burial of the last king of independent Rwanda in Kigali. Is he aiming at making his father’s dreams come true; to accomplish his father’s unfinished business??? In terms of opportunistic political scheming and maneuvering coupled by the love for militancy, its just LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON.

    Museveni has sanctioned the construction of a multi-billion John Kale Memorial Institute of Science and Technology in Kisoro. Who will advocate for the recognition of the role played by other non-Tutsi Ugandans who played a leading role in the struggle for independence?


    Professor Stella Nyanzi

    The United States has warned Uganda about the right to “freedom of expression” and is monitoring the arrest of an academic who has been charged with “cyber harassment” after she attacked the country’s dictator Gen. Yoweri Museveni and his wife Janet for corruption on social media postings.

    Professor Stella Nyanzi was arrested Friday and made a court appearance Monday in Kampala, the country’s capital.

    “We are aware of the charges brought against Professor Stella Nyanzi,” a U.S. State Department official told The Black Star News this afternoon. “The United States has been clear regarding freedom of expression, including in Uganda. A society that is free, vibrant, and successful depends on the free flow of information and ideas.”

    In the U.S. President Trump himself has gained notoriety over his social media postings and has 27.6 million followers. Dr. Nyanzi has 129,185 followers on her Facebook page and 9,356 on Twitter.

    In recent weeks Dr. Nyanzi has escalated her criticism of Gen. Museveni and Janet Museveni, who doubles as the country’s education minister, saying the couple reneged on an election campaign promise to provide free sanitary pads to Ugandan school girls. Many can’t afford the sanitary pads and are forced to miss classes during their monthly cycles. In February, Mrs. Museveni, as education minister told the country’s Parliament the country couldn’t afford to provide the sanitary pads.

    Referring to Mrs. Museveni, in one of her social media postings, Dr. Nyanzi wrote, “Who is Janet? She is not a mother. A mother should provide pads for our girls. There are billions of shillings that have been embezzled by this regime. How dare could she say [that] government has no money to buy sanitary towels for our girls in their menses.”

    The United States is a major donor to the Ugandan regime, with $750 million annually. Gen. Museveni, who has been in power for 31 years has in the past been criticized for purchasing a $50 million Gulfstream jet for his private use. He was also heavily criticized last year when his regime blocked access to social media including Facebook and Twitter during presidential elections. Dr. Kizza Besigye the challenger claims he won the elections and accused Gen. Museveni of rigging. 

    Dr. Nyanzi was recently suspended from her teaching post at Uganda’s prestigious Makerere University. She was also interrogated by the country’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the police and blocked from leaving the country after she was invited to an academic conference in Holland before finally being arrested last week.

    In another posting, on Facebook, Dr. Nyanzi referred to Mrs. Museveni as “empty-brained,” and to Gen. Museveni as “a pair of buttocks.”

    During her appearance before a judge Monday, Dr. Nyanzi pleaded not guilty to the cyber harassment charges, saying: “Your honor, I write a lot on my social media. I use metaphors in my writing. I am a writer and I use language as a tool. I have called His Excellency a rapist of the constitution. I have called him impotent. All those are metaphors. However, your honor, I am not guilty of cyber harassment.”

    She also denied the “computer misuse” charge, saying: “Your honor, I have not offended the president. Ugandans are the ones who are offended. He makes promises to provide sanitary pads to girls and he doesn’t deliver them. But, your honor, I am not guilty of computer misuse.”

    Dr.  Nyanzi had also launched a GoFundMe campaign to purchase reusable sanitary pads for Ugandan school girls.


    Uganda regime untouchables

    The Museveni military dictatorial regime has some cadres who are above the law and enjoy full protection of the regime’s law enforcement agencies. One such top regime cadre who is untouchable is the notorious Rwandese land grabber, Moses Karangwa Kaliisa. As a distinguished agent of land grabbing, he has grabbed land in Busoga, Kayunga, Luweero and Mubende while brutally displacing thousands of Ugandans. In doing so, he has enjoyed the full protection of the regime law enforcement agencies. He is so close to the topmost regime hierarchy that no one can dare even talk about his illegal and brutal actions.

    However, last week in Jinja a senior Police Officer, Inspector George Ochola the District Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department (DCIID) was suspended over Moses Karangwa Kaliisa. There is an ongoing property (Plot 24 Spire Road) wrangle between Karangwa and a Jinja based businessman, a one Bob Singh. On the orders of Karangwa, Singh was arrested and Inspector George Ochola granted him a Police Bond. Karangwa complained to the Police headquarters where another Rwandese, Fortunate Habyara (short version for Habyarimana) who heads the Police Professional Standard Unit (PSU) immediately sacked Inspector Ochola on charges of Disobeying Lawful Orders. Ochola has already been replaced by another officer.

    Much as the Police corruptly grants Police Bond to suspects, it is unlikely that in the instant case he took a bribe from the suspect, Bob Singh owing to the complainant, Karangwa being a top regime cadre. Poor Inspector George Ochola did not realise that by protecting the rights of suspect Bob Singh, he was undermining the interests of Karangwa – to demonstrate his authority to Singh.

    Therefore, some of these security officers more especially those from the ‘powerless regions’ ought to be availed with a list of untouchable regime cadres and a special lecture on regime power dynamics. It
    happened the other day when Gen. Angina ordered the arrest of Captain Bashaija without knowing that he is another untouchable top regime cadre.


    A PERSON WHO BEWITCHED BUSOGA HAS NEVER BATHED . Despite With All Problems Being Faced By Basoga Under Nrms Regime, Still Some Basoga Have Continued Voting Nrm! Oh My God! 1. Jiggers, 2. Poverty, 3. Ignorance, 4. Famine, Land Grabbing, 5.Un Employment, Death, 6. Stupidiness, 7. Poor Roads, 8. Backwardness Etc All Are Found In Busoga Region Yet The Whole Speaker Of Parliament Comes Frm Busoga(kadaga). SOME BASOGA WHO VOTED NRM FOR SURE YOU SHOWN THE WORLD THAT YOU UNDERSTAND AT 50YRS PLUS.


    Gen. Kale Kayihura thinks we are his Police constables whom he can order any time he feels like!!! And this useless UCC man Godfrey Mutabazi thinks we are peasants that he can confuse the way he wants. How can you order Ugandans to reregister their SIM cards and you issue an ultimatum of 7 days of which 3days are public holidays!!! 7 days for over 22 million phone users to register their numbers! That won’t happen!!

    These small gods in Kampala think that every subscriber can use those Hash tags and reregister online. Think of an old woman in the remotest part of Uganda where newspapers reach every after 5 months! To them they don’t even know that IGP Felix Kaweesi was murdered and you are telling them to reregister within 7 days, what a joke!! When I tell you that these gods at UCC are a bunch of useless fellows and the only place they qualify to be is Maximum Prison Luzira; some people think it is a joke. To me, some technocrats in Uganda should serve two years in office and 10 years in Prison. That will help to save the taxpayers money.

    How can you say registering SIM Cards will stop murderers from killing Ugandans! Its a total joke!!These murders have killed Sheikhs, Joan Kagezi and my brother Felix Kaweesi and we have over 19 security Organs in Uganda fully funded with big budgets. To me these murders are smart and they are ahead of these security bodies! Never underestimate a group of small people who are committed on doing something. The day Kayihura turned Uganda Police into a political wing of NRM, that was the end of Uganda Police Force!! Uganda Police has diverted and focused all its energies to fighting Besigye than preventing crime. If these murders can acquire the latest guns and weapons like the ones they used to kill Kaweesi, what will stop them from acquiring these SIM cards which are like ground nuts in Kampala? If drug traffickers have turned Entebbe airport into a hub of drugs; Tonnes of cocaine go through Entebbe airport everyday. Don’t we have Uganda Police at Entebbe airport???

    There are only two things this Government does best; collecting taxes and keeping itself in power. PERIOD!!

    Actually PAYE’ means, pay as Yoweri enjoys.

    As a patriot and as a person who has read many books on military and intelligence gathering. I will stop here!

    I don’t want to expose these security lapses I see in this country because it is My country First
    Sisimuka Uganda Teri Kulinda.
    Changing Mindsets, Creating Self Belief,
    Transforming Lives and Communities
    Thinking independently.


    Uganda Poor Youth Movement

    The Kyankwanzi NRM Trained Youth whom the Country recently witnessed carrying guns have been remanded in Kween Prison until 15th May 2017.
    Mr. Tito Nyabwana, Kiberu Malik and others still at Large are feared to have swindled 500M Shillings.
    The Group which was to coordinate the Mosquito Net Distribution and Sensitization on behalf of Ministry of Health for the District of Kween have disappeared with the Money meant for Village Health Teams (VHTs) allowances.
    Others on the run is a One Ian Gumisiriza, Mukiibi Ibra and others are being hunted down from all parts of Uganda.

    The govt of Uganda is dedicated to chase Malaria out of Uganda but the NALI Boys decided to swindle the Money.
    By this time, we have not yet established the case which they are being Charged.

    Uganda Poor Youth Movement


    As far as I understand, the swahili spoken in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda is slightly different. Which swahili are you trying to get people to learn? Why not save others the confusion and just focus on English? In addition, a vast majority of Ugandans don’t speak Swahili. It’s mainly used by UPDF army, police forces and in some northern parts of Ugandan!

    There are some adamant fellows on this platform who think swahili will unite us and make us more E.African, but unfortunately not! Swahili is like any other African language, nothing too special about it

    In some areas in Uganda swahili is known as the language of thieves. Let’s bin this Swahili idea. It’s not gonna work lol


    How Stella Nyanzi is coping in Prison

    Today being the last day of the week that Stella could entertain visitors, many people went to see her ahead of the even longer than usual weekend. Seated on a mat in her yellow dress, she seemed unfazed by her current reality; she told prison jokes and made us all realize that she is coping well.

    Stella showed us a handcraft piece that’s in its initial stages- and told us a fellow inmate is teaching her how to sew. She shared her surprise at the amazing crafts talent exhibited by the women in Luzira prison and wondered why nobody is tapping into this space to help these women grow both their skills and revenues. To support them, she purchased a number of handmade mats, one of which she was seated on during our visit, several baskets and a shoulder bag.

    We also asked her how she is coping. She put on her trademark smile and said, “I have two options-to either be sad and frustrated or make the most of my time here and I choose the latter. I am learning a lot from these women and focusing on only positivity right now.” When we posed this question, we anticipated that she would have reservations about spending Easter away from her family but her response re-assured us, and hopefully it can reassure you all, that she is strong and focusing on continuing to impart knowledge, one way or the other.

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