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A photo Of Ugandan Girl in Oman who was cut in the neck today In Oman by his master.

Modern Slavery

Meanwhile day after we hear of the grief and pain our sisters and brothers who go to the Middle East constantly face we ignore the pains they under go and allow ourselves to fall trap of human Slavery.
Day after after on various Radio and TV stations we see adverts of Companies that claim good hearted to look for jobs to us .They will invest all it takes to show people how life is good. Make advertisements in Aeroplanes to make us gullible to that. They will make advertisements in between News bulletins.
Literally this is all stupid and these brothers leave freely and on reaching Asia they are taken for display as slaves and they are quite busy markets .One looks for the best depending on energy, beauty and others and end up working as slaves in factories,house girls ,sex slaves for people animals like dogs.
Some end up in organ trade and will lose Kidneys and other organs .
Salary is too little and resting is not there .
You can’t imagine the pain these will face in life.
There passports are confiscated and Asians are to racial. They look at Africans as not humans.
You can imagine through out slave trade they participated most but in their lands no descendants of Slaves exist .
All those who went were castrated.
Case Study
In one graduate who had left for Oman. She reached their and life was hard .She got sick and tried to ask for leave instead the Master saw it a loss so he decided to sell off her organs for money .
The family lost touch and on finding out one month later .
The company rung on Monday that she was sick and on Tuesday she was declared dead.
Meanwhile the family had known it that the girl had died .
She was transported by the company to Mityana Hospital and was buried last week in Kyankwanzi.
This is one of the few stories we have heard of
Many are suffering and Authorities seem not to care .
We need to sensitise people of the dangers in these movements.
Even in Uganda we can succeed and I cannot say our leaders are to blame. For they know it all but care not and won’t care at all.
Let’s not type Rest in peace or Sorry at the moment. Let’s try something as nationals .