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Today in History

1st April

Most of you go around fooling your friends but you don’t know how this day 1st April came to be called Fools Day. Any way, the story is here.
African natives and the Dutch during every hat time of slave trade had a friendly senior Captain called John Fool from England. this man was soo tough and funny. he could fool people from Africa that England was a very good country plus saying that in his country England, they have only one woman who gives and who gave birth to all of them. all this was to seduce Africans into going to England to witness who that woman is. he seduced many people from many countries in Africa and the west. they all accepted to be taken into England. John Fool fooled very many people and when they reached England, he could traffic them to work tirelessly, day and night, working in sugar and tea.
So one fateful day, after 30years of slavery, the slaves opened there eyes and came to know that they were fooled and taken to England as slaves. so during the presidential campaigns, they strikes and never wanted to vote and asked for freedom. This man John Fool who was also among the chosen four candidates heard there cries and became sad together with them. so, he decided to ask for their vote if they wanted freedom. they all accepted. so John Fool was the winner in the presidential election in England at that time.
So, time for his coronation came and it was at 1st April 1000 AD. so Early in the morning,
people gathered to witness John Fool who promised them freedom. he was in his dressing room and waiting to be called to sworn in as the first President of England. after some four hours, John Fool went. people waited and waited and waited but John Fool was never present. so, at around 17 hours, people started talking and shouting out loud that, “He is a Fool, we are Fools, He Fooled us, YOU ARE A FOOL IF YOU BELIEVE THIS……

****HaPpy FoOLs Day*****