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    Some people have said that the act of dictator Museveni taking every new elected parliament members of the NRM, to the so called Luweero bushes trek,is an act of intimidation, to cow them in the coming years,BUT some people in the know say there is witchcraft involved and a reknown Museveni’s personal witchdoctor, is the designer behind the act.

    The government of Botswana is preparing a formal request to Kenya to arrest and handover visiting Uganda President Yoweri Museveni to them to face war crime charges in Uganda which include opposition persecution & gross human rights violations.

    Botswana is the only country in Africa that doesn’t recognize Museveni’s ‘victory’ which President Ian Khama described as the biggest fraud in history of mankind since that snake tricked Adam and Eve. In a statement from the presidency to the army general council leaked to our news desk, the president says …. “I hereby order our border guards to be on the lookout in case that criminal sneaks into the country on his many wastrel trips to South Africa.

    As the commander in chief I also order the army to intercept or bring down any aircraft within our airspace carrying that demagogue who has continued to twist democracy and deceive popular will of Ugandans in this 21st century. Museveni may escape today but we will sure catch him like a squirrel and bring him to justice. Already our prisons department has prepared a special jail where we will keep him during trial, same jail is where he will spend his next 30years paying for his crimes.

    Our attorney general will write a letter to Kenya in the next 72 hours to the effect of cooperating in immediate arrest of Museveni when he visits the country, failure to do so will degrade our relations and as usual Brookside milk products from Kenya will not be welcomed here again—we will ban them for good. Uhuru can’t keep aiding that despot Museveni in defeating Uganda’s popular will and perpetuating electoral theft, no this is a new Africa. He must arrest Museveni and hand him over to us. More economic sanctions will follow on both Kenya and Uganda” These rattling will surely trigger diplomatic standoff between Kampala, Nairobi and Gaborone. It also await to be seen if Nairobi will heed Botswana’s request.


    The presidential election act is very clear on the grounds that are enough to cause the annulment pf a presidential election.

    1-The issue of non-compliance with the electoral laws, is just one of the grounds that lead to this annulment to come into force.The court heard enough evidence that proved the fact that Kiggundu and his commission engaged in conduct, such as announcing results without the DR forms, and the discrepancies that were seen on tally sheets etc.This fundamental issue stands alone to establish this deficiency which is a fundamental requirement for an election to be valid.Here I am not even going into the issue of the register and the more than 100 percent voting registered at some polling stations, plus the more than 60 polling stations where 100 percent voted and all voted for Yoweri Museveni..

    2-The other issue that was important, was the offences that were committed by candidate Yoweri Museveni.These were bribery intimidation and promoting violence.The court heard evidence ón how Yoweri Museveni bribed the people of Terego with hoes, the manner in which he used public servants namely:Allen Kagina and Jennifer Musiis on his campaign rallies, to promise people roads and other services.This was a blantant violation of electoral laws that prohibit such conduct. Museveni also was proved to have issued threats to the other candidates, promising to reach harm on them , if his NRM supporters are involved in any fights.Museveni also called the other contestants wolves, and said he was not going to hand over power to them, and even threatened to go to the bush if defeated.These offenses are enough to cause annulment of the election, not even considering several other offenses he committed.

    Finally, the logic is that with those offenses by Museveni and the non- compliance by Kiggundu and his commission , the ground was not leveled for all the candidates and there was no transparency in the manner the electoral commission handled the exercise in many different aspects, and that even makes the argument of substantially of numbers invalid. The exercise was a sham, and the only remedy is annulment and repeat of the voting with a strong warning from supreme court to the perpetrators, not to repeat the conduct.


    A city pastor JOSEPH SERWADDA of victory christian centre in Ndeeba, has been given 2 billion shillings by Yoweri help mobilise his congregation across the country against the opposition in Uganda.Joseph Serwadda has over 100 churches across Uganda which are affiilated to his Victory christian centre.An impeccable source told me that the money was handed over to the pastor in cash,,by a state house employee a one Molly Kamukama. Serwadda operates a radio station, Impact FM and a TV station called Dream TV. He also organises an annual event at Namboole every December 31st. The pastor is known to lead a very luxurious lifestyle at the expense of his flock, and he is reported to have ordered a private jet..He was the only member of the inter-religious council who was against Shaka Ssali moderating the presidential debate.




    The Special forces can get him jobs as well after the petition. As far I know, the Tubonga Nawe artistes were at one time guarded. But at the moment, not even the marines can guard them against the weapon being used by the public. Oyo Muwema it’s just a matter of time…. for how long will he feed on that money without looking for more? And who can trust him a job again after this? Not even NRM itself…..


    Whether he’s a muganda or musoga,he remains a Ugandan.pastor serwadda was also given 2billion Ug shs to convince his followers turn to musevenism,now here is is the question,what would you do if you are given the same???Are gonna sell off your country millions or billions,is it worth, Ugandans wake up,sente ziggwawo naye Ugandan esigala egenda mumaaso


    In 2013 during Mukula trial Muwema was paid reportedly $100,000 by Mbabazi and Jim Muhwezi to fail Mukula in court, he apparently was asked not to ask specific qns that wd have exonerated Mukula but we all know how that ended, capt was sent to Luzira and he got other lawyers led by Mpanga, Oscar Kambona, Kalibala and others and they represented him very well. Muwema is a dirty lawyer and he is two faced! I guess Mbabazi shd have known better than to trust this crook with his petition! He can sell his arse to the highest bidder in any currency including Zimbabwean dollars! What an inept part-time thinker!