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A report before the inspector general of police Gen Kale Kayihura has pinned top police directors named to have been working with city deadly gang of goons to steal money from businessmen.

our highly placed police source at police headquarters in Naguru, among the police bosses pinned include AIGP Grace Turyagumanawe, the director Peace and support directorate, AIGP Edward Ochom the director research and planning and ACP Jimmy Katonyerera the commandant Police standards unit (PSU)

According to the information from the intelligence report forwarded by one ASP Steven Mugarura to the IGP after falling a victim of one of the police bosses aided city gangs that were terrorizing business community using guns.

“I once carried out an operation and I recovered some of their guns but one of the robbers called me on phone and assured me that I will find a dismissal letter on my table when I reach office, but I was shocked when I went to office and found when the suspension letter was already on my table.” Mugarura said.

He added that  another gun robber also called him and informed that he was hunting for his bosses assuring him that he will never get an office as long the bosses are still in police.

After receiving phone calls from the gun men Mugarura went to MTN for their call data report where he confirmed that these robbers were in constant communication with the police bosses.

He noted that his bosses told him that he would go for refresher course but has never gone there and when he inquired he was told that his file got lost.


Mugarura’s report noted that the police bosses connive with these robbers to kill and grab guns from police officers on patrol at night which they later use to target mobile money agents, super markets, forex beurals, and banks.

“These police bosses at the time of night patrol deployment, they can deploy like two foot patrol officers in these deadly places around the city after coordinating with these gangs they engulf innocent officers on duty and grab their guns or sometimes kill them, He wrote.

Against this background, in 2011, ASP Muhammed Kirumira became a victim of Police professional standards unit under the command of Jimmy Katonyerera after he carried out an operation in Nakulabye Rubaga division where he arrested one of the deadly serial robbers a one Kato who later dragged him to PSU which culminated into his forced leave after Katonyerera -led PSU report.

This came after Kato got an injury on his finger during a police scuffle and after his release on police bond; he ran to PSU and influenced Katonyerera to act on Kirumira who was later put on forced leave However, Kato was later killed in another robbery in Bweyogerere in Wakiso district in gun fire with police.

Kirumira also fell a victim of ACP Jimmy Katonyerera while in Nansana as Officer in charge after he arrested some notorious robbers who had stolen money from the victim.

On arrest, the suspect pleaded with Kirumira and made an agreement that he would pay back the money to the victim by depositing it in parts before Kirumira’s office until the whole amount was paid fully.

After his release from cells, the suspect went and sent some money through Kirumira’s mobile money and went reported to Katonyerera that he had solicited a bribe.

Katonyerera swung into action and arrested Kirumira detained him but was later saved by then KMP police commander Andrew Felix Kaweesi and who later sent him for refresher course at Gadaffi barracks in Jinja before he was posted as OC station Hima police station in Kasese.

In 2011, renowned city deadly gun robber Paddy Serunjogi alais Sobi also caused drama at Kampala central police after he pinned two police bosses Grace Turyagumanawe then the director police operations and Edward Ochom former police commander Kampala metropolitan.

Sobi known for carrying out most brazen and dramatic robberies in the history of Kampala while police was trying to parade him before the media, he said that AIGP Grace Turyagumanwe was parading him before the media because he had refused to work with him and was instead was working with Edward Ochom.

This former police informer in protest over his arrested revealed to the media that he had worked with very many police bosses who were giving him guns and after robbery he would share the loots with them but was wondering why Turyagumanawe be shamed him in the media yet he was his also part of his beneficiaries.

Efforts to talk to police spokesperson Fred Enanga for a comment were futile as he said he was busy on a police pass out in Jinja.