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Some people have said that the act of dictator Museveni taking every new elected parliament members of the NRM, to the so called Luweero bushes trek,is an act of intimidation, to cow them in the coming years,BUT some people in the know say there is witchcraft involved and a reknown Museveni’s personal witchdoctor, is the designer behind the act.

The government of Botswana is preparing a formal request to Kenya to arrest and handover visiting Uganda President Yoweri Museveni to them to face war crime charges in Uganda which include opposition persecution & gross human rights violations.

Botswana is the only country in Africa that doesn’t recognize Museveni’s ‘victory’ which President Ian Khama described as the biggest fraud in history of mankind since that snake tricked Adam and Eve. In a statement from the presidency to the army general council leaked to our news desk, the president says …. “I hereby order our border guards to be on the lookout in case that criminal sneaks into the country on his many wastrel trips to South Africa.

As the commander in chief I also order the army to intercept or bring down any aircraft within our airspace carrying that demagogue who has continued to twist democracy and deceive popular will of Ugandans in this 21st century. Museveni may escape today but we will sure catch him like a squirrel and bring him to justice. Already our prisons department has prepared a special jail where we will keep him during trial, same jail is where he will spend his next 30years paying for his crimes.

Our attorney general will write a letter to Kenya in the next 72 hours to the effect of cooperating in immediate arrest of Museveni when he visits the country, failure to do so will degrade our relations and as usual Brookside milk products from Kenya will not be welcomed here again—we will ban them for good. Uhuru can’t keep aiding that despot Museveni in defeating Uganda’s popular will and perpetuating electoral theft, no this is a new Africa. He must arrest Museveni and hand him over to us. More economic sanctions will follow on both Kenya and Uganda” These rattling will surely trigger diplomatic standoff between Kampala, Nairobi and Gaborone. It also await to be seen if Nairobi will heed Botswana’s request.