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Special Forces command an elite group of the Uganda people’s defense forces has taken over the security of Kampala city head of president Museveni’s swearing ceremony slated for May 12.

According to a highly placed security source, the elite force has heavily deployed both in both covert and under covert at major venues where foreign dignitaries will pass and converge during the swearing ceremony where over 17 heads of state have confirmed their at tendencies.

A security source noted that among the venues where security has been heightened include Entebbe International airport, Munyonyo Speak resort hotel where all the invited heads of state and other president Museveni’s guest will have their state Dinner and Kololo Independence stadium where the swearing in ceremony will take place.

“Security is now water tight in these areas to ensure that the visiting heads of state do not get any problem on during and after the function,” Security source told Red Times.

The source added that the joint security forces led by police will also be carrying out operations across the city to get rid of lawlessness in the city before the swearing in ceremony.

It is also indicated that security at all other porous border points of Ishasha, Butogota-Nyamirima has been taken over by the UPDF from the 207 brigade to prevent any attacks from the neighboring war –torn DR Congo.

In Busia and other border points security has also been heightened with police conducting thorough checks on vehicles coming from Kenya to get suspected terror agents.

However, Forum for democratic change has vowed to carry out nationwide demonstrations against president Museveni’s re-election calling for an independent audit of the election results.

Dr Kiiza Besigye the FDC former presidential candidate on Tuesday while addressing the media at party headquarters In Najjanankumbi said the demonstrations will start on May 5 where all the part members will match from their district headquarters across the country to Nakivubo blue primary school in Kampala.

In 2011 FDC supporters hurled stones at a car carrying Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan as he visited Uganda to attend President Yoweri Museveni’s swearing-in ceremony.

Mr. Jonathan was among several African leaders visiting Uganda for Mr. Museveni’s inauguration for a fourth term following disputed Feb. 18 elections.

Dr Besigye, who had sought treatment in Kenya for injuries suffered during his recent arrest during walk to work , had rejected the election results, saying they were rigged in favor of Museveni , and called for new elections.

Police stopped Mr. Besigye about 15 miles along Entebbe road as he made his way to Kampala in a convoy of about a dozen vehicles, accompanied by thousands of supporters on foot to allow foreign leaders who had attended swearing-in access to the airport.

The standoff degenerated into a riot as supporters threw stones at security forces as police tried to maintain order and fired teargas in an attempt to disperse the crowd.

Clashes also broke out near the venue of the opposition’s scheduled parallel inauguration ceremony, causing widespread pandemonium in downtown Kampala.

Mr. Besigye later addressed the ceremony briefly before he was driven to his home in the suburb of Kasangati,

A security sourced was quoted as saying that the Special Forces command and other security agencies are reviewing what happened in 2011 to ensure that it did not happen again.

“We are scrutinizing our security master plan to ensure that all the president visitors are safe and not harmed, “Source noted.