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    By Egesa Ronald

    I liked reading Andrew Mwenda’s writings for Monitor in the noughties(2000s) and went on to religiously read his ‘Last Word’ in independent until 2008. Here is why I stopped in 2008.

    At the height of Temangalo saga, I spotted him meeting Amama Mbabazi at Serena Hotel at night and this was followed by Andrew Mujuni Mwenda putting up a spirited defence of Mbabazi role in Temangalo saga using his column in his Independent magazine. I sent him an email with the date and time I spotted him at Serena and he did not reply. I confirmed that the chap is a gun for hire and was double-faced!

    I also critically analysed 20 latest copies of his independent magazine and realised that it gave only positive reviews of Rwanda and negative stories on Ugandan politics! I concluded that it was after all not an independent magazine. You could clearly see that Mwenda was doing PR for Rwanda together with his friend Dr. Frederick Golooba Mutebi ( in the East African), while at the same time, he was looking for attention from the Kampala or is it Entebbe regime! Finally, when his quasi-intellectualism was busted by HE Kagame – thanks to British lobbyists and ‘strategists’, he lobbied hard to get close to the centre of power in Kampala. He targeted the post then occupied by Tamale Mirundi, but the President denied him that appointment. Remember the infamous NTV News nights -yes those were all schemes for the Presidential Press Secretary job. I saw through it and stopped watching them.

    Like my friend Jone Kyoma put it, Mwenda is a brand parasite. After riding on the Museveni brand to rob HE Kagame with bogus PR, he turned to his host (Museveni) and has realised that he cannot have his way; so he has turned Besigye into his host so as to attract Museveni attention so he can rob him. After realising that the elites have ignored his outbursts against Besigye, he shifted target to the leading social media brand of Tom Voltaire Okwalinga so he can get the much denied attention of the enlightened class.

    Ndugu Andrew Mujuni Mwenda, get a life!



    This is how President Museveni violated the Ugandan constitution by declaring that ” he is not a servant of Ugandans”… I need good lawyers to impeach him… Reference: THE CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA, 1995.


    airtel quits Uganda


    All Ugandans (Wanainchi, Army, Police) must get up and stand up

    Fact 1: In 1986 M7 said “The problem of Africa in general and Uganda in particular is not the people but leaders who want to overstay in power.”
    Fact 2: Even before and now true to the Constitution, M7 in 1993 said: “Power belongs to the people, not to an individual. Why should you want power for yourself? Who are you? You are a servant of the people.”
    Fact 3: Contrary to the Constitution in 2017 M7 said: “I am not your servant.. I do not work for anybody.. I work for myself, and my children”.
    Fact 4: To enhance his view that he is not a servant of the people, M7 In 2005 through the 8th Parl lifted Presidential Term Limits; today M7 is lobbying the current Parl to Lift ‘Age Limit’ without Electoral Reforms for Credible, Free & Fair elections.
    Fact 5: All Ugandans (Wanainchi, Army, Police) must get up and stand up to “Respect, Uphold and Defend the Constitution” by holding Leaders Accountable to us – For the Better Life for ALL.


    Robbery of Taxpayers money by the very people that are supposed to protect that public money. Ironically, it’s the politicians with close relationship to Yoweri Museveni that were at it to begin with, being helped by URA highly placed individuals. To make matters worse, Mr Museveni is party to that robbery and is being provided with covered by the AG.

    Heritage, Tullow, URA, Kampala Associated, Museveni, Kagina, the AG, Elly Karuhanga, etc are broad-day robbers.

    Parliament must investigate this matter abit further.

    Ugandans, wake up from your damn sleep!


    URA’s Akol, beneficiaries for more grilling in Oil cash bonanza investigation

    The Abdu Katuntu led- Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (Cosase) is today set to once again grill Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Commissioner General Doris Akol and her top management team over a presidential golden handshake of Shs6 billion.

    Ms Akol, who appeared as the first witness before the committee, last week tabled another list that was initiated by the then Attorney General Fredrick Ruhindi but Katuntu’s committee has insisted she presents the real list of the people who shared the money as Parliament carries out wide-ranging formal inquiries into the dubious payments.

    Ms Akol who says she is innocent in her first appearance kick-started the demand for the money and later superintended distribution of the Shs6 billion christened the ‘presidential handshake’ will be of particular interest to the inquiries.

    Despite putting the blame on Mr Ruhindi, Akol last week failed to account for the beneficiaries she added on, amid criticism from MPs that she “smuggled in her friends”.

    Ms Akol faced tough questions in explaining how the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) executive director Jenniffer Musisi was included in the category of core beneficiaries yet she was at URA just at the inception of the case.

    The Uganda Vs Tullow Oil case was filed in 2010 and Ms Musisi, who was the URA director of legal services and board affairs, left the tax body in January 2011. The committee will want to know what role she played in a few months she was a URA employee to be entitled to Shs200m as a core beneficiary.

    Embattled Uganda Revenue Authority Commissioner General Doris Akol has told Parliament’s Committee on Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) that it was the Attorney General then Hon Fred Ruhindi, who first wrote to President Museveni

    She Parliament’s committee that will investigate how 42 unidentified government officials spent Shs52b to handle two key oil-related cases and later shared a presidential golden handshake of Shs6 billion that Hon. Ruhindi did the reminding of Museveni of his promise to reward the Uganda select team that helped URA trounce Oil Company Heritage in the London court case, to rake home up to USD 434 Million in Capital Gains Tax.

    “Ruhindi letter was the very first one to the President. He humbly requested the president to consider a reward as promised in 2014 for the team for its exemplary service to the country,”  Akol said.

    She added: “After Attorney General’s letter,  Museveni  invited us at his country home in Rwakitura and directed me to propose the amount.”

    Doris Akol (in green) with a team of top management from URA appearing before COSASE Committee to explain their roles.

    The Shs6b has stirred controversy and clashed government branches, with the Judiciary sucked in when the Deputy Chief Justice Steven Kavuma banned an imminent Parliament investigation into the matter, prompting the Speaker to suspend Parliament and protest to the President. Ms Kadaga slammed Justice Kavuma’s order as ‘stupid’ and warned of “extremism” in the Judiciary while the President warned MPs that the legislature is not God.

    Other top government officials lined up for investigation are Secretary to the Treasury Keith Muhakanizi, KCCA executive director Jennifer Musisi, Deputy Solicitor General Christopher Gashirabake and the Unra executive director Allen Kagina.