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Uganda Poor Youth Movement

The Kyankwanzi NRM Trained Youth whom the Country recently witnessed carrying guns have been remanded in Kween Prison until 15th May 2017.
Mr. Tito Nyabwana, Kiberu Malik and others still at Large are feared to have swindled 500M Shillings.
The Group which was to coordinate the Mosquito Net Distribution and Sensitization on behalf of Ministry of Health for the District of Kween have disappeared with the Money meant for Village Health Teams (VHTs) allowances.
Others on the run is a One Ian Gumisiriza, Mukiibi Ibra and others are being hunted down from all parts of Uganda.

The govt of Uganda is dedicated to chase Malaria out of Uganda but the NALI Boys decided to swindle the Money.
By this time, we have not yet established the case which they are being Charged.

Uganda Poor Youth Movement