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Janet Museveni is a land grabber for South Africa interests

Charles Rwomushana has made stunning responses to first lady Janet Museveni’s questions why Stella Nyanzi and many Ugandans are so angered at her.

He gave her the reasons on his facebook wall  through a post  that read:

I have always found Janet Kataha an interesting lady for study.
Certainly there are few wives you would ask to go to exile because you are going to fight and they head to the nearest border. She did.
She stood by her husband. She has brought up children. …she didn’t abort them.
Certainly she can be a role model for anyone’s girl child. Like anybody else, her dignity ought to be protected.  And certainly I should fight to secure her dignity.

So why should an assault on her person and dignity excite a huge part of society?
That probably is what Janet Kataha seeks to know. ..

I will try to be brief. …
The FRONASA and NRA consensus of which she was the liason contact between Museveni and Wycliffe Kazoora that was epitomised in the NRA High Command collapsed into her family consensus.
Janet and husband ruthlessly ejected the Amama Mbabazi family from the bi NRA family consensus.

Hon Janet remember the NRA had seized the UPC Uganda State and therefore the Janet family fused itself self and actually became the State. We now grapple with the vicious State capture by the Museveni Kataha family.

Janet, society sees you in Karamoja as a land grabber for South Africa interests.
The NRA occupation al – Nakba Janet Museveni state has dihumanised the Karamoja people to the extent that they are used as objects to test the efficiency of some military technology on humans. …Certain things are too difficult to narrate.
Even in Ruhama, you Hon Janet did not move in to rescue the Ruhama people.
Not at all.

Your husband deployed you to dehumanise Augustine Ruzindana precisely because Mr Ruzindana dissented and joined PAFO (Parliamentary Advocacy Forum ). And obviously you know what your son’s Muhoozi. the SFC did to brutalise your political opponent.

Who is Augustine Ruzindana. .?
He was one of the founders of FRONASA and was in charge of the guns that attacked Mbarara barracks in the 1972 invasion.
This is the Ruzindana that you have strangled economically that he has to vend bread to survive as you loot Uganda to the bone murrow

Your extended family having captured the state indulge in all manner of crimes.
Hon Janet, you really want to assert that you have not heard the cries of the survivors of the NRA slaughter in Luwero cry to God because your son Karugire evicted them from their land using SFC soldiers commanded by your son Muhoozi. .?
Your criminal family state capture threaten of what remains of the space for freedom.

I admit that Stella Nyanzi was so vulgar that I could not share her piece.
I really appreciate your pain. …
But I equally share and understand Stella Nyanzi’s pain and frustrations when your criminal family state capture stops and impedes her attendance of a conference.

Why would you hold that poor woman at Entebbe airport. .?
That is indeed characteristic of your criminal family state. subdue political dissent through economic strangulation.

You are doing everything possible to obliterate Amama Mbabazi economically. ..and yet you have a more than four decades shared history. ..
What do you do to those you don’t forgive. .?
Your family NRA occupation al – Nakba threatens our existence. ..
The doors and windows of opportunity for a conversation, chat and dialogue is firmly shut.

Ask yourself why would the actors who killed Kawesi and guards use all those ammunition. .?
Why all that anger. .?

You think Putin has no wife and children. ..?
Are you seeing them all over Russia. .?
You aver you are a born again unit, what was your daughter doing with Museveni the Nakaima Bacwezi tree in Mubende. ..?

Sincerely, you evict peasants from their land because you have families from Tanzania would want to settle on their land. .?
And draft their children in the army under the Kanyaryeru Doctrine. …
Most of the Bahima farmers exposed to deadly anti tick poisons now die of silly cancer and this appears deliberate because you want to fence off their land. ..You are barbaric and fascists.

Analyse the sectarian military that you constructed fused in your family and how it massacred the Bakonjo people. ….
Who wouldn’t want to work and provide for one’s children. ..?
Under your Criminal family NRA occupation al – Nakba state there is no equitable access to opportunity. ..
You probably don’t know how it feels failing to raise fees. ..who would wish to risk kids on Boda Bodas. ..? We would all crave for Range Rover sport….your family nepotism is a distort.

Those poor people whose business were destroyed to pave way for HAMU and who ever operates under Hamu, won’t afford Boda Bodas. ..
The Muslim property taken and you know by who. …..and their sheiks are butchered and you imprison the other sheiks without a fair hearing. …
The objective situation is you are superior and we the occupied and dominated are inferior.

We are growing in strength to parity and to superiority and you are declining from superiority to parity and finally to inferiority. ..
In out brutal and death war for existence, all weapons agasibst You are justified. ..
We are not bound by rules of morality and you the occupation force won’t lecture us on discency.

We will set our own rules in a protracted struggle to obliterate you, and rescue our State to our sovereign self.
The only time you should expect us to be humane and you will indeed see us humane is when we take you a prisoner of war.
In this heroic war of self emancipation any brutal assault on you is justified