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Media Forums Uganda Police State The Uganda dictator, Yoweri Museveni what Museveni's notorious torture machine is doing to Stella Nyanzi right now in a safe house


what Museveni's notorious torture machine is doing to Stella Nyanzi right now in a safe house

The famous PhD stella nyanzi has. been arrested by cmi operatives and taken to unknown destination . The vehicle has been described as a mark II took off on a terrible speed which almost caused accidents to the pedestrians. Lets wait for the more development about this matter.
1- BEATING her up
2- injecting her with slow killing poison
3- denying her food…just giving her water
4- keeping her in a darkroom with a non-poisonous snake to make her totally mad

I forgive Stella Nyanzi!

And the next day she gets sacked!

And she is still on the no fly list!

And CID are still harassing her!

And we know who the complainant was.

So what exactly is forgiveness?

Saved hypocrites are amusing!

PS. poor makerere! They are going to have to pay out for wrongfull dismissal and absence of process!

Higenyi Moses Hamira You took her very seriously!! Ofcourse it was a pure lie .

Mkats Keil You should be interoggating, saved from what? Sins? Poverty? Understanding? Saved is a general term!

Nairuba Gladys What happens to the unforgiven? Just wondering ?

Chantal Ruby Batamuliza Uwimbabazi Lol mbu forgive. For what exactly??? This madam loves to look pure in the eyes of Ugandans. Mulokole my foot!

Stella Nyanzi Rubbing my hands with glee as I think of all the zeros extending from the first three numbers I will be cashing from the case.

Marabou Stork Tukuwagira Stella Nyanzi yonna gyetuli mu Diaspora.

Eric Hoster Kay Oba babitegedde wabula oli mugezi wama kobaza Hahahaha bwahahahaha

Marabou Stork “They are hypocrites, they think the Church is a cage to keep God in, so he will stay locked up there and not go wandering about the earth during the week, poking his nose into their business, and looking in the depths and darkness and doubleness of th…See More

Kagimu Yusuf Forgive= Fire, 2 disturbing Fs

Clare Kibuuka Her small brain is to blame

Nakato Namutebi What’s morally wrong verses what’s legally wrong, thats is the question?

Citizen Arthur I can hear Janet the ventriloquist’s voice via MUK dummies.

Kubwina Balondemu Janet is the biggest devil in that den of thugs.

I hate to say it but Stella may end up in exile – for her own safety .

Stella Nyanzi I was a refugee child. Been there, done that. Scare me with something else

Kubwina Balondemu Why would i scare a woman i highly regard and believe to be the long awaited opposition campaigner/leader the nation has been waiting for.

But , in my support for you – i am concerned for your safety too . As i applause your every action , its only hu…

Marabou Stork April Fools.

Drew Ddembe Lenny Thomas it reminds you at the bottom of the article that today is April fools day!

Norman Lakayana That proved how vindictive the current wielders of colossal powers in Uganda are,but here is the real deal….for how long will they keep this kind of peculiar statecraft mechanism where the wishes of one mortal being is law and above the law?

Lenny Thomas I thought it went against the grain for a moment. Hahaha. Silly me!


Kalerwe Bwaise Katwe Owoonye akalaaba !.once u expose a threat , there is no death for you just torture. Love u Stella.

Daniel Kakuru You know how lukewarm Christians do their things. They think only the gods have the powers to forgive.

Aminah Musoke Ddamba Nze mpagira, Dr. Stella Nyanzi, Sue the university for wrongful dismissal

Vikki Queidosir Now this is so cheap. So with all the money they have stolen from my people, they forgot it doesn’t buy class and wisdom! Ye tubawona ddi.

Kisuku Jeremiah Stella bakoleko

Ronald Mutebi Lukanga Nyanzi Nyanzi Nyanzi Stella Nyanzi weeeewe rhaaa cha

Paget Frederick Kintu First Lady forgot to give her forgiveness memo to the agencies of coercion. Maybe she will remember to do so after the offender hss suffered enough to merit the forgiveness.

Kamoga Richard Kili Uganda