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Let’s remember Akena’s murder:
About the shooting of Kenneth Watmon Akena at Lugogo Mall in Kampala.

Police in Kampala are investigating a car-to-person shooting on Saturday evening in which a man was shot in the stomach through the window of another car and was driven to hospital by a Good Samaritan and suspected Assailant to get medical assistance and later died. The Daily Monitor reports that a city businessman, Mathew Kanyamunyu the CEO Quantum Express logistics and his wife Cynthia Munwangari were arrested to help with the investigations.

“Before he died, Watmond said the two people (Kanyamunyu and Munwangari) who had rushed him to the hospital are the ones who shot him for scratching their car,”- police spokesperson Mr Andrew Felix Kaweesi

We have contacted a source currently at the home of the deceased in Kyebando where mourners are gathering to get a deeper understanding of the police’s statement above and here are a few comments

1. 6.30pm Saturday. The deceased Kenneth Akena Watmond arrived at Lugogo Shopping Mall late yesterday evening and finished the business that took him there. As he was driving out of the Mall’s parking, he brushed another car that had just parked next to his. He dented the passenger’s side of the other car to be exact.

2. Kenneth then got out of his car and walked towards the other car- a Nissan Terrano Regulus most likely to apologize or talk as any gentleman and motorist would do in this situation. Upon reaching the driver’s tinted window; it lowered and the driver identified as Matthew placed a pistol on his stomach and fired off on bullet. It is possible that the shot was not heard by many as it very close to the body. One shot.

3. The Good Samaritan and Suspected Assailant Mr Matthew Kanyamunyu then placed the bleeding Kenneth into his car with his girlfriend and drove around different clinics in Kampala searching for urgent medical assistance. Kenneth is unconscious at this point.

4. Different clinics couldn’t take him as they usually have inadequate Emergency Care capacity to handle such cases or perhaps because they fear ‘dumping’ patients in their facilities- common for hit and run accident drops by Good Samaritans.

5. Mathew then drove to Nakasero Hospital in Kampala where the fairly equipped facility said their ICU or something along that line was over capacity. Nakasero couldn’t take him in as well. It is at while there that they were advised to try Novik Hospital on Bombo Road.

6. Upon Arrival at Novik Hopital 5hours after the shooting; Kenneth was admitted and they immediately contacted the relatives and friends who rushed to the hospital. As required by hospital admission procedure, they advised Matthew who had brought him to stay and wait and record a police statement.

7. Matthew’s story up to this time was that the bullet was not meant for Kenneth but that some assailants were targeting his Girlfriend in the Co-driver’s seat. His Girlfriend is a daughter of a very prominent Member of Parliament or Government Minister in Burundi.

8. It is around this time that Kenneth slightly regained consciousness at the Hospital and heard the story version given by Matthew to the hospital authorities and his family members. Matthew was in fact calmly waiting to give the police his same version.

9. The deceased then spoke in the presence of Mathew and Girlfriend, his friends, relatives and hospital staff and narrated his own version. Kenneth stated that the Good Samaritan Matthew who drove him to the hospital was the one who actually shot him and narrated most of the points 1-7 above himself on his hospital bed.

10. In light of the contradictory statements and confusion- our source who was at the facility said Matthew violently tried to storm out of the hospital but was placed under gun point by a tough Norvik Security Guard and subdued him. When the police arrived, they took Matthew in to help with the investigations is currently detained at Jinja Road police station.

The doctors had said his condition was unstable and they were to operate on him when he stabilized well enough and they were preparing for this. In the meantime, family and friends were gathering at the Hospital and they raise the required 6 Million shillings the hospital needed for the procedure in no time. Unfortunately, late in the night, he lost the battle and medics tried to resuscitate him in vain.

He succumbed to his bullet wound and died early this morning.
The body is currently lying at A Plus Funeral Home till Tuesday and mourners are gathering at the deceased’s home in Kyebando a Kampala Surburb.

Note: The other version similar is that the Good Samaritan Matthew drove Kenneth to the Hospital after a failed assassination of his girlfriend, a daughter of a powerful Burundian politician. It goes that he shot Kenneth for knocking the passenger side where his girlfriend was sitting and that he feared it was a distraction to harm them or shot him for some other reason- the reason he moves with a gun. The killer weapon has not been recovered by police so far.

Matthew’s version at the hospital is that Kenneth was hit by a bullet that was intended for his Girlfriend by bad people after her. Kenneth’s car was driven and dumped around Kyadondo Rugby Grounds from Lugogo parking lot where it was recovered this morning. We hope the police investigations get to the bottom of all this as soon as possible.

Burial Arrangements: Prayers will be held on Tuesday morning at Mbuya Our Lady Catholic Church at 9am. They will then leave for Kitgum town at Mid-day where burial will take place at their home in Gang Dyang, a town suburb the following day on Wednesday Nov 16th, at 3pm.

Kenneth was a young, jolly and friendly guy in Gulu and Kitgum where he grew up, worked and went to school. He is from the known Watmon Family in Kitgum town and was set to have his traditional wedding ceremony next year in February.

Our deepest sympathies go out the friends and family. We will pray for him and keep you all in our thoughts. May the Good Lord give him eternal rest.

No one else was injured in the shooting incident. Anyone who may have witnessed the shooting or has any information is urged to urgently contact the police.