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Uganda regime untouchables

The Museveni military dictatorial regime has some cadres who are above the law and enjoy full protection of the regime’s law enforcement agencies. One such top regime cadre who is untouchable is the notorious Rwandese land grabber, Moses Karangwa Kaliisa. As a distinguished agent of land grabbing, he has grabbed land in Busoga, Kayunga, Luweero and Mubende while brutally displacing thousands of Ugandans. In doing so, he has enjoyed the full protection of the regime law enforcement agencies. He is so close to the topmost regime hierarchy that no one can dare even talk about his illegal and brutal actions.

However, last week in Jinja a senior Police Officer, Inspector George Ochola the District Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department (DCIID) was suspended over Moses Karangwa Kaliisa. There is an ongoing property (Plot 24 Spire Road) wrangle between Karangwa and a Jinja based businessman, a one Bob Singh. On the orders of Karangwa, Singh was arrested and Inspector George Ochola granted him a Police Bond. Karangwa complained to the Police headquarters where another Rwandese, Fortunate Habyara (short version for Habyarimana) who heads the Police Professional Standard Unit (PSU) immediately sacked Inspector Ochola on charges of Disobeying Lawful Orders. Ochola has already been replaced by another officer.

Much as the Police corruptly grants Police Bond to suspects, it is unlikely that in the instant case he took a bribe from the suspect, Bob Singh owing to the complainant, Karangwa being a top regime cadre. Poor Inspector George Ochola did not realise that by protecting the rights of suspect Bob Singh, he was undermining the interests of Karangwa – to demonstrate his authority to Singh.

Therefore, some of these security officers more especially those from the ‘powerless regions’ ought to be availed with a list of untouchable regime cadres and a special lecture on regime power dynamics. It
happened the other day when Gen. Angina ordered the arrest of Captain Bashaija without knowing that he is another untouchable top regime cadre.