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This is a copy of the ballot paper for the District Conference elections of UPC Party President on May 15th 2015 that Hon Jimmy Akena won over overwhelmingly with 67 of 110 Districts. Remember Olara Otunnu did not Participate in this elections and it was organized by his administration.

Father of the Nation President Dr A.M Obote with the Pope in 1969.
This message below is very relevant at the moment as we engage in talks for dialogue as a country and lets as protect and preserve the institution of Parliament .
” This Chamber is a symbol of our determination to establish a strong united and stable nation. In this house ,members strive not for separate causes,but for the oneness of Uganda ,her prosperity and tranquillity, and her cordial relations with other states.Our aspiration is to forge unity through government by discussion and co-operation ,and to live up to our National Motto-”For God and My Country”
Dr A.M Obote Opening of the National Assembly Special Meeting attended by Pope Paul VI ,On Friday,1st August,1969