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On 3rd August, 2016 the Masaka Regional Police Commander, Maxwell Ogwal and his District Police Commander, John Mwaule acting on written orders from State House aided the kidnap of former Masaka Municipality Mayor, John Tebyasa Matovu who is still missing. The victim’s wife rushed to court which in turn ordered the two senior police officers to appear before it with the body of the victim. The two ignored the court order compelling the court to order the IGP to compel his two subordinate officers to appear before it. Because the matter involved Ogwal and not Baguma, Kahebwa,Twinamasiko or Mwesigwa, the IGP in his August 18th letter ordered Ogwal to appear before the court. Ogwal complied and told court that he acted in accordance with the directives contained in the State House letter for police to provide security for the victim’s kidnappers which he did. At the same hearing, Ogwal pleaded with Court to compel the RDC to produce the victim.