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Come Visit Lyantonde Town Commonly Known As The Life Enjoyment City! Where 35% Of The Most Like & Productive Busnesses Are Bars, 27% Are Lodges, & 38% Is For Other Bznesses Like Shops, Hotels & Other Small Bznesses!

Those Who Think That Kampala City Is The Only City With A Big Number Of Prostitutes, Come & See Lyantonde Town U’ll Stop Praising Kampala For A Big Number Of Prostitutes. Lyantonde Town Also The Milk City Has Got Very Many Categories Of People Like These Fatty Elephants & Hippos’ Size & Hair Cut Style Women The So Called #BALAARO Which Men Normally Praise For Being Watery! Lyantonde Is One Of The Towns With Good & Cheap Houses/rooms For Rent & The Least & Worst Room U Can Rent At 70k In Boyz Quarters In Kampala It Is At 20k In Lyantonde & In Boyz Quarters! And With Yo 70k In Lyantonde Town U Can Rent A Roadside Big Room For Business In Some Streets! Products Are Also Cheap! Good Number Of Thieves! Uganda Zaabu Walai!