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Media Forums The Uganda Useless Elite Class Yoweri Museveni is the Biggest Parasite in Uganda Reply To: Yoweri Museveni is the Biggest Parasite in Uganda


It is fact that people who have failed in class are usually a success in the society. Many drop out of school and become intreprenuers which our Uganda needs most in this era. We have seen first class holders being wasted by Alcohol. They roam from street to street looking for Jobs and when they get them majority rarely assist the societies they come from.
For Ugandans to come out and attack Hon.Kato Lubwama that he poorly performed in o level is a clear sign of the tragedy we are in as s Country. Kato is poor at Math but good comedian. His comedy is a success story. He has inspired many given many jobs and as if that is not enough this poor performer won a race of MPs.
This comes in a time when we are in a crisis as a country. Crane bank has just been taken over by BOU. What did those good brains do about it. Among the things known about Mutebile is that he a Liquor maniac. So who does that help us. Just look at the mess and thefty in hospitals but doctors study for 5 years and some go upto 6 yrs. Engineers go for 4 yrs but with thier companies all they do is shody work swindling billions and have failed to upgrade to a capacity of working on serious infrastructure projects. Its only in Uganda where those helping the nation are frastuated like doctor Ssali and even the most low income SMEs are beings squeezed. FDCs major target is to oust m7 but they are divided. And worse at war with even other opposition members. For NRM it welcomes everyone and we always here opposition members saying that NRM keeps on approaching them that they work together. Does FDC have such a strategy? As am winding up each person here as a family member is a slow learner so as you abuse Kato specifically for his o level performance think twice.