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The National Crime Preventers Forum’s mandate as per it’s partnership with the Uganda Police Force has been to mobilize, sensitize, organize and coordinate crime preventers and their activities. We as an organisation are proud of what we have achieved so far. With 11 million crime preventers and their strong coordination team we are proud to announce that we are the strongest organised massive patriotic movement this country has ever had despite other challenges we face of course.
However, a massive group like this may not only be maintained by only organization and coordination there is another element that must be added to have a strong cohesive group. Economic empowerment. NCPF has been laying strategies for that. Our crime preventers must be economical empowered as they are keeping their communities safe.
Different projects have been mobilized.
1. Catering project. The forum has a contract of supplying, cooking and serving food to police officers across the country. More than 2000 crime preventers are employed as cooks and over 200 crime preventers groups are supplying a variety of food stuffs to the police. This project alone has generated some income to more than 10000 crime preventers.
2. Construction project. The Uganda Police is partnering with the forum to construct more than 10000 housing units for the police in Kampala Metropolitan area alone. The forum as I am writing is looking for 6000 engineers. These include; carpenters, planners, surveyors, welders, block makers. Actually we have a team of crime preventers at our Naguru site who have started making blocks. If your are an engineer by all means then your welcome to be part of us but you must first be a crime preventer of course.
3. Workers cooperatives. The forum is helping crime preventers organise themselves in workers cooperatives. This is because as a forum we understand that different professions have different opportunities and therefore these cooperatives are formed according to the professions and expertise. For example we have formed an engineers cooperative already and we have also set up a law firm.
4. Mwangaza SACCO. This is a national crime preventers SACCO. We currently have a membership of 45000, share capital of close to 400 million and a loan portfolio of close to 200 million. The SACCO is targeting all the 11 million crime preventers by the end of 2018. We are happy to find out that our crime preventers have earned a living from this SACCO.
It will remain the forum’s priority to fight poverty and contribute to improvement of the economic welfare of our people and the country at large.
We would like to thank the Uganda Police Force, our allies in this, well wishers and everyone who associates with what we do for the guidance and support rendered to us. We call upon everyone for this noble cause.
I thank you.