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mbu kasese people deserved 2 be shoot,let him go and judge wiz dem in hell. kaweesi u deserved it thank be 2 god. here in kasese we a busy slaughtering goats and hens celebrating da death of kaweesi andrew felix.

Muhindo Masanduku Simiabo haaaaaaaaaaa come & join us guys abull is gone!!!

Andrevic Kasanvu Your Mother Z Next

Natukwatsa Annet Hw stupid are u muhindo?kasese wld be the most rich district in ug coz it has the most natural sources but coz of ur stupidty and fakeness kasese will never develop#kaweesi Rip

Steven Acaali Mwesige I dont blame u, the police men who were killed were not human beings? #KAWESI has been a very competent and hardworkng man, unique among police.

Sseruwujjo Mark Kumanyoko

Steven Acaali Mwesige #MARK, dont expose ur stupidity, learn hw 2 annalys issues than being arrogant. Thanx

Sseruwujjo Mark Who is an analyst mbizzi gwe?

Steven Acaali Mwesige mayopism of da highest level.

Sseruwujjo Mark Laba miti eno tumbavu

Natukwatsa Annet No mater hw aperson sins aganest u death is not the solution wama mark vuma gasiya ezooo

Turinawe Ooze Stuart Temwasoma displine

Turinawe Ooze Stuart one day we will celebrate ur’s “death”

Andrevic Kasanvu I Think U Even Celebrate Your Mother’s Death

Dajao Faith Mbu when acow dies dogs are happy bt when adog dies cow……

Lusiba Charles u jst wait 4 ur king

Jimmy Rumere Kato Jimmy Its nt gd 2 celbrate sm1s death 4 u dont knw wen en hw ‘ll u go. 0 lets av a forgiving hrt. kaweesi rest in eternal peace.

Tusubira Rogers Jeff i can really understand yo hunger bt while we all agree that the late afande kaweesi went overboard concerning kasese massacres, bt we have 2 knw that he was doing his job of defending an institution 4 whc he passionately served, besides 2 wrongs cnt make one thing right, the massacres in kasese were wrong and so is the assasination of kawesi, dnt now tell me that elwelu, kayihula, ofwono opondo etc including the big man himself who supported the killings shd all die!! nooo jeff nooo kawesi was a fine officer plz withdraw that statement and since ur an african, we r obliged 2 tok gd thngs abt the dead coz they cnt defend themselves, #RIPKAWEESI

Byarugaba Umar silly

Peter Wambui kaweesi shared simiralities to our triger happy police in kenya.

Ali Junior Ali may our citizen RIP 4 GOD AND MY COUNTRY

Okwir Ronaldo how can you celebrate such a painful death that even m7 is not happy off

Nuwagaba Abel And in any case did he pull the trigger? Or did he command for the killings??

Ayepas God-fred Illiteracy is your problem

Tumwebaze Tonny Fanaeri U will be arrested

Edward Ottong Kyeko wama. Even me this weekend I slaughtered a cock in celebration