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Am still leaving in disbelieve that We (37,000,000 Ugandans) have paid heavy taxes in all its simplest forms to finance training of criminals in disguise of our own security. If Mr. Museveni was serious with his claim when he accurately put it that “The police is full of criminals,they are intimidating and killing witnesses, i ask you to clean up the police because my people are fearing to report cases, they fear that you will instead get them in trouble when they report to police” – M7 speaking at Kaweesi’s home in Kulambiro.

Is it true, police is full of criminals? Do we need to continue paying tuition, up keep and all other form to police trainees in all police training school in Uganda? If the training schools are passing out criminals why don’t we prevail over them. Who and which advisor advised the president to score a goal in his own net?