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Media Forums The Uganda Useless Elite Class Yoweri Museveni is the Biggest Parasite in Uganda Reply To: Yoweri Museveni is the Biggest Parasite in Uganda


Odrek Rwabwogo while on nbs tv attavked me again and unorovoked mbu I’m an angry man. ..
Rwabwogo hurry ,view tge attached video and hopefully will appreciate why Charles Rwomushana is an angry man. ..
Your family lives on blood of innocents. ..
You have brutalised people. ..
See how your criminal army hits people with rocks like they are hitting snakes. .
Beasts of the field are more rational than you are. ..
Of you had a conscious you would just shut up. ..
Squads of the criminal state your father in law created are decimating officers and leaving innocent kids and widows. ..
You don’t know when that fire will engulf. ..
You certainly would be foolish to think all is well. …
The other day I saw peasants from Luwero camp at Parliament because your family evicted them and grabbed their land at gun point. ..
Since you have a short me memory, you could have forgotten. ..
Luwero is ground where your family left heaps of skulls of humans. ..You are even evicting the survivors from their ancestry land. …
Of course now there is capacity. ..
You do no longer monopolise means of violence. ..I see you in a procession to oblivion. ..
I’m not an angry man but I’m only paralysed by your ineptness. ..

The NRA occupation al – Nakba. …
It’s a catastrophe. ..
You will see a soldier hit the civilian head with a stone. …
Certainly something has gone wrong. …
This is a criminal force. …
We shouldn’t accept and condone it. …
Just Imagine such a force with orders to gun down Boda Boda riders. ..
Any how mpaawo atarikaaba. ..