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Most of these actors don’t appear to grasp the dynamics surrounding the execution of Akena. ..They have no clue how Akena related to the situation that culminated into his execution. ..They don’t breath in and out to decipher the role of Akena and Odonga Otto and Kanyamunyu in the diversion. ..Most depend on hear say and to burst. ..ask Bichachi. ..We hit the ground and observed a complex operation of cover up. ..I have not seen these good for nothing intellectuals demand from police the whereabouts of the actual scene of crime. .? Why should Winnie Byanyima be denied standing surety for any Ugandan….whether relative or not. .? And why would a husband in Besigye order Winnie the wife not to stand surety for anyone because you have reactionaries in Otto and the likes. .? If Otto assaulted Winnie I would have supported Besigye in killing him. .. who is sure whether Akena was executed because he was an Acholi? Who is sure that who ever killed Akena did so as a Muhima and if indeed the executioner was a Muhima. Otto the embodiment of the Acholi people, culture, history and heritage? Who is Otto in the Acholi civilisation? Does Otto know his values and self?
Otto is what he is because of Janet Museveni courtesy of Odida of the Australian Foundation. Otto is assaulting Winnie Byanyima to present his invoice to Janet Museveni. ..Now this Gills of Chimpanzee the outfit for Muhoozi Special Forces does his thing again and assaults Edith Byanyima.
All the Bahiima lose when the murder of Akena is viewed as a revenge operation for the role Acholi officers played in the killings of the 1980. You can’t even be sure if these weren’t NRA covert operations. …aishi. ..
Can Otto account for his dealings with Kanyamunyu… In the photo below you see a satisfied Otto as opposed to the Acholi people dying of hunger. ..If Otto had been shot while with Kanyamunyu then. ..who wouldn’t have believed Kanyamunyu shot him. ..omururu. .. of course I wouldn’t have believed Kanyamunyu was Otto ‘ s buddy to deliver him to hospital. … Not every woman is a political actor to appreciate implications of some statements. What was your motivation in interviewing her? So you are cresting ground for murdering Bahiima as justification to kill Acholi people the way you set up the stage in the Rwenzori region. Can’t you get satisfied with blood? Not all of us are foolish. One day the whole game of the execution of Akena will come to light.