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A humble request to every Ugandan

Kindly send this message to at least five persons and ask them to further send to more persons and keep the chain going:
*1. Don’t throw garbage on the roads/streets*
*2. Don’t spit on roads and walls*
*3. Don’t write on walls and currency notes*
*4. Don’t abuse and insult others*
*5. Save water and electricity*
*6. Plant a tree*
*7. Follow traffic rules*
*8. Take care of your parents and grand parents, take their blessings and always respect them*
*9. Respect women*
*10. Give way to ambulances*
*We have to change ourselves and not the country. Once we change ourselves the Uganda will automatically change*

*If we want our kids to live in a clean and safe environment then pledge do follow these in youre everyday life.*
*No one person or leader can change the country alone; it’s you and me who can change our beloved country by changing ourselves*
Kindly forward this important message to every single *friend* or *group* so that it reaches every citizen of *Uganda*.

Let’s build a better Uganda for the future generations.