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Life is short and we need to live in harmony with others, when one thing bad happens in one place as authority u have the odesity to look into it and save the day…Its sad that one’s life is taken away..on the other hand i don’t feel sorry for those who don’t take others lives seriously…A few days ago..The police and kawesi himself came up and denied HRW report calling for investigations..the relatives of the deceased in KASESE are still looking for answers, he categorically stated there is no need for investigations, the state is in Control and security is guruguru…..the state is in control and security is GuruGuru..he defended the National Resistance Movement – NRM Police..on almost all atrocities..rubbishing reports on several human rights incidences.. He was so ruthless when he was commander Kampala Metropolitan…He commanded some of the most demeaning witch hunts of pizza Besiyge in Kla…..He was a young man..full of Energy…Always smiling, even when Matembe lambasts him on tv, saying SHUT UP kawesi, he remained showed his gentle human being…All said..i feel sad a human life has been taken away…RIP Afande Felix Kawesi. HE STRUGGLED TO DEFEND A ROGUE GOVT for it was his job, but he did it with passion… causing others to believe he was a cadre..he grew thru promotions so fast..making him Kayihura’s Blue Eyed Boy.. and that was my only fault with him…SERVING THE DICTATOR WITH PASSION AND NOT THE WANAINCHI