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Media Forums Uganda Police State The Uganda dictator, Yoweri Museveni Felix Kawesi was a very bad Man


Felix Kawesi was a very bad Man


Ssekanwagi Denis Will also be killed by it.RIP.

Mulondo Ben D Every man rips wat they saw

Girum M Farouk Ahahahahahahaaaaaaa where is he today? God pays here on earth poeple should try to smoothen there mouths while protecting the leopard who has no friend on earth.

Agaba Kareem Am speechless…. Just reading what pipo comented on his statements….
No one is in power… The bullet sorted evrythng

Alfredo Edepua The world is indeed under God himself

Grace Glosh I see chrys happy.. Funny wen he dies, even some of his relatives won’t know..

Kato Shaban Mukama yenyini byona.

Akasweet Joan U people , stop stop posting nonces .

Kato Shaban Is it really nonsense. We should start facing the reality rather than consoling our selves with the daily assurances from fellow men.

Akasweet Joan Do u think u will be presdnt

Akasweet Joan U leave banyankore until u die

Kato Shaban Its a lesson to learn from. Speak the truth even if no one accepts it.

Atuyambe George Chris To me you are just an attention seeker

Omia Samuel Ivan For sure Rip but nothing to do

Jibidayo Omara It is a wealth of records! Wow

Trevo Simon If this same sentiment was applied to him , how would he who died outside combat have reached Lwengo???

Ambassordor Tasamba Martin Mquk Tit for tat then is a fair game

Mukwaya Benson Thx nsuubaga chrys for this data

Twinomukama K Mathew Hmm thre we go!

Twinomukama K Mathew What goz around cms around

Kwesiga Bamwanga Med KARMA!