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I commiserate with the family of that gentleman Mustafa who jumped off Mabirizi plaza the other day. It is sad. Look it is very sad. People are frustrated and there are no mechanisms to address their frustrations. Ugandans have invested in Education but no jobs. They go to town to start up small roadside businesses and they are pushed out of business by unfair taxes. The regime sold all our companies, there is no policy for creating jobs and puts more public expenditure burden on us. They have just given 64bn shillings to MPigs to buy cars. They also just sent a group of 70 Mpigs to USA to attend the UNA conference that has no clear crystal deliverables to be registered, no value addition, no use. Last week also the Mpigs were sent to Jinja where they were given bribes of 10m each and a 50kgs bag of sugar to support the constitutional amendment bill by sekitoleko. This waste when we could invest this money in job creation. The dictator is only thinking about how is regime survives for another day. And he is buying the MPigs to help him. How many of our brothers and sons will die out of despair before we act? Yesterday was mustafa, tomorrow could be your brother. The 64bn alone could be invested to create millions of jobs. But do we care??