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Museveni family who are the real owners of Crane Bank have taken huge chunks of money from this bank, and have given the caretaker Sudhir Rupaleria fodged Bank of Uganda documents, to go and fish around for a new investor, who will judge from those documents that the bank is economically viable which is not the case and fall for the deal.A South African bank was about to enter into this trap when someone gave them a tip, and they withdrew at the last moment, and now Ruparelia is back in the hunting grounds for someone to fleece. VERY VERY SOON, THE CUSOMERS WILL FEEL THE SITUATION AND BANK OF UGANDA OFFICIALS WHO GOT THE TIP AND TRIED TO INTERVENE, WERE SILENCED FOR THERE ARE SOME BIG PEOPLE IN THE CENTRAL BANK WHO ARE AWARE AND PROTECTING THE MUSEVENI FAMILY.,.