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Makerere University has been taken over by cows

Apparently the freedom square for Makerere University has been taken over by cows following the closure of the university, stray cows have been seen loitering around the whole campass from the Ivory tower to the main library then take a rest in the freedom square.

Meanwhile President Museveni has proved to the rest of the country that indeed this is Kisanja Hakuna Mchezo after he closed Makerere University, he described the acts of lectuerers as Barbalic, flimsy and indiscipline.

Museveni who addressed a Press Conference at Kawumu State Lodge in Luweero District said the striking lecturers are simply undisciplined because they clearly know that government has not refused to pay their salary arrears as there is already a commitment to have it cleared.

“We cannot tolerate this indiscipline by the lecturers. We cannot be held at ransom by the striking lecturers yet government has many other development programmes to deal with. This type of indiscipline and attitude will not be tolerated. This is Kisanja Hakuna Mchezo and we have taken a decisive action,” Museveni roared.
Museveni who did not elaborate on the way forward after the closure of the University said “the owner of the home does not paralyze his own activities. Strikes are not a good way of resolving things,” Museveni said.

According to him, government is committed to improving the welfare of lecturers through increased salary and incentives.
“Our target is to ensure that a professor earns Shs15 million from the current Shs8 million,” he added.
The President said his decision to have the University closed was because the University Council had approached him to use his powers as the President to temporally close the University since the lecturers were striking over simple matters.