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Media Forums Uganda Police State The Uganda dictator, Yoweri Museveni MOST UGANDAN JUDGES ARE TRUE PRODUCTS OF THE NRMO.



Most of them coordinate their cheating with the clerks and the so called state prosecutors and you will never understand there sharing rules.

When you think of a “corrupt” judge, your minds may rush to Justice Vincent Egwang,Justice Batema David or Jusice Isabirye and many others who trades rulings for cash. As far as i know, that obvious sort of corruption is rare.

Among other things, a dishonest judge can ignore evidence, twist rules and procedures, expunge genuine affidavit/evidence, obstruct the record, retaliate, manufacture facts or ignore others, allow infirm claims or dismiss valid ones, deny admission of evidence prejudicial to the favored party, suborn perjury, mischaracterize pleadings, engage in ex parte communications and misapply the law and our laws are funny that the Judge will always have CAPs, acts and Sections to quote while making their fake rulings.

When he or she does these things intentionally, (motivation is a separate issue) he commits a crime. Petty or grand, the acts are still crimes. It takes surprisingly little to “steer” a case.

Judges are fake gods. They enacted “judicial legislation,” i.e., by referring to themselves as “Lords” yet most of them are devils. and they use their “gate keeping” power to protect themselves (from accountability) all the time.

If you have ever interacted with someone who hustled through the Ugandan courts of law, you will understand that “equity” and “justice” have little to do with the process. Judges can be determined to make things turn out the way they want them to and naturally, prosecutors are always determined to get convictions. In many ways, equity, justice, facts and law, interfere with the process.

The ONLY recourse that remains now, against a corrupt judge, is to respectfully “request” that the judge evaluate himself for honesty.

Parliament should find a solution to this because Uganda Law Council is another group of pretenders.