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Let me bring this on Ground…

1: A business man comes all away from Ivory Coast to make his projects and developments in Uganda spends millions and Billions, Now a Ugandan Tycoon I won’t mention comes in claiming the land on which the Ivorian’s project is yet to start is his and he is not will to sell or sit on a round table! Anhaaa here I come, The Ivorian takes the case to Police and the case file is handed over to The Late AIGP, since 2003 to date nothing like Justice to the Ivorian business man who spend millions and Billions…..Later news comes in (AIGP assassinated)

2: Nakasero Mosque recently was invaded and torn into pieces due to terrorism alerts, The Late comes out in public and says “What police did was in order because Moslems all over the world are suspected to have links with terror groups, so We did wat we were supposed to do As police”!! later (AIGP Assassinated)

3: Kasese attacks left hundreds mourning no joke on this one guys pple lost lives out there. Now see this scenario, the late comes out in public after all those incidents that were visibly noticed and said, ” The people of Kasese and Uganda at large should know that police and Army out there in Kasese is not responsible for the killings going on police is keeping law and order and Army is protecting lives” This pained many who witnessed what was taking place and caused more harm than good…..Later (AIGP assassinated)

4: We all saw this and it was obvious, Among all senior police officers the late had 100% ability to be the successor of the Out contracted IGP (Kale Kayihura) which silently didn’t hav much support by these fellow long serving senior officers….And here later (AIGP Assassinated)

Now all these 4 gathered information and suspected ideas should be used to come out with the reason why this poor man was Assassinated!!