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All Ugandan activists for change with the qualifications and abilities should start now to campaign to replace all the NRM and NRM leaned MPs in Parliament.
Well as many Ugandans wrongly believe the biggest problem for Uganda is its overstaying President YOWERI MUSEVENI; I am persuaded by the analysis that our biggest problem is our Corrupt and Self Satisfying Parliament which has purely business arrangement with the current NRM Government. Well as numerous laws have been made 1. Removal of Age Limits;
2. Removal of Financial Support to Aspiring Presidential Candidates
3 Removal of Political Rights from Cultural and Traditional Leaders and now I am very positive they will eat big to remove AGE LIMITS; the bottom line is all these disastrous laws are made by and through Parliament. SOLUTION; Lets over through all the Members of Parliament in 2021. Even if Museveni wins, he cannot rule without his dummy Parliament. More so there are so many counts of corruption upon which an impeachment can be made if his services are not good enough. I insist Yoweri Museveni is not Uganda’s problem. The problem is our Parliament.