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Politics of Dividing the Opposition-DR Kiiza Besigye

The struggle for dominance and power is getting real in the opposition circle of Uganda. FDC seems not to have its center holding because of the ambitions of their leaders . This has left FDC divided in Pro Muntu and Pro KB wings.

This completely leaves the opposition on the blink as the biggest opposition political party is in conflict . What many If not all Pro KB supporters don’t want to hear is to call their lover a political propagandist and a divider of the opposition in Uganda , all they can do is to abuse , throw insults and yell all over social media but let’s face facts here.

Gen Muntu is the most respected political figure in FDC party for he’s the official dully elected President charged with the responsibility to direct the party , protect its constitution and communicate NEC decisions as party positions on every issue. KB like any other committed supporter of FDC needs not to be reminded of that . Not once or twice he’s rallied party leaders to disobey decisions by Gen Muntu, we both remember the conflicts that existed between Gen Muntu and Mafabi who finally saw the light and came back to work with the true leadership of FDC . KB shouldn’t be the person to announce party positions because he’s not the spokesperson neither is he the President of the party.

He has succeeded in dividing DP another oldest political party led by Chairman Mao that today DP stalwart Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago doesn’t know which party he belongs to of lately . However doesn’t support his ideals is an enemy of the struggle and I wonder the struggle to do what ?
I thought a Ugandan struggle for democracy needs everyone’s contribution . Today he’s managed to portray Hon Nambooze Bakireeke as a bad politician simply because she doesn’t share his ideals .

The youth today need to know that someone who doesn’t want to be led by others, he himself is the problem of democracy .

How a hypocrite is KB ? Uganda got independence in 1962 from the British who he brags are his best friends starting with Ex PM David Cameroon , but he has the luxury of not respecting that independence yet he can still go ahead and receive money and support from them … Why Shd you even blame the failures from 1962 to the NRM ?

It’s time we start looking closely to leaders who claim want to save us