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Approved research on my desk indicate that Baganda conspired with Banyarwanda in the secret bushes of Luwero to capture power and loot this nation until it’s empty.

The original plan was that NRM will take power and rule for 50years and that the Baganda will grab land, do business and exploit all resources for the 50years.
However after capturing power the Banyarwanda claimed everything and Baganda were given chicken drops – ‘Byooya bya nswa’

Baganda and Banyarwanda are all serial thieves and career parasites, they depend on each other to loot and suck all the resources in this country and other neighbouring countries
In fact the two can never survive without each other!
In most cases they steal from each other and fight each other but still they work together!
In Luwero they were together,
In Rwanda they were together during genocide and up to now the Baganda are still in Kigali standing on a million skulls doing business!
In Kisangani they were together looting gold and timber!
In Juba they were together fighting against Omar Bashir, and the Baganda are still there doing business!
1. FDC defiance campaign started with much success upcountry- in the west(especially Kasese), east(Kapchorwa) and north (Gulu)but it was defeated by the Baganda in Kampala!
2. 100% of the Pigs in parliament led by Muhammad Nsereko who went in first class flight wasting taxpayers money are Baganda.
3. That Sekitoreko bill of removing age limits is evidence enough for Baganda-Banyarwanda conspiracy
4. ETC………