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Media Forums Uganda Police State The Uganda dictator, Yoweri Museveni THE MURDERER OF KAWEESI THINKS THAT ALL UGANDANS ARE FOOLS!



What we all know and have seen is that injuries sustained appear to be from the back and Kawesi’s body clearly was short from the back and has a large open wound from the front at his left side of chest. The driver has similar wounds. So is the body guard.

Ok we can take the bullets sprayed on the car came from the front, but how did bullets get to their back points and aim on similar position?Also look at it ..ckearly all of them fell facing the same direction… would y believe this is true image of what exactly happened as they are presenting it to us…. that they were short by Bodaboda men….. how can they fall facing the same way both arms facing the same way….the car did not swarve or move out of road its just parked…who was shot first? were they shot promptly at the same time…in that no body could even fall aside….of car…the destruction on the car is very small compered to a level thay would bring three policers to death…..

No need for invistigation by this police and army etc…. they cannot investigate themselves…..they will never produce thw truth.

Ugandans just go bury Kawesi and it would be great if Kayihura and M7 dont appear to this funeral… They are the ones killing Ugandans body else. No body else.

By Anney Kobusingy