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Uganda politicians are like diseases

1.Museveni is like Aids: He will never leave u until you die.
2.Besigye is like Syphilis, Comes with a lot of pain as if more dangerous than Aids kumbe its very easy to treat it.
3.Mbabazi is like cholera: Strikes once and disappears forever.
4.Tamale mirundi is like flue : Not strong but attacks every time.
5.Frank Gashumba is like Headache: Normally appears when flue starts. They move together.
6.Sejjusa is like diarrhoea: When he strikes, even museveni trembles.
7.Elias lukwago is like Malaria: He is normally around you.
8.Mabilizi is like a pimple: It can’t change anything on you.
9.Beti kamya suffers from hunger. Feed her, she will follow you.
10.Rebecca kadaga is like Ebola: she doesn’t care whatever disease your suffering from, she must attack u.
No wonder why we are suffering, we are being governed by diseases.