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Uganda’s problem is leadership all our leaders since independence have fallen short of what Uganda needs like current regime after 30yrs in power we still struggle economically socially and politically no solution so far i wish we were still colonized otherwise we have under achieved by ourself determination.

Uganda is under attack by a more furious and aggressive Kifesi group whose operations are not limited with in the boundaries of Kampala but also extended to all districts of Uganda, and these are the so called Members of Parliament (MP’s).The public is warning any person, organisation,agency, state to refrain from dealing in any form of business or any sort of transaction with any Ugandan MP as any loss,damage will be at ones peril.In the same regard, the entire population is urged to guard their vote from now as these robbers are planning other forms of thuggery come 2021.

UGANDANS will one day rise from the deep slumber when the much sung oil in Bunyoro and northern Uganda is no more with extraction and selling it in crude form having started in 2001 to date.DON’T BE HOODWINKED INTO FALSELY BELIEVING THAT ALL WILL BE READY BY 2018.THE CHINESE MORTGAGED UGANDA’S OIL LONG TIME AGO!

Russia one of the largest and richest countries in the world has abt 157 MP’S.

Uganda one of the poorest countries has over 450 m-pigs…sorry MP’S.