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uganda zabbu

Adomati Robert From Masaka road accidents to “free fall-men suicides” from tall buildings in the city, what’s happening in Uganda…??. ALL the tall buildings around Kampala should bear a BIG sign post saying….. “BE AWARE OF FREE FALLING MEN PARK or STAND AT YOUR OWN RISK”!!. My own opinion anyway.

Mande Onesmas is he still alive? One thing that I still wonder about is, why can’t they go to worker’s house or communication house and the like if they really want to die. And they go on falling on people’s car. Why can’t they aim the tarmac

Sodium Msixteen It’s too bad for the station that is going on in uganda which has cause many people to commit suicide, i am writing his post not for the dead but for the living who judge the dead , because the same situation they go thru before committing suicide migh…See More

Sharon Countrygal Kyatusiimire is this a joke or what? may be these guys should actualy be charged. letting them go free will encourage other jumpers. suicide shouldn’t become an acceptable solution to any kind of problem

Moses Okipi …It’s time about now that a leaf is borrowed from my kinsman concerning the increasing suicidal tendencies. back then, and even most probably now; when such a case of suicide is reported, the victim is given close to 60 hot canes (dead or alive) in the presence of others just as a deterrent measure. So may be we should have canes around and wipe chaps!!!

Louis Lucas Tumusingize Its not fun any more why are ppl adopting this… yeee why do they come to town as if its the only place to die…

Batenikwa Lagbarazio Edmondos Ogbonogba Hahahaha our commados and nijas … Behind the scene loading.but wait all these commados don’t die cud their be a juju short of thing protecting them or what, think of it otherwise some thing is wrong with the buldings.

Olet Jaspher That is what it means with the problems the ugandan youth are facing today. It should be one of the challenges our MPs should find a way of discussing about it in parliament rather than discussing their personal issues

John Bosco I commented abt more attempted suicides just yesterday!Are our leaders seeing this??Stress is too much&they hav to start acting.Most of these guys are youths looking for work.

Kituyi Uwo Buyeyi wo’Masayi Jennifer Musisi should demolish all buildings in Kampala and we see where they will attempt suicide again, unless they will switch to hanging on cobwebs

John Ariko That is the stupidity and naivity of Ugandans how does charging them address the problems that are creating these trends. It’s obvious these guys ate not suicidal by nature by driven by severe depression which is a mental sickness. Soon we shall then begin to charge those who suffer from malaria

Lwanga Michael Ke kazanyo akariko enaku zino, the only problem i have wiz these p’ple is that they damage cars, otherwise we living in a free country where jumping and falling is everyone’s right.

Jauhara Musana Nassuna Ts not funny these guys nid to be treated then after taken to butabika o imprisoned,thr setting abad example to our kids!!!

Monday Juma Sedrack Kyekyo.practice makes perfect.we need more jumpers pliz.since we are remaining with the likes of mapera, worker’s house and many more.pliz register for spider man’s jumping techniques .
Peter Lugai Today we are jumping from buildings, 2morrow you will see guys daring bullets. The bomb is ticking and political leaders should wake up and address the dire situation youths are going thru.

Waliggo Haruna It has become a fashion to fall from tall buildings and you don’t die, maybe God is on leave. Uganda’s spidermen will go to the Guinness book of records of falling from tall buildings and they don’t die.

Algental Ibra Economic crisis in the country that caused those incidents. They have no hope to reset up their business after suffering losses. Naye tulagawa mu dduniya eno.

Maido da Maxima Amidst economical and political turmoils, psychological break downs are frequent as a result of stress due to related issues. Sorry for our nation.

Kizza Andrew if they want to die…..let them go to river nile preferably at itanda falls…they wont die in pain. but let me hope it’s not a new style of devorcing a wife

Omoit Daniel I think these days don’t park near any storage building and police should put park a Distance people are falling or park at your own risk

Owin Innok He should have been caned seriously so as he feels the real pain how can you take your own life yet others are in hospital fighting to have it

Sajja Daniel Pliz whoever feelz lyk dieing don’t wast our tym jst go to Mapeera has nd u through urslf down.Y do u wt to go upto Mulago?

Alinga Brenda Maybe they watched too much movies,should head 4 the tarmc nt pples’cars or is it because the 1st guy collected too much money frm the jump and they also wnt sme…

Kalulu Mathias Maybe they r Shooting amovie nga we r outdated? Oba they want us to give them abrand name nga dea tired of called Spidermen? Ok lets call dem Jumperz.

Opar K. Roger Japamora The judgement is easy for this people who survived.Judge them Death penalty straight and others will fear to participate in it.

Mwebaze Edward Mwebaze From which part of the country are they????
There’s need to trace their origins. Problems could be arising right from their homes

Yezu Sam Rasmak wats not happening. am startig to think there is someone behind this. y is it that they land on cars not ground

Emagat Joseph I think it’s not logical to ask why they land on cars most buildings have these cars parked everywhere even those with basement pkng

Eddie Busuulwa Ward d first one ov mabirizi was d best, the othrz bava kumpii nyoo balimba nabo

Alice Ruhindi You still don’t understand why young able bodied men are jumping from buildings?

Strange how the youth and health ministries are silent in all these attempted suicides….See More

Josh Ronald Oh my God wats wrong with our people n y men only? Has this become a chronical desease? Surprisingly no one dies oba there’s someone sending these people for this drama….may be there’s anew religion

Mooka Stressfree Solomon Phd people are now competing and compainig for the post of superman ……whos next …………………..the one reading this post

Benitah Mbiine All dat showsthat pple are now jobless !!only work then can do is jumping over from plaza’s but govt instead of creating jobs you’re busy buying expensive cars pliz M7 twakowaaaaa

Matanta Moses Ate only men am not seeing women in this Kampala high jump

Yahya Senteza Theya about to say that Dr.Besigye is the one under this. Last time they said that he bribed olympians to come with nothing from Brazil kiri Uganda!!!!

Elisabeth Rugaju And people like this Status..hmmmm when do we really need to use the like button..?someone looses a loved one..we like.. this should really stop

Murshid Aqsam This is starting to be annoying. Why are they spoiling pipos cars!! Jazzel Pizzie Ssempebwa I told u there is a demon haunting these pipo

Wilson Moses And the government is telling us how we are going to a middle income economy by 2020

Frank Gyaviira it’s because of these greedy so called MP ‘S that’s making innocent people commit suicide!

Jas Bwe Elly So this one fell on top of a Fuso or what?!? Well maybe its a flying demon that enters them

Morgan Banks Is this a new form of demonstration????
People are jst fade up of their own lives

Kisha Ostinz Those guys a jus plyng around
Pilz suicide attemptrz
Go to mapeera…

DZyuba Vladmir Di Kujo if dats da extent to wc poverty is letting us behave then its high tym we better join rebel groups better

Nsonga Gastone Hmmmm, everyone has challenges…let them relocate to taller buildings like Sheraton and Charm towers….

Lynn Kay Leon Ug Steady progress…. Steady free falling… Steady suicide attempt so it will be suicide festival…

Bonny Japusito There is some power behind this! It is not just suicide. Let’s go slow in this matter.

Razak Abdallah Let me tell u a story of aman wanted to comite suicide and unfortunately collided with the snake and cried for help! So people need to be sensitised about the lmpact

Palasco Franco Let’s not treat the symptoms.Let’s find out the exact cause of the increasing number of supermen in our country

Benjamin Chelangat Free jumping at KLA buildings. Come and train with us. We also give out invisible wings. Come one come all.

Walters Oj Soon they will Arrest Besigye for planning this “Jump to coma” protest

Sanyu Joseline From masaka road to buildings now! God should intervene.

Kyomya Andrew In Japan every day they register 18suicide attempts, so thats nothing to us

Suzan Nicole Naye banange what’s going on with our country…I think we need prayers because this is too much

Onim-giu Ismail Lack of School fees, rent, hunger, and joblessness =steady progress these guys may soon become city bombers

Sara Sachili Why don’t they just take poison and die peacefully? Batuleke!!

Ronald BK Habby Who in the government is behind this ?????…..and y do they land on cars.
Police ekole okunonyereza

Nanyonga Eve why not drowning in water where they can’t damage anything??these boys are annoying chwweeee.

Kassim Santi NB Nasri eeeh uganda is luck 2020 olympics those guys should save us and bring us medals

Kiggundu Akaya Anagwiranga emotoka yomuntu family ye ejisasurenga tukoye ambayaye!!!

Gracious Ruzindana Then the horrow greedy mps raise their salaries and want brand new vehicles.

Benard Mukisa Those are crime preventors now they are jobless and only solution is to kiss the soil

Andrew James Bills Ug the home v talent before even the part two v spiderman u guys v already released part three

Juma Muhammad We need private investigation for this case otherwise we’ll soon have mpigs jumping over parliament building

Nannyunja Harriet People no longer have faith and hope in the Lord…..when their situation hardens, they end up committing sucide

Paul Katumba it might appear as suicide when it’s actually murder. Let our corrupt force investigate

Peter Okurut Read the good book of God, the bible. It has good counsel for the depressed.

Justus B Mujuni They feel that they need to take shortcuts to reach God! The next will be Mp…

Hamya Amos Yes that iz the rizon i like uganda we have MPIGS ,SPIDERMEN UGANDA ZABU. tourist should come & be part of this venue state house we need more money 2 pay off these fools

Ssemwanga Stephen Our movie industry is growing very fast in just one month we have a superman ,spiderman,and now batman

Nasta Bugonzi Just take rat poison n die in your sleep than showing the whole world that u want to die or get a rope n look for a tree, hang your selves there. Stop spoiling ppls cars.

Tumwebaze Edson It’s so sad bt this will end with the falling of the regime

Opoki Deograstious May be they don’t want to fall victims of ekisanja hakuna mchezo!

Wasajja Kyofa If they try workers house baba bagala kukola mawulire

Bwambale Robert p’ple don’t joke with that situation.Very soon these p’ple will turn into suicide-bombers so that they die with others out of their frustration.How’ll you judge them after dieing with ur beloved ones???

Lucky Philip Someone who watches Jackie chan flying in VJ Jingo movies thinks he can fly too

Stuart Muwonge Rat poison does it more smoothly .Let them take that IF INDEED they want to die.

Kutaaga Edmond At this rate, am only becoming sympathetic to the car owners.

Derrick Musuguya These lunatics now just want. To make news, don’t take them serious Weere Meddy Snr

Davidrow Baks Instead of go’ng to a hiden place to commit da suicide, they do it in an open place so dat there lifez are rescued. Try it near me i will finish off ur life.

Hopeful Eyezac Kellow Etesot hahaha why to they target falling on vehicles? datz jst commedy let da serious ones go where there are no parked vehicles

Denis Muw Banange every one wants to become a super hero ? 2 weeks back it was spider man frm mabirizi, yesterday it was spider man frm garden city and today its spider man frm faibaah plaza. Banange where are we heading??? . But the problem is we bet and we loo…See More

Shafiie Rwabwera Hashaka I wish they die

Barigye Nobert King This one should be charged and imprisoned !

Jas Bwe Elly Are they some kind of group of terrorists/what

Bk Buks Anti uganda zabbu bulikimu kiriwano abaffe kati tukifule kyabulambuzi

Mycor Lu We need a anger/stress control authority in Uganda.

Ivan Dyadi What z happening to uganans z some behind this.

Stephen Ochieng Falling can’t solve anything. Let’s work……

Peter Eecqo Katwalo So they are targeting our innocent cars…???

Vukoni Edward stop popularising free fall suicide. bse some may just do it for popularity.

Jose Yawe People have lost hope due to the poor economy in the country

Achieng Clare Are people so hopeless and tired of life?

Moses Gahigi I Can’t Believe This My Friends, Coze I Know This Guy.

Dean Langalanga Wyze are ropes becoming expensive? because hanging is a sure deal!

Allan Rich I think they missed that mbuuke mbuuke kids joke

Jacan Peter Stanley It has become a sort of drama.