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Why i stopped celebrating African independence!

Who said we are independent?
To me, Africa will only be independent ;
1. When we are financially independent and more so Uganda`s debit now in history.
2. When our consumer and producer goods are made and packed in Uganda
3. When we have factories and those industrial complexes owned and run by Ugandans
4. When we have our nationals appreciating their traditions and dissing all western cultures, i mean them/ us dropping them for good (to know how stupid Africans are, we have gone an extra mile of bleaching ourselves)
5. When we can harness these natural resources ourselves with the technology made from African countries, moreso Uganda
6. When our leaders have admired the great cities of today, say Hong kong, Shanghai, Dubai etc., and have decided to have such developments where we can say the “greatest cities” are in Africa.
7. When we have established our own arsenals and realized that these weapons are for peace and security not making our fellow Africans suffer and being killed with these weapons
& many more scenarios.,
Imagine am talking of scenarios, my God!
and still dont think if you have no Caucasians here in your politics means you independent, never!
Have a great week of thoughts