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Why Museveni,the mujjananyina Greenland bank

Surprisingly, when the delegation arrived, Gen. Museveni requested to got into an exclusive meeting with Gen. Slim Saleh and Dr Kiggundu.
When the trio came out of the closed door meeting to join the rest of the delegates of both side, Dr Kiggundu with his eyes turned red and wet, everybody knew that things were not going yield any fruit.
One Kasimu [ short with bald] who had disappeared was the major issue and main condition in the first meeting of the trio of Gen. Museveni, Gen. Saleh and Dr S. Kiggundu.
He was tasked to bring Kasimu and that if Kasimu was to appear before Museveni and Saleh the bank was to be opened the next.
That shows how Museveni killed all institutions in the country. The all inclusive meeting was a formality, it meant nothing.
Kasimu issue in conjunction with the complaints of the foreign banks in the country that were increasingly losing customers on daily basis, Gen. Museveni had reason to close the Greenland Bank.
Even Muhammad Fatah of Cairo Bank who took Greenland Tower knew about this fact.