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‘You,Andrew Mwenda, promised hacked messages. Where are they? So, whoever Meets Besigye is TVO.Sorry to say this! I am an objective NRM. I’m worried that Mwenda has numbered or is numbering his days. And I hope this is not a mental case of a man frustrated from all four corners of the earth. Independent magazine is actually crumbling! His gay funder/donor chucked him thereby cutting all aid to mwenda, his lovebird. Crane, niw DFCU is on his neck over a 3 billion shillings loan! Major connection to his business partners have been cut. Mwenda is now left without a thing. I’m just thinking out loud that, this is a trick Mwenda is using to con my NRM government of billions of shillings to enable him settle his obligations.’——-Elijah O. Lomongin