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Uganda’s military dictator Gen. Museveni has been in power for the last 29 years and is seeking another five year term. This time round he is no longer pretending to be a democrat but has come out openly more determined than ever before to use fully blown military dictatorial means to remain in power. Here below are the reasons why he so much craves to remain in power:
1. Since his childhood, he craved so much to gain the presidency of Uganda; he has a feeling of being morally obliged to remain president for life. He is naturally power hungry.
2. During his presidency he has committed gross human rights violations and war crimes both in Uganda and the neighboring countries such that he fears that if he leaves power, he will be held accountable.
3. He has committed serious economic and political discrimination against Ugandans in favor of certain ethnic communities and political cliques such that he needs to stay in power so that he guarantee security of their ill-gotten privileged political positions and economic status. This is the category of Ugandans that Museveni always refers to as ‘building a middle class society’.
4. He hopes to become the first President of the East African regional political integration if he can manage to manipulate the new leadership of Tanzania the same way he has done with Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, and South Sudan
5. He hopes to preside over the oil wealth which he has publicly declared as his in order to benefit his preferred ethnic communities and regime cadres while a bigger portion will be dedicated to building a strong army with sophisticated military arsenals while majority Ugandans will be dying of hunger, ignorance and preventable diseases.
6. He is not yet done with military aggression against neighboring countries in order to influence political changes that ensure client regimes. The oil wealth will play a bigger role in regional instability. Uganda will be the hub of regional dissidents and Ugandans will bear the brunt of reprisal attacks. He won’t rest not until he succeeds in curving out independent states out of eastern DRC and possibly north western Tanzania.
7. Being a Marxist/communist, he feels he is not yet fully done with venting his anger against the capitalist world. His current honeymoon with Russia, China and North Korea points to this direction. He is aspiring to become the communist block’s regional proxy and the west is yet to suffer his worst humiliation.
8. He is buying time for his son who is currently the head of the army to take over from him.
9. He feels that he has not yet fully subdued Ugandans intellectually, psychologically, socially, politically, and economically. Once Ugandans will have lost political consciousness and unanimously adore him as God sent, then he may leave power to someone of his choice. By then the regime security forces will have taken center stage in determining who hold which public office through vetting by the secret services. They will be the ones to set and enforce terms and conditions for holding public offices, regulate all forms of freedom for Ugandans, and decide on who can live or die. At the time regular electoral processes will have become merely ceremonial. The so called national constitution will have been turned into a regime constitution and he will have earned for Ugandans the reputation of being ‘peace loving, united, and nationalistic’ people. That way, Gen. Museveni will go in the books of history as The Father of the Nation.